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HBO Drama Series Influenced By Tyson’s Early Years, To Be Directed By Spike Lee

Earlier today we found out that one Entourage star was interested in bringing the life of former MMA star Kimbo Slice to the big screen. This week we find out Entourage creator Doug Ellin is behind a pilot drama series set to air on HBO that will be influenced by Mike Tyson’s early boxing career. Spike Lee will direct the series titled Da Brick. Tyson and his wife, Lakiha, will be among the executive producers.

Tyson made an appearance on Entourage last season. While on the set he mentioned to Ellin:

“‘Why don’t you do with my life what you did with Mark (Wahlberg’s) life” with “Entourage.”

The series will not be biographic in nature, but will chronicle the life of a young boxer coming up in modern Newark, New Jersey. John Ridley, who helped bring Spike Lee into the project, and Ellin have spent time recently with Tyson in hopes of gathering material to translate into show ideas. Continue reading HBO Drama Series Influenced By Tyson’s Early Years, To Be Directed By Spike Lee

Kimbo Slice: From YouTube To The Movie Screen, Biopic In The Works

The man who shot to stardom via internet fighting movies, known as Kimbo Slice, could have his life story portrayed in a movie if one star of TV’s Entourage has his way. In a recent interview with The Wrap Kevin Connolly revealed that he would be interested in directing the film:

“I’m trying to get the Kimbo Slice story made. I have his life rights, we have a script that’s great. It’s out and about, and the powers that be are trying to put the money together.”

I’m not sure having Kimbo’s “life rights” is something that I would brag about, but hey, to each his own. Connolly is hoping the Rolling Stone dubbed “King of the Web Brawlers” will play himself in the feature film. Continue reading Kimbo Slice: From YouTube To The Movie Screen, Biopic In The Works

Fight Night Champion Nearing Second Patch

Work is being completed on a comprehensive second patch for Fight Night Champion with the expectation that it will be released in mid-June. The patch will return general stamina levels to values in line with what shipped with the game originally – citing complaints that stamina was affecting the fights too drastically – and will bring back one punch knockouts. Continue on for a look at some of the changes to be delivered in the upcoming patch.

•One Punch KOs are working again.
•OWC has been balanced so that new CABs aren’t at such a disadvantage when they start out.
•OWC has new match-up logic to favor match-ups between boxers with similar OVR ratings.
•Numerous factors tweaked to reduce the effectiveness of jab-spamming esp. to the body.
•Stamina loss is greater when moving backwards (most noticable over multiple rounds).
•Having your back to the ropes/in the corner has a bigger impact on movement speed.
•Max Stamina Loss/Recovery overall has been adjusted.
•Some previous patch/tuner-set changes have been rolled back for Offline gameplay.
•Weave sensitivity has been much improved.
•A variety of other bugs have been fixed.