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Release of Second Patch for NCAA Football 12 is Nearing

EA Sports announced earlier today that next patch for NCAA Football 12, which will address at least the no-huddle issue introduced in the last patch, has cleared internal certification and is now in the hands of Microsoft and Sony. In general the expectation at this point in the process would be for approval and going live in the next two weeks. It is unclear if what, if any, other changes are being introduced in the aforementioned patch.

Unfortunately the time it has taken to develop and deliver the patches has been lengthy – the first occurring after the release of Madden NFL 12 and the second now coming after NHL 12, FIFA 12, and NBA 2K12′s arrival. The game released with a long list of serious issues and many consumers grew frustrated not just with the release product but having to wait around for advertised features to work properly. With so many other choices on the market many have probably moved on by this point but that doesn’t negate the need for EA to get the fixes out there.

NCAA 12 Patch #3 Coming Soon

After arriving with a myriad of issues EA Sports released a patch two weeks ago that was meant to address many of them. Unfortunately that patch introduced a new issue as it created a playbook bug while running no-huddle that affected both offense and defense.

Today the company announced that another patch has reached internal testing – after which it will need to go to Microsoft and Sony (meaning it’s probably around three weeks out). The patch’s intention is to fix the no-huddle bug. It’s unclear if this is the only problem taken care of with the upcoming patch but it appears to at least have been the primary focus.

NCAA 12 Patch Available Now For PS3, Friday For XBOX 360

NCAA 12 Patch Going Live For The 360 Tomorrow Will Allow Us To Continue Dynasty 1.

It took nearly two months for the patch to arrive and attempt to address several of the severe issues in NCAA Football 12 – but it is here now for the PS3 expected out Friday morning for the Xbox 360. Broken new features like Custom Playbooks, player tendencies changing in edited rosters, problems in Online Dynasty, and console freezes are just some of the highly publicized issues that were discovered. Essentially this patch is intended to address problems that shipped with NCAA 12 rather than improve the gameplay or fix coach progression – which may instead be dealt with through a “tuning update” at some point.

EA Sports also sent news that a server side update had been pushed out to fix two problems in Online Dynasty. Occurrences of game results changing after advancing weeks and “transfer failed” errors when attempting to advance were widespread and fixes are now said to be implemented. Early word however is that the “transfer failed” stumbling block remains an issue for many dynasties.

Unfortunately new issues with no-huddle and the Custom Playbooks have already been encountered so everything promised will have to be followed up on. Read below to check out the details of what the patch is supposed to deliver: Continue reading NCAA 12 Patch Available Now For PS3, Friday For XBOX 360

NCAA Football 12 Tops July Sales Charts

There were several notable developments that came with the release of NPD’s official sales numbers for July. Overall it was the weakest performance for video game sales since 2006 and NCAA Football 12 easily took first place. It was already known the game was seeing increased sales over the prior year – 17% for the first two weeks – and it ended up finishing 15% higher when comparing respective first month numbers. Continue reading NCAA Football 12 Tops July Sales Charts

NCAA 12 Patch #2 Announced, No Released Date Revealed


EA has officially announced the details on the second Title Update for NCAA Football 12. Unfortunately I can’t give an exact release date, but it currently looks like the Title Update will release before the end of this month.  We’ll be sure to keep you posted on the Title Update availability here and on our social channels. A great many of you share the same passion for this game as we do, and you did everything possible to help identify issues, and provide the necessary details – not just to help make a game better, but to make your game better. If you are reading this, you are a member of the most dedicated community in gaming, and for that we are truly grateful.  Now, on to the details: Continue reading NCAA 12 Patch #2 Announced, No Released Date Revealed

Encouraging Early Sales Numbers for NCAA 12

(Via PastaPadre)

EA Sports today has declared that sales of NCAA Football 12 are up 17% for the first two weeks of release compared to last year. According to their estimates 700K copies have been sold – putting NCAA 11′s numbers at the same point at approximately 598K. NCAA 11 went on to sell 667K through the end of August. It will be important to wait on independently collected official NPD sales numbers for the first month before making any final declarations regarding NCAA 12′s success but it has at least exceeded initial expectations. Continue reading Encouraging Early Sales Numbers for NCAA 12

NCAA Football 12 Online Dynasty Contract Issue Now Fixed




Earlier today I posted about several issues being experienced within Dynasty mode in NCAA Football 12 after having spent hours running tests – most of which were related to Online Dynasty. The hope was that some of those could be fixed server side. The “Transfer Failed” error that came up when a coach was fired or had their contract expire was one which seemed to have that potential to be immediately addressed.

EA Sports has pushed a server side fix for the offseason contract error which I confirmed does work by running through a season. At the expiration of the contract I was finally allowed to “Explore other options in the Coaching Carousel” but keep in mind this was just as a sole owner in the dynasty. If anyone goes through a season with multiple owners and still faces the problem be sure to let me know.

Now on to the dealing with the other problems like Teambuilder squads in OD causing consoles to freeze upon download of the file, injuries not carrying over from week to week in OD, and other miscellaneous problems being discussed within the community. There is also the pay-for-feature that allows for using SuperSim on the web that has been down for several days with the explanation being “maintenance” and a return of functionality planned tomorrow.

NCAA Football 12


NCAA Football 12

At The Top Of Its Game

TSG Rating 9.2 
GI Rating 9
IGN 8.5
GamesRadar: 9
Da Gameboyz: 9
user rating 8.7
  • NCAA bolsters its game by giving Dynasty and Road to
    Glory modes a backbone by making coaches more prominent in both
  • Graphics:The new lighting system is noticeable while you’re
    playing as well as in replays. The 3D grass, however, is largely irrelevant
  • Sound:It sounds weird, but I miss third booth man Lee Corso.
    The booth sounds dull with just Kirk Herbstreit and Brad Nessler, and there are
    still comments that seem out of place
  • Playability:The improved tackling and catches fix those legacy
    issues, but the game doesn’t feel dramatically different
  • Entertainment:Despite the variety of improvements, the most
    exciting new feature is the ability to create custom conferences and mess around
    with the BCS bowl tie-ins Continue reading NCAA Football 12

NCAA Football 12 Impressions

NCAA Football 12 has experienced its share of ups and downs in the lead-up to its Tuesday release. The series continues to present one of the strongest feature sets amongst sports games and comes off a well-regarded iteration. It has stumbled in the last month or so however as EA Sports committed several missteps that hampered anticipation levels and followed that with notable indications of desperation on their part to build back some excitement. After spending an extensive amount of time already with NCAA Football 12 here are my initial impressions of the offering with more coverage to follow over the coming days. Continue reading NCAA Football 12 Impressions