TSG NBA 2k12 Owners




16 thoughts on “TSG NBA 2k12 Owners”

  1. Seriously D D, you’re killing me LMAO. Let me just name a few teams for you. Grizzles (Rocker), Thunder (Bold), Denver/NY (Sav/DCT) and lastly Bulls (Kid Murda).

    Myself and Saviour are the only 2 teams with bad defenses but as everyone knows, myself and Sav are capable of making terrible defenses look golden (teams that I mentioned above). Not to mention the fact that we were the only 2 using advanced post moves last season.

    This year we don’t need to worry so much about dudes not playing their games since the cpu seems as if it can take over teams. I can see us as a whole getting through an entire season consistently.

    One thing I think you should take heed to is how you take your shots; INJURIES. Last year, we had no injuries, so hopefully we get injuries this year and if so, I will be getting Maggette and Matt Barnes and dudes will be going out on a stretcher for being cute.

    In closing, the Miami Heat will be played by Rio and not you D D, meaning you will have to really play this year and earn that title.

    1. i was actually using advanced post moves last year as well, especially towards the last few months i played it but i dont think i played u and besides we all know d12 is a monster on D

      1. We didn’t play each other the last season at all. I know you got better from what you were saying in parties back then. D D & Kid recently got a taste of my new post game when D D cousin started running his mouth. He has no clue that I was barely playing defense and did 0 post moves in our gm.

        When the season starts people will need to double team.

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