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TSG Madden 15 CF Season 1: Vegas Betting Odds

We decided to do a little something different this year, coach BoRaiders & I talked to the folks down in Las Vegas to see if we could get some betting odds for the 1st Season of TSG Madden 15 CF.  Everyone can place bets, the winner gets a free t-shirt.  Here are the odds:

Forza Motorsport 4: Week in Review

by Brian Ekberg

“I beat you,” said one of my Turn 10 colleagues one morning this week as I coming in to work and parking myself at my desk.

It took me a moment to realize what he was talking about. On the previous day, our newest batch of Rivals Mode events went up in the Forza 4 Rivals Mode Community Monthly channel—and he had spent some time beating the times I had previously set. (Incidentally, one of the fun parts about knowing exactly when the Community Monthly Rivals Mode events go is up is setting leaderboard times early—when you can pretend you’re an elite Forza 4 driver, even if the illusion is fleeting and, within minutes, you find yourself back in the middle of the pack, where your skill level naturally dictates).

TGT 8-9 2

Immediately, I felt the flush of anger creep up my neck. If you know anything about me, you know that I’m a sore loser; one of the sorest around, I’ll admit. It’s a character flaw that I acknowledge openly and have long tried to improve, to little avail. So when my co-worker mentioned that that he’d taken down my time in the Rivals Mode events, I knew that I needed to get online as soon as possible and reclaim my crown. It’s one of the consistently engaging things that makes me come back to Forza 4 on a daily basis—a primal response to that eternal, narcissistic question, “Who can I prove that I am superior to today?”

Now, with that embarrassing bit of self-revelation out of the way, let’s get to today’s Week in Review! Continue reading Forza Motorsport 4: Week in Review

Kick Off To Halo Fest

Major Nelson was able to attend Halo Fest last week where 343 Industries let loose a ton of news to kick off PAX Prime. Here are the highlights:

New “Halo: Anniversary” Maps:

Announced and playable today at Halo Fest are two stunningly reimagined battlefields and a brand new Firefight map for “Halo: Anniversary”: Timberland, Prisoner and Installation 04.

· TIMBERLAND –Timberland is “Halo: Anniversary’s” beautifully reimagined multiplayer map from “Halo PC,” set in the classically alpine environment so familiar to “Halo.” Once serving as a watch point for the immense relay complex below, the monitoring outposts nestled atop this ridge became a staging ground for human forces during their time on Installation 04. Toward the end of the conflict, a Covenant assault brought the marines here to a tragic end. Timberland is a tree-covered valley, sporting undulating hills, surging rivers, and a terrain perfect for large-scale vehicle mayhem. (8 – 16 players)

· PRISONER –The return of “Halo: Combat Evolved’s” Prisoner delivers a claustrophobic and frenetic multiplayer experience now elaborately recreated for “Halo: Anniversary.” These spinning confinement platforms are a testament to the technological prowess of the Forerunners. In the event of a security breach, the facility’s suborbital location and frigid temperature were thought to be able to keep any threat at bay, but it appears those plans were… optimistic. Prisoner is a multi-level facility, with tightly-woven corridors and many bridges and ramps, perfect for the chaos of close-range combat. (2 – 8 players)

· INSTALLATION 04 – Installation 04 brings fans back to one of the most iconic environments in “Halo’s” history, the base of an enormous Forerunner spire from “Halo: Combat Evolved’s” campaign mission “Halo,” now stunningly returning in “Halo: Anniversary’s” Firefight mode. Set on one of the many cliff sides of Alpha Halo, this beacon served as a rendezvous point for survivors of the Covenant attack on the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. These survivors, including the legendary Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, were forced to stave off numerous Covenant attacks until rescue finally came. Installation 04 is a familiar precipice studded with ancient Forerunner structures which make a perfect defensive position against an invading alien enemy and marks the first Firefight experience to include ally AI players who will defend the installation alongside you. (1 – 4 players) Continue reading Kick Off To Halo Fest

Forza 4 Collector’s Edition Details

Today Turn 10 announced details on the Limited Collector’s Edition of Forza Motorsport 4. The LCE will sell for $80 and come in a steelbook DVD case delivering with it 25 extra cars, a 96 page book describing the cars and featuring images from the game and the Top Gear gallery, and a vinyl sticker set. An exclusive BMW dashboard theme and VIP membership status in the Forza community will also be granted. Continue reading Forza 4 Collector’s Edition Details

Microsoft has developed a new chip, which could reduce the manufacturing costs of the Xbox 360.

Could New Xbox 360 Chip Lead to Price Cut?

Microsoft has announced the release of the SoC (System-on-chip) processor for the new Xbox 360 250GB Slim Kinect-ready model.

According to International Business Times, the new piece of hardware combines the CPU, GPU, memory, and I/O logic onto a single chip that contains 372 million transistors.

The innovation is said to allow for better power efficiency. But more importantly for consumers, it will reduce manufacturing costs, as fewer chips need to be made.

Whether this will result in a price drop of the Xbox 360 Slim has not yet been confirmed. But with Microsoft pushing Kinect hard at this year’s E3, it could be the perfect way to encourage uptake of the device.


XBOX 360 Spring 2011 Update Coming May 19 (Adds Paypal)

On May 19, you will get that familiar prompt to update your Xbox 360, in the first of a 6 installment update that brings Paypal to XBL among other features. One feature included is the new attempt to thwart the pirates, the new XGD3 disc format support (offering bigger storage space & more security measures to prevent theft) that was recently tested in the Halo Reach/Dashboard Beta Program allowing you to test the new disc & dashboard. Continue reading XBOX 360 Spring 2011 Update Coming May 19 (Adds Paypal)