AFC Team Ratings For Madden 17

In what may be the first case ever of a reigning Super Bowl Champion entering the next Madden rated the same as a team that went 3-13, both the Denver Broncos and Tennessee Titans begin Madden NFL 17 rated 82 Overall.

Denver of course lost Peyton Manning (while terrible last year he still had a good Madden rating) and Brock Osweiler, replacing them with Mark Sanchez and rookie Paxton Lynch. QB obviously drives a big part of a team Overall. Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan also departed in free agency. Denver is tied with the Browns for the distinction of having the worst offense in the AFC but trail only the Chiefs as the conference’s best defense.

With the QB factor in mind the low rating for the Jets could make sense if the base roster making up these team ratings for Madden 17 doesn’t include the recent signing of Ryan Fitzpatrick and instead has the team led by Geno Smith. Fitzpatrick will obviously be on the team with the day-one roster update if he’s not on the initial roster that ships with the game.

These ratings are meant to be a representation of the “whole” but don’t necessarily reflect how effective the teams will be in Madden. The number of players rated 90+ and 80+ on the rosters maybe says more about them. Remember, the Overall numbers are lower with M17, but the actual players are being rated essentially the same or higher this year.

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