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First Madden 12 Features Revealed

EA Sports has officially unveiled the first set of features for Madden 12 by shining light primarily on the areas of gameplay and presentation. The big additions include expansive custom playbooks, a new tackling system, authentic team entrances, player specific animations, expanded rosters, and “Dynamic Player Performance”. Continue reading First Madden 12 Features Revealed


NCAA 12 Gameplay Enhancements from Roy Harvey

Welcome Back!

Another season is upon us and the countdown begins. Over the next 90 days you’ll be hearing about everything we’ve put into NCAA Football 12 and we hope you’ll like what you’re going to see. It represents months of deep development and the next serious step in innovation that we initiated last year with NCAA Football 11.

I have no major announcements today, but I can say that our focus and fundamental strategy hasn’t changed. It’s still all about the three key elements I described in my blog last year “A New Game Plan”; Core Experience, Authenticity, and Innovation.

The community feedback we’ve received on ’11 through emails, forums, and surveys has been encouraging and I’m happy to report that we’ve incorporated many of these requests into the newest edition. Continue reading NCAA 12 Gameplay Enhancements from Roy Harvey