TSG NBA 2k14 OA Owners/Sign-Ups

AVAILABLE TEAMS: Dallas Mavericks
If you have been invited to the league & DO NOT YET HAVE A TEAM, in the comment section below list your gamertag & the top 3 teams you would prefer out of the current teams available.

28 thoughts on “TSG NBA 2k14 OA Owners/Sign-Ups”

  1. I’m not leaving a comment about any team… But i just wanted to let all the league members know that I AM THE MAN! Thank you guys for your time and support… (The Champ Is Here) And I wanted to let you guys know that you guys are officially living in the “Age Of KING” and if u guys need training/ tips just contact me at 647-FUC-KYOU… I will continue to win and I hope 1 day somebody will stop me.. Shout Outs to #TeamCanada, Jersey, Sav, Monkey, Slu, Oldman Figures, Capt and Ruegur… From the 5ChipKid

  2. King need to stop, dude can’t win without an all star team ain’t that right King? Got blown out by those Nuggets for heck of it. That lag in the 4th saved you from further embarrassment .

  3. That was your connection dumb ass and it was lagging the whole game and your use to playing in lag.. and when does your opinion ever matter DCT? This guy is happy about a regular season game he beat me in because I “chose” to continue even though it was lagging from “your” horrible connection, this is nothing new dumbass, u quit games on people and thats why u don’t have your team right now lol smh (Stop Bitchin DCT)

  4. fall back. i quit one gm in 4 or 5 years which was vs DD for playing zone the entire gm (he quit the last gm but do i bitch about BS no). ask anyone who has some insight about basketball when it comes to skill. it’ll be Capt, Cincy, Korn, D D, Phin, GB, Bold and myself.

    I get it though, make trades for super teams and act like you the shit.

    -Complaints I’ve had are excessive dunking, excessive trades, cherry picking, excessive drives.

    I don’t care about specific teams just b/c I had them. (you’re still new)

    (guy act like he gotta name for being in party chats; seriously?)

    that gm didnt lag till somewhere in the 3rd. (i dont connect well with Canadians but I guess DD and Crypt are exceptions)

  5. Everybody complains about your connection and it was the whole game, sav and em were in the party when i was talking about it but if your happy about a regular season win then be happy with it lol.(ps: even Don and Cobb beat me)

  6. the rules are dont play Zone the entire gm, i quit with 2min to go in the 4th. (he quit vs me but you dont see that smh)

    the lag recently came about with this version of 2k which was a NAT error. (dude act like i’m hiding the fact, smdh)

    Tonic and Jersey been seen the bs of the lg (left long before me) 1 game (in 4 years) since i’ve been here with the lg actually turning into arcade central really. (Jes said, they would have given me the gm had i stayed for the full gm, i was making a point to DD to stop the BS)
    Korn wasnt even playing. the vets left b/c of the BS you fail to see.
    Kid, Korn, Jers, Tonic, DCT, Rio and Phin (he really just stayed away even though he came back for quick second)

    also stop repeating yourself.

    you can’t even see when someone is simply fucking with you, it was a joke but you took it seriously cuz you thought you were doing me a favor. stop it plz

    no offense to Don but Cobb doesn’t suck and never has (bad teams since the Spurs a while back) (Don can win if your post defense is low or if he decides to shoot drifters with Ellis all gm). Anyone can lose with the way some gms 2K will have your shot off (hence excessive dunking just to win by some ppl)

      1. and im not repeating myself, i am just staying on TOPIC and not calling out peoples names in the league like how u are doing because i know how to defend myself… This is just a situation of a older dude hating on the younger generation that has taken over

    1. not to get into it but ur telling some falsehoods…. phin wasnt around because of hurricane sandy, Jersey didnt have time cuz his boys started doing sports plus he was running the hockey league, Kid dad had cancer and he needed to be with him, Tonic had issues with something Jersey & I did….. Rio got kicked out of all leagues due to some things…. AND COBB said he too busy to play cuz he works 2 jobs, he tries to play wen can but cant

      1. Thank you, like how i told him earlier, ur spreading FALSE info. Ur just hating on my shine right now and u know ur gonna get ur ass kicked again when u run into me.. But u could sit there with ur FALSE info and be a critic who doesn’t know anything but HATE

  7. also i think we all remember Steven Jackson being the only shooter on that Raptors team with Derozan at the dunk contest. You came a long way from that horse shit.

      1. and this is coming from the guy who used 2 send me gg messages saying “This game should of been on tv” and now its a new story lol ur fake, i need start saving u guys messages just for this reason lol smh

  8. imma be like Jay Z and not respond to the hate no more lol… Imma straight take out the BELT when that 2k14 starts….

  9. wont deny that, we had some good gms but i never complained about your gm since the Raptors which was like what we have now with other dudes just deciding to iso and dunk all gm.

    and what hate are you talking about. hate is when you just saying lies or talking bad or down toward someone. thats not what this is, what im saying is the truth, you cant deny what im saying b/c we all been here for a min.

    this was about dumb trades that turned into God like teams for a few ppl, one including yourself, stay on topic

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