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NHL 13 Patch Available Now

The comprehensive patch announced just a few days ago for NHL 13 has gone live on the Xbox 360 and PS3. A new tuner update accompanies the patch but specifics on what adjustments can be attributed to that have yet to come. Continue on to review all the additions, improvements, and fixes being delivered in the patch for NHL 13! Continue reading NHL 13 Patch Available Now

SmartGlass Launching This Month; Sports Games Look to Capitalize

Microsoft back at their E3 press conference announced SmartGlass – an app which turns phones and tablets into second screens that communicate with the Xbox 360. Madden NFL 13 was part of the demonstration as plays were selected and even drawn up right on the touch screen and then sent to the game. Since that initial announcement EA Sports has expressed their excitement for the app and it’s potential. Continue reading SmartGlass Launching This Month; Sports Games Look to Capitalize

Madden NFL 13 Roster Update #8 Details

The roster update following week six of the season for Madden NFL 13 is slated to release by Saturday morning. It will include numerous impactful injuries including trips to the IR for Ray Lewis, Lardarius Webb, Cedric Benson, and Ryan Kalil with DeMarco Murray and Kevin Kolb moving down the depth chart. Darrelle Revis has still not been put on the IR.

Moves of note include J.J. Watt who gains 2 as his climb continues now to 96, Russell Wilson jumps 2 reaching 80 for the first time, Jordy Nelson gets a big 3 point surge to 92, and Josh Gordon goes up 4 to 72. Despite being arguably the worst starting running back all season a single big game results in Shonn Greene leaping 4 to 80 while Rob Bironas goes up to 96 and Peyton Manning grabs another point up to 95. No changes to player “traits” have been made. Continue reading Madden NFL 13 Roster Update #8 Details

Upcoming NBA 2K13 Patch Will Address Auto-Sim Issue in MyCareer and Association

2K Sports has announced that an issue within NBA 2K13′s MyCareer and Association modes will be fixed in an upcoming patch. The problem affects those with the All-Star Weekend content though it’s unclear just how widespread it is.

Following the All-Star break some have found that 2K13 auto-simmed the remainder of the season and reports have it happening with both modes. Considering there is no option to turn off auto-save there is no way to assure it can be avoided. There are also some who have found there to be no games on the schedule to progress through after completion of the All-Star activities. Continue reading Upcoming NBA 2K13 Patch Will Address Auto-Sim Issue in MyCareer and Association

Galaxy Note 2 Release Date Slated for October 24

The big-screen Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the successor to the successful Galaxy Note, the first crossover device to truly define the “phablet” (phone/tablet) class. While Samsung have already pulled back the curtain on the Galaxy Note 2 at a press event in Berlin several weeks ago, the Galaxy Note 2 release date in the US has remained unclear. The launch date appears to be on the horizon however, with press invites going out to a Samsung event in New York on October 24th.

samsung galaxy note 2 invite Galaxy Note 2 Release Date Slated for October 24

The invites simply declare that “The Next Big Thing is Here” and show an image of a stylus – assumedly belonging to the Galaxy Note 2. It is not impossible that the event is actually for the Galaxy Tab, however it is unlikely, with an October Galaxy Note 2 release date hinted in various rumors and reports over the past several months. Continue reading Galaxy Note 2 Release Date Slated for October 24

Team Rankings in NBA 2K13

With the offseason additions of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard the Los AngelesLakers enter NBA 2K13 as the top rated team in the game. Despite winning the championship and adding Ray Allen the Miami Heat don’t hold the top spot but come in at number two instead which is sure to incite debate. The Thunder follow behind at three while the Bulls, presumably with Derrick Rose factoring in despite his injury, enter as the fourth highest team. Continue on to check out the defensive, offensive, and overall rankings for every team in Continue reading Team Rankings in NBA 2K13

Additional DLC Options for NBA 2K13 Include Spanish Commentary

With the release of NBA 2K13 today content was added for the game on the Xbox 360 and PS3 and there are a couple of new arrivals that previously had not been discussed. It was already known that “VC” (the unit of currency for building MyPlayers and MyTeams) could be purchased. However there are additional options available to choose from now as well.

The most interesting of the bunch is a Spanish broadcast team featuring Antoni Daimiel and Sixto Miguel Serrano from Canal+ along with Jorge Quiroga of Marca. The Spanish broadcast package goes for $5. The three other options are “Jewelry Collections” which provide ratings boosts to MyPlayers for MyCareer mode along with a jewelry set that they can wear. Those packs go for $5 (Gold), $10 (Platinum), and the extreme $25 (Blue Diamond).

Total. Non-Stop. Action. Dead or Alive 5

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                    IGN Editor

Sex sells. Just ask anyone with a marketing degree. But in the case of the Dead or Alive franchise, sex has been both a boon and a curse. After all, you can’t create beach volleyball spinoffs or direct your ad campaign at oversexed college students if you want your franchise taken seriously.

At long last, the folks at Team Ninja have seen it too, and the result is Dead or Alive 5, a fighter that’s far more interested in beating you down than getting you off. Thanks to a number of key tweaks and additions, the fighting system is deeper and more balanced than ever. Mix that with exciting interactive stages, gorgeous visuals, and a comprehensive feature set, and you get a package that can entertain everyone – from the Monday night button mashers to the exacting tournament pros.

Madden NFL 13 Week Three Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Three weeks of the NFL season are now in the books providing even more evidence for certain players and teams in general to be adjusted up or down in Madden NFL 13. It’ll be interesting to see if EA Sports makes an attempt to balance out the update following the article over the weekend – they may be looking to do so as a tweet from the game’s official account was asking for feedback on what players should decrease and shifting some focus to that area would at least would represent progress.

Big weeks or continued success were had by players such as Tim Jennings, Jason Pierre-Paul, Andre Brown, Ramses Barden, Jamaal Charles, J.J. Watt, Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, A.J. Green, Torrey Smith, and Chris Clemons. Chris Johnson struggled yet again, Peyton Manning continued to display concerns, Sam Bradford followed up an encouraging performance with a poor one, and the Packers’ tackles Brian Bulaga and Marshall Newhouse were offensive. Injuries affect Darrelle Revis and Austin Collie (both out for the season) with shorter-term absences possible for C.J. Spiller, Reggie Bush, and Darrius Heyward-Bey.

As always leave your thoughts in the comments on what players and teams should get ratings attention, whether positive or negative, in the next Madden NFL 13 roster update!