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NBA 2k12 Online Association Game: Orlando Magic (Jesmonkey69) @ LA Lakers (don figures) – (1/5/12)

NBA 2k12 Online Association Game: Orlando Magic (Jesmonkey69) @ LA Lakers (don figures) on 01/05/12. Two Members of the TSG NBA 2k12 Online Association battling it out in an Online Association Game. Pitting 2 horrible teams early in the season against each other. Getting A Game In Trying To Play As Sim As Possible, broken down into 4 parts, please rate & comment or checkout other videos on our YouTube page, check out the game footage below:

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Ninth Roster Update for NBA 2K12 Out Now


Just about two weeks removed from the start of the season 2K Sports has finally delivered a follow-up roster update for NBA 2K12. A number of second rounders have been added – however not all that should be are in yet and some included aren’t even usable online – while some other players inexplicably continue to be missing despite officially being on teams for quite a while.

The update does bring Andrew Bynum back into the Lakers lineup which was long overdue because of the extended break, executes the trade of Quincy Pondexter to Memphis with Greivis Vasquez to New Orleans, Mickael Pietrus is added to the Celtics, Michael Redd to the Suns, and Jeremy Lin to the Knicks.

NBA 2k12: Orlando Magic (Jesmonkey69) @ New Jersey Nets (zCryptonite) Player Match

NBA 2k12: Orlando Magic (Jesmonkey69) @ New Jersey Nets (zCryptonite) Player Match (12/15/11) — 2 Members of the TSG NBA 2k12 OA battling it out in an unranked Player Match, getting some work in with the newer rosters. Having fun trying to play as sim as possible

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Fourth NBA 2K12 Roster Update Out Now

The daily roster updates for NBA 2K12 that began on Monday, in an effort to catch up on rookie signings and other transactions, continue by this morning delivering the big trade that went down last night between the Clippers and Hornets. Chris Paul has been moved to LA with Eric Gordon and others landing in New Orleans.

This update also takes J.J. Barea to the Timberwolves and Delonte West to the Mavericks. Warriors’ rookie Klay Thompson has been added and the total number is now up to 22 (no second rounders yet). Richard Jefferson remains on the Spurs as does Baron Davis on the Cavaliers despite their being waived through the amnesty clause.

NBA 2k12 Legends Showcase DLC Available Next Week, Complete Roster Reveal Inside

2K Sports has announced the ‘Legends Showcase’ downloadable content will release on Tuesday November 29th for both the Xbox 360 and PS3. The DLC will go for $10 and features a cel-shaded art style with various “blacktop” modes and HORSE. It also will unlock the ability to edit historic team rosters offline as well as provide the opportunity to use the historic teams in online match-ups against others who have purchased the DLC.

As documented over the build-up from its early discovery to the announcement and now its release the DLC is being delivered under just about the worst possible circumstances. Beyond even the league lockout severely damaging interest in the product is that the content of the DLC has been received poorly, which began with the pricing and first screenshots that displayed the art style, and recently amplified with the gameplay videos that prompted stunningly widespread negative response. Still, its a significant offering considering the work that went into it, and one that could be justified in value for some consumers.

The full roster includes those new legends added specifically for the ‘Legends Showcase’ along with the other legends or current day stars (that may appear in their prime rather than based on last season) that will be available to use in the new modes.  Check out the full roster below: Continue reading NBA 2k12 Legends Showcase DLC Available Next Week, Complete Roster Reveal Inside

After Six Week Wait NBA 2K12 Website Partially Launches

One of the most glaring failures relating to NBA 2K12 has been the continued absence of the official website which was advertised as carrying several anticipated features. While online problems have been discussed 2K Sports had left the case of the missing website to remain a mystery. Today the website finally launched but with only limited functionality.

Users log in with the My2K accounts that were required upon first starting up NBA 2K12. Currently operational is viewing of video and screenshot uploads, tracking of friends’ activity, information from ongoing ‘My Player’ careers, the ability to attach/detach Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, and an area to submit questions to the developers.

In brief testing the uploads of highlight clips and screens did not appear for viewing on the site – maybe there is a backlog as the most recent shown in the ‘community’ area is from five days ago. Online ranked leaderboards are not found (they were previously said to be moved there after taking them out of the actual game) and the portal for managing Online Association is still labeled with the dreaded “coming soon” tag.

NBA 2k12 Patch Finally Arrives For The Xbox 360

The latest patch for NBA 2K12, that arrived last week for the PS3, has gone live today for the Xbox 360. This particular update was pushed out to address some of the more pressing issues with gameplay and online – and impressions of its impact from the PS3 side have been mixed. Encouragingly it hasn’t seemed to introduce any new issues to deal with at the very least.

Most are finding online games are connecting quicker but not much improvement to online performance and stability otherwise. The reduced 3pt shot percentages are a relief but users are still spamming steal attempts as the risk of a foul isn’t high enough to be a deterrent – while the AI does seem to handle defensive rotations better now. A more substantial patch for NBA 2K12 is expected to come late this month or early in December. Read below for full patch details: Continue reading NBA 2k12 Patch Finally Arrives For The Xbox 360

NBA 2K For Dummies, Guide To Basketball! (Courtesy Of DCT124)

Tired of sucking at NBA 2k12, don’t understand ON BALL DEFENSE or how to play it. Need to learn how to run plays, set screens, dominate in the post, confuse people in the zone or get them on their heels in the triple threat. TSG member & 2k veteran DCT124 has scoured all of YouTube and put together the learning video playlist of all playlists or as he calls it NBA2K FOR DUMMIES! In these videos you will learn all you need about NBA 2k12, game concepts & basketball in general. From Da Czar to Michael Jordan himself this is the definitive guide to go from chump to champ on your way to NBA dominance. Check out his guide HERE, feel free to leave your comments below.

NBA 2k12 Gameplay Patch Arrives For PS3 (Soon for Xbox 360)

A new patch for NBA 2K12 released today for the PS3 and is expected to arrive soon for the Xbox 360. Attempts to address some of the biggest gripes have been made with reduced success of steals and three-point percentages reduced specifically when challenged by a defender. It’s not a huge patch in terms of number of fixes (and bypasses My Player issues) but if it works as intended it should greatly improve the gameplay experience.

Of course the effectiveness of the patch will have to be monitored – an earlier patch that was meant to improve online actually made it worse in some ways. This patch looks to be more focused on the immediate feedback that came in from consumers so hopefully it delivers on said improvements allowing 2K to move forward and focus on other areas of concern.  Continue reading NBA 2k12 Gameplay Patch Arrives For PS3 (Soon for Xbox 360)