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U.S. Senator: Video Games Gave Sandy Hook Shooter ‘A False Sense Of Courage’ (Via Kotaku)

Let the scapegoating continue.  Adam Lanza, the person who shot and killed 26 people at Sandy Hook elementaryin Connecticut last month, reportedly played Call of Duty, among other games. So for quite a while now, pundits and politicians have been drawing links between his heinous actions and the video games he played.

Most recently we have Senator Chris Murphy, a newly-elected Democrat in CT, who spoke yesterday during a press conference to introduce a bill on assault weapons.

“I think there’s a question as to whether he would’ve even driven in his mother’s car in the first place if he didn’t have access to a weapon that he saw in video games that gave him a false sense of courage about what he could do that day,” the senator said.

This is probably a good time to remind the world that there is no scientific evidence linking violent video games and violent behavior.

Total. Non-Stop. Action. Dead or Alive 5

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                    IGN Editor

Sex sells. Just ask anyone with a marketing degree. But in the case of the Dead or Alive franchise, sex has been both a boon and a curse. After all, you can’t create beach volleyball spinoffs or direct your ad campaign at oversexed college students if you want your franchise taken seriously.

At long last, the folks at Team Ninja have seen it too, and the result is Dead or Alive 5, a fighter that’s far more interested in beating you down than getting you off. Thanks to a number of key tweaks and additions, the fighting system is deeper and more balanced than ever. Mix that with exciting interactive stages, gorgeous visuals, and a comprehensive feature set, and you get a package that can entertain everyone – from the Monday night button mashers to the exacting tournament pros.

Dead or Alive 5 Gets Serious Adding some substance to the style.

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Hello everyone. My name is Vince and I have a confession to make: I consider myself a hardcore fighting game fanatic and I’ve always liked Dead or Alive more than Tekken.

There, I said it! I watch streams of professional fighting game tournaments like a junkie, I travel to Vegas annually for Evo, and I pore over frame data like a history buff parsing the Dead Sea Scrolls. And yet, despite all this, I like the series where they “kick high” more than the one with the 10-hit-long combo strings and a move list that looks like the unabridged version of War and Peace. Given my MO this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but hey, fun works in mysterious ways.

Gen Fu says to Pai, “Eat some floor. It’s high in fiber.”

Now, I would never try to argue that DOA is deeper or more competitively viable than its iron-fisted cousin, but its fluidity, speed, and responsive controls have always made it my 3D fighter of choice. That being said, a lot’s changed in the world of fighting games since the last installment of the series. The genre has enjoyed something of a second golden age over the last few years, and much of it has to do with the thriving competitive scene, which generates a metric ton of excitement and exposure for the games embraced by it. Back when most players were satisfied with simply mashing all the buttons and seeing what happened, Dead or Alive was entertaining enough. But has it evolved sufficiently to give a more discerning fanbase what it’s come to crave – and even expect? Continue reading Dead or Alive 5 Gets Serious Adding some substance to the style.