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EA Launches Season Ticket

Are you the kind of gamer who waits in line at midnight in order to be the first person on your block to play “Madden”? Do you spend hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars on premium downloadable content like Ultimate Team? Then you are just the kind of hardcore gamer EA is going after with a new membership program called Season Ticket.

The service costs $24.99 for one year and offers gamers the opportunity to not only download and play full versions of games like “Madden NFL 12” and “FIFA 12” three days before the titles hit stores, but the membership will also give you 20-percent off the price of DLC for select sports titles for the entire year (and it doesn’t take a math major to figure out the savings if you’re someone who spends $150 a year on DLC already). Continue reading EA Launches Season Ticket

EA: Game Console Cycle Has ‘Gone Forever’

John Riccitiello

Here today, gone tomorrow, that—in so many words—was what EA CEO John Riccitiello had to say about video game consoles in an earnings call yesterday. Riccitiello was on the phone to discuss EA’s fiscal 2012 first quarter, which he described as “ahead of expectations,” led by strong sales of digital games and the release of first-person sci-fi puzzler Portal 2 (“Portal 2: A Little Better All The Time”). He also name-checked Battlefield 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic (he says EA’s “bolstered by strong preorders” for both) and, no surprise here, said the company was “pleased” that the NFL lockout had ended (it wrapped up Monday, though the Salt Lake Tribune notes the NBA’s is “just beginning”). Continue reading EA: Game Console Cycle Has ‘Gone Forever’

EA Sports Add A New Studio In Austin


EA Sports is expanding. The money-printing division of top video game publisher Electronic Arts, the one behind popular annually releasing franchises like Madden and Tiger Woods, revealed at a press conference last week that it is opening up a new studio in Austin, Tex. that will bring 300 new jobs into the company. State governor Rick Perry appeared with publisher executives at BioWare’s Austin office to announce the news. Continue reading EA Sports Add A New Studio In Austin

Tiger Woods 12 Top Sports Game in April

Having topped the sales charts amongst sports games in four of its first six months of release NBA 2K11 was unseated in April by Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters. The release of Tiger Woods 12 in late March meant the first five days of sales were recorded in that month’s NPD where it did not place in the top 10 despite performing well. It clearly got a boost from The Masters (April 7th-10th) along with positive word of mouth and mainstream exposure that had been absent the last few years.

Despite the uptick in sales it remains to be seen whether Tiger Woods will continue as the endorser for the franchise (he was already on shaky ground due to his tarnished image and poor performance with things now getting worse health wise) and whether the surge that came from introducing Augusta National can be sustained or will result in a fall-off next year. Remember that first month sales of Tiger Woods 11 fell 68% from Tiger 10 due in large part to his indiscretions so the opportunity was there to bounce back by recapturing those who had abandoned the series or reaching new consumers by marketing The Masters. The 360/PS3 versions experienced the significant gains while the Wii version – hit even harder last year than the others – remained way down from when it was the highest selling version.

While Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters finished in 5th for the month NBA 2K11 still performed more than admirably considering it was in its seventh month of release by placing 10th. Knocked out of the top ten from March was MLB 11: The Show and Fight Night Champion. While Fight Night has been a disappointment The Show was due to pull back a bit after growing so much the previous two years and it is down considerably in sales vs MLB 10.