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Mario As A First Person Shooter?!?! Your Prayers Have Been Answered….. Sort Of!

Ever wondered what Super Mario Bros might look like as a First Person Shooter? If so thanks to Brandon Laatsch in what took over 50 days of rendering for “FPM Endgame” to be complete. ENJOY!!!!

Created by: Brandon Laatsch (@BrandonJLa)
Additional VFX: Kevin Commerford
Bowser Animation: Alex Knoll
Sound: Kevin Senzaki
Music: Michael Wyckoff

Software used: 3dsMax 2012, After Effects, FumeFX, Vray, Krakatoa, and Premier.

Epic Gaming Battlestations!

Every video game enthusiast has that dream command post with the multiple big screens, surround sound, comfy chair & more. In the following pictures you will see some of the most Awesomely Epic Gaming Battlestations known to man! Feel free to comment or post your own in the comment section! TO YOUR BATTLESTATIONS!!!!!!!!!!

Battlefield 3: Caspian Border Map Length, Trailer & Ultimate Destructibility

Caspian Border first made it’s appearance in mid August and information is still coming out about this Battlefield 3 map. The tower seen in the trailer is destructible and we have another piece of information about the map today. It’s a rather large map, 1.4km is it’s width. For reference, the Operation Metro map from the alpha trial was ~800m at it’s widest point. There’s plenty of space for jets to fly in this Battlefield 3 map!

@Demize99 Mr.Alan can you estimate how long/width caspian border map is ?

The Battlefield 3 developers have impressed us again. During the opening sequences of the Caspian Border trailer  (available below) a very tall tower is seen (also available below). A community member, ItsJonnyB, asked if the tower was destructible. Demize99, Battlefield 3’s senior gameplay designer confirmed that the tower can be destroyed. The tower can also be seen later in the trailer from the cockpit of a plane.

10 Things To Know About Battlefield 3

It is a self evident truth that one cannot hype themselves up for a game sufficiently without knowing the new features it will bring to the table. Battlefield 3 is the sequel we’ve all been waiting for, and it is certainly worth getting excited over. We have seen it in action and for those who haven’t been following it, (and why not?) here’s a brief run-down of the ten reasons why you should start getting yourself psyched up for Battlefield 3.

An animated affair

Have you seen the gameplay footage for Battlefield 3 yet? It really speaks for itself. The new ANT animation system adopted for BF3 brings the game’s animations to life like never before. Forget the best animations in a Battlefield title, these look like the best animations in an FPS game yet. Not only do NPCs look realistic, but player actions like crawling (yeah that’s right, prone position makes a return in BF3) and interacting with the environment look as smooth as ever. Continue reading 10 Things To Know About Battlefield 3