Welcome to The Sim Gamer, where “If it’s not sim gaming, it’s not here”. I’m your host, Jesmonkey69 along with JERSEY REBEL & Tonic222. We created this site & dedicated it to the hardcore sim gamer, bringing you news, game chat, sports leagues & more. You may ask yourself, what is a sim gamer & am I one. First of all lets look at was sim means, sim is short for simulation and the definition of simulation is the following: Simulation is the imitation of some real thing, state of affairs, or process. Therefor the act of simulating something generally entails representing certain key characteristics or behaviors of a selected physical or abstract system. So in the video game world, it is playing a game as if you were doing the real thing outside of the virtual world. In other words, in football do you punt on 4th downs, take jump shots in basketball, use the “sweet science” in boxing instead of body punching till your arm falls off, etc. Now some may read this and say wow it’s a video game dude what is the big deal. The deal is, that some of us play the game as if we were Tiger or Iron Mike, we want to emulate what we rooted for all those years, not just “cheese” or cheat to win (unless you play wrestling games & use Eddie Guerrero). Enough with that I think you have the idea.

Our goal with this site is to unite all our fellow sim gamers into one place, for one cause. We intend to deliver you up to date news & info on all the latest & hottest games in the industry. We also provide the best of the best in terms of online leagues in all types of sports games. In the forums for each league people provide game recaps, highlights, make trades, view draft classes, schedule games, sign ups for open spots or future leagues, inform people of non-sim gamers, chat up other games and much more. We also provide the ability for all members to post up video highlights of their games in the video section.

The biggest section is our blog section. This section is where you can get news, insider info, videos and more on your favorite gaming franchise. Learn what’s going on in the industry & comment on how you feel about what you have read. The blog isn’t just exclusive to video games as we also tend to blog about real life happenings in the world that shape the video games we play, such as sports & developer news. Well your probably thinking will this guy ever shut up & in actuality no I won’t. Without further ado, have fun searching the website, reading the news, checking out our leagues. Feel free to join up & chat it up in our forums or comment on the blogs. Below is a little info about us.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. To Monkey Tonic and Jersey. I like the new site. Thanks for cleaning it up and giving it a fresh look.

    Also, thats for making Madden a lil fun this year with the League Manager. I appreciate all the work yall do to make the game fun for yourself as well as me.

    This is all!

  2. Hello,

    I run the sports media outlet FootBasket.com and we are going to have a major site redesign in the next few weeks and we are looking to expand a lot more on our sports coverage. We would love to add your video games coverage to our site! I was wondering if we could have a partnership where I could syndicate your content? FootBasket.com has over 8 million unique pageviews and we are syndicated with Fox Sports and MSN. We were also on ESPN as SportsNation’s site of the day. Let me know what you think, thanks! You can email here: rocksbasketball23@gmail.com

    1. sorry for delayed response, i know its been months, if the offer is still there, we would love to do it…. there has been some structural changes with our creators but are now back and better than ever…. thankyou for your support

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