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Top Ten Rated Rookies in Madden NFL 12







Yesterday EA Sports released the names of the four players rated 99 overall in Madden NFL 12. They have followed that up with the top ten overall rated rookies. As anticipated the Cardinals snagged the highest rated rookie in the draft with Patrick Peterson but he will share the honor with the Bills’ Marcell Dareus. Both players come in at an 82 overall. Continue reading Top Ten Rated Rookies in Madden NFL 12


No Madden 12 Online Franchise Improvements, Leauge Manager To The Rescue

There’s No Crying In Football

Heard about no new additions to the Madden 12 OF, do you think your Madden 12 experience will be ruined? Are you about to cry? Well no need to fear LeagueManager is here!!  Although EA dropped the ball on not updating online franchise, our friend Derek J. Adams, the creator of LeagueManager & EA Game Changer, has come to the rescue. EA realized the power of what LM brings to the table for the hardcore fans & has formed a working relationship with them to provide an unprecedented Online Franchise experience.

So with a year experience using LeagueMananger in our online Madden Leagues, TSG will be able to provide you with an even better online league experience in Madden than last year thanks to Derek J Adams, here is his blog announcing the new partnership today over at & what changes/improvements are in store.

Today, via their official EA SPORTS forums, the
Madden team announced that they have made no significant
changes to Madden NFL 12 online franchise. With this
information they have stressed that their focus this year was to get offline
franchise correct before they moved to the online portion. While this may seem
like a blow to online franchise, I must elaborate on positives here to put this
into perspective and hopefully raise the moral of the online franchise
community. Continue reading No Madden 12 Online Franchise Improvements, Leauge Manager To The Rescue

Online Franchise Mode Goes Untouched for Madden NFL 12

As soon as EA Sports announced all the improvements for Franchise mode back in May the questions started flowing in on whether those enhancements would apply to Online Franchise mode as well. Having avoided addressing the topic since EA Sports today finally admitted that Online Franchise has gotten absolutely no additions in Madden NFL 12.

When it comes to the tight schedule of an annual development cycle, we have to make tough decisions, and it became apparent as we continued to work through our campaign that there was no way to deliver a deep, fully connected Online Franchise experience that you deserve this year. Therefore, there will be no additions to Online Franchise mode in Madden NFL 12.

Last year EA announced that franchise as a whole hadn’t been worked on and now this time around it is Online Franchise – despite those improvements in the offline mode seemingly well designed to apply with the online structure. Though the company is now stating that the mode is a priority going forward it is hard to completely believe that after citing low usage numbers as the reason for not supporting it fully after launch in Madden 10, getting no attention in Madden 11, and now having been completely passed over in Madden 12.

Madden NFL 12 Hall of Fame Collector’s Edition Offers Questionable Value

For anyone considering a purchase of the Madden NFL 12 “Hall of Fame” Limited Collector’s Edition don’t jump at the product solely because it is being marketed as something special. It’s important to take a look at the total package and determine its true worth especially considering the difference in price between that and the regular version is substantial. For $90 the “Hall of Fame” edition includes the game, an autographed Marshall Faulk card, an exclusive pack of Madden Ultimate Team cards featuring legends, and Faulk box art. Continue reading Madden NFL 12 Hall of Fame Collector’s Edition Offers Questionable Value

Madden Player Traits Evoking Strong Response from Fans and NFL Players

Throughout the years the speed rating in Madden has not only largely dictated success on the field but also been the biggest point of contention from athletes in terms of getting their perceived respect. Overall rating of course was the first thing looked at but beyond that it always seemed to be the speed rating that players argued over.

As soon as I started posting up images of the new ‘Player Traits’ being implemented in Madden NFL 12 it became evident that they were where the debate would be taking place in the future. Not in simple numbers but in how the individuals would be differentiated based on the manner in which they actually play. It’s one thing to have a low number in a ratings category but a completely different beast to see weaknesses spelled out and visible to all. Continue reading Madden Player Traits Evoking Strong Response from Fans and NFL Players

TSG Madden 12 OF: Owners Announcement

Today we are announcing our upcoming TSG Madden 12 OF Owner lineup. Missing from this lineup you will see regulars such as So Bold oS, Mistborn, Deathpool & many more. While these guys didn’t make the cut for the main league at the start of the season, these guys will have an opportunity to fight their way into the league by playing hard and dominating our D-league. The D-league is where we will be pulling players to play in the main prize league, whenever a main league member leaves for whatever reason (for example: Julius Jackson is leaving after S1 or S2, the best player from the D-League would move up to take his spot). While there are ways to move up to the main prize franchise, you can also lose your spot in the franchise in numerous ways, causing your demotion to the D-league and someones promotion. More on that in upcoming blogs and podcasts, that was just a taste to get you thinking of where we are headed. Continue reading TSG Madden 12 OF: Owners Announcement