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TGS Xbox 360 1v1 NHL 13 GM connected league

We will be holding a 1 vs 1 / 30 user team / sim league


game play  Sim / difficulty: allstar (unless we need to turn it up)


like all of our Madden, NBA 2k, NCAA FB leagues,our NHL league will have prizes to the winner of every season.we give out gift cards,MS points,a game of choice,and more.its all free.we give the prizes to keep the competition at a high in the leagues,and for being  good members.


–  You will have to play 3 days per week.League will advance every Monday,Wednesday,and Friday at 10:00 pm, for example, if you have a game and say its monday you have Monday, Tuesday , then Wednesday at  10:00pm  we advance to next week of season,then Wednesday, Thursday,Friday 10:00pm.then we give you Friday to Monday(4 days)10pm because of the weekend,football,family.etc Continue reading TGS Xbox 360 1v1 NHL 13 GM connected league

TSG NHL 13 GM Connected Head To Head League Sign-ups

TSG will be holding a head to head GM connected league his year.And as you all know,as well as our other leagues in the past have gone,with the new  GM connected feature we will be able to have one of the best, if not the best NHL 13 head to head league out there.And like always our NHL league will have prizes for the winners of the cup after every year.So if your interested in joining, check back to see when the league page goes up. so you can  leave your team , and gamer tag , and we will get back to you before the league starts.thanks and please leave your comments. Continue reading TSG NHL 13 GM Connected Head To Head League Sign-ups

Madden NFL 12 Player Ratings: NFC North

The deliberately slow rollout of Madden NFL 12 ratings continues with the latest four teams to have been broken down this week. The completion of the NFC North leaves only the NFC South to come.

Check out the rosters and ratings for the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, and Minnesota Vikings. These are four teams that didn’t make many waves with their off-season moves and the reigning champs return largely the same roster though with many players returning from the injured list.

Madden 12 Online Communities Detailed

EA Sports has taken a lot of criticism recently for the failure to address Online Franchise in Madden NFL 12. Instead what they have done is introduce “Online Communities”. That feature was finally detailed today.

Madden NFL 12 will allow you and up to 2000 other like-minded gamers to create or join a Community where you can play head-to-head games against each other.  All games will be ranked on your Community Leaderboard, individual stats will all be tracked and ranked, and recent game results will be displayed for your entire Community to see.  What makes Communities different is that the creator of the Community will be able to create Community “house rules”.  Every single game option and slider in Madden NFL 12 will be editable and will apply to all head-to-head games within your Community.

Continue reading Madden 12 Online Communities Detailed

No Madden 12 Online Franchise Improvements, Leauge Manager To The Rescue

There’s No Crying In Football

Heard about no new additions to the Madden 12 OF, do you think your Madden 12 experience will be ruined? Are you about to cry? Well no need to fear LeagueManager is here!!  Although EA dropped the ball on not updating online franchise, our friend Derek J. Adams, the creator of LeagueManager & EA Game Changer, has come to the rescue. EA realized the power of what LM brings to the table for the hardcore fans & has formed a working relationship with them to provide an unprecedented Online Franchise experience.

So with a year experience using LeagueMananger in our online Madden Leagues, TSG will be able to provide you with an even better online league experience in Madden than last year thanks to Derek J Adams, here is his blog announcing the new partnership today over at & what changes/improvements are in store.

Today, via their official EA SPORTS forums, the
Madden team announced that they have made no significant
changes to Madden NFL 12 online franchise. With this
information they have stressed that their focus this year was to get offline
franchise correct before they moved to the online portion. While this may seem
like a blow to online franchise, I must elaborate on positives here to put this
into perspective and hopefully raise the moral of the online franchise
community. Continue reading No Madden 12 Online Franchise Improvements, Leauge Manager To The Rescue

TSG Madden 12 OF: Owners Announcement

Today we are announcing our upcoming TSG Madden 12 OF Owner lineup. Missing from this lineup you will see regulars such as So Bold oS, Mistborn, Deathpool & many more. While these guys didn’t make the cut for the main league at the start of the season, these guys will have an opportunity to fight their way into the league by playing hard and dominating our D-league. The D-league is where we will be pulling players to play in the main prize league, whenever a main league member leaves for whatever reason (for example: Julius Jackson is leaving after S1 or S2, the best player from the D-League would move up to take his spot). While there are ways to move up to the main prize franchise, you can also lose your spot in the franchise in numerous ways, causing your demotion to the D-league and someones promotion. More on that in upcoming blogs and podcasts, that was just a taste to get you thinking of where we are headed. Continue reading TSG Madden 12 OF: Owners Announcement

And The Winner Is………..

Welcome to the TSG 1st Annual Awards Ceremony: Madden 11 Edition. Many of you have read about the nominees, made your comments & even given some suggestions for future categories and prizes. Don’t forget all winners of tonight’s prizes will receive 1600 Microsoft Points. If you didn’t get nominated this year or didn’t win in your category don’t fret, there will be plenty of opportunities to win in the future. Most of all us here at TSG would like to thank you all, because without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. You are TSG and these awards are for you, congratulations to all of those nominated & to those who won. I could talk all night as most of you know, so lets get on with the awards: Continue reading And The Winner Is………..

And The Nominees Are…….

Welcome to the 1st Annual TSG Awards: Madden Edition Nomination Ceremony, now that’s a mouthful, especially with these tusks.  Tomorrow night we will crown the winners of the first ever awards for our Madden Franchise, this year there are only 4 awards, hopefully we will expand this as seasons, leagues & years go on. Feel free below to comment on who you think should have been nominated, if you were snubbed or have suggestions for future categories. Since we ended so abruptly due to time constraints, the main prize the “PEYTON MANNING: FRANCHISE MVP AWARD” isn’t as lucrative as it will be in the future. Other than winning Super Bowl’s this will be the award to strive for in the future & will carry more weight going into future leagues & franchises along with a bigger prize attached to it. Currently each award winner will receive 1600 Microsoft Points. Below are the nominees for each award and a few things about that nominee and how they qualify for the award, once again feel free to comment below. Without further ado: Continue reading And The Nominees Are…….

Sim Gaming, What’s That? One Man’s View Of TSG & What Sim Gaming Is

Alot of people over the years have asked me, “Hey Jersey, what’s all this talk about TSG, sim gaming, sim-style play & sportsmanship, who cares it’s just a video game. By the way what is sim gaming anyway.” Although I can’t speak for all sim-style clans, leagues, forums, groups, ect., the one thing I can speak on is what sim gaming/sim-style means for us at TSG.
Continue reading Sim Gaming, What’s That? One Man’s View Of TSG & What Sim Gaming Is