If you control the line of scrimmage you control the game. That is why talent in the backfield is vital to the success of every franchise in the NFL.

Here are the Top 5 RB player ratings in Madden NFL 17.

Bell is an every down back with enough explosiveness to make defenses respect his big play potential. His 99 carry rating will allow him to be the Steelers security blanket all season long. Take advantage of his 71 catch rating and get the ball to him on screens where he can make defenders miss in the open field with his 97 juke move rating.

Peterson can run around you or through you and can play all three downs for the Vikings offense. Utilize his 93 stiff arm rating in the open field to break tackles from opposing defenders. With 88 strength Peterson will run over defenders, but can also dance around them with his 93 agility rating.

At the start of the Madden NFL 16 season Martin was a 78 overall. In Madden NFL 17 he has jumped to the 3rd best overall running back in the game. Martin won’t win a foot race against anyone, but he will run through them. Utilize him on north south runs rather than tosses and pitches.

Charles’ 72 catch rating is among the league’s best at his position and rivals some receivers in the game. Get him the ball in space to take advantage of his 91 speed. He is best when he can utilize his 92 spin move and 95 juke move to make defenders miss.

Miller is a new addition to the upper echelon of Madden NFL running backs this season. He is also one of the fastest running backs in Madden NFL 17 with 93 speed. Get Miller in the open field and utilize his 92 juke move to fake out defenders.

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