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Patch #2 Out Now For NCAA Football 13

The second patch for NCAA Football 13 which had been targeted for a late August release has come in early by arriving today. This update addresses some of the early issues reported by consumers regarding gameplay and Dynasty mode and adds the “Uniform Store” where missing ones and fixes will be provided for free with any secondary unis coming at a cost.

The store is currently empty/unavailable and it remains unknown when any additions or corrections will make their way out. Continue on for a look at what has been delivered in the latest patch for NCAA Football 13 and leave any thoughts in the comments! Continue reading Patch #2 Out Now For NCAA Football 13

NCAA 13 Community Blog – Road To Glory

Greetings, NCAA Football fans. My name is Chris Jacobs and I am a member of the EA SPORTS Game Changers program and you can find me at The Gaming Tailgate, an NCAA Football community site. Today I want to break down some of the improvements coming to NCAA Football 13’s Road to Glory mode.

To start with, let’s talk about some of the community requests that have been implemented this year. With users having four seasons to move from prized recruit to star player, some Road to Glory fans want to ramp up quickly and get playing time as soon as possible, while others want to move more deliberately up the depth chart after putting in the hard work in Practice and any Playing Time they may receive each week. In NCAA Football 13, Road to Glory has added in difficulty options (Freshman, Varsity, All-American, & Heisman) that will directly affect your progression in Coach Trust, XP, and Gameplay. This will give users the opportunity to play and progress the way they want within Road To Glory.

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of Road to Glory in the past was the lack of touches for your player. This year the play-calling has been tuned to provide more carries for running backs and more pass plays for quarterbacks. Now your player will have more opportunities to shine and in turn, make the mode more enjoyable. Continue reading NCAA 13 Community Blog – Road To Glory

NCAA Football 13 Playbook #5 – Road to Glory Dev Blog

What’s going on NCAA  Football Community? It’s Alex Howell, back again to fill you in on my pride and joy, Road to Glory. Last year we introduced a lot of new and exciting features, so let me tell you a little about what we worked on this year.

The biggest feature coming to RTG, which you might have seen during the Heisman Challenge reveal, is Reaction Time. Without going into a terrible amount of detail since the cat is out of the bag, Reaction Time slows down the game when you hold the Left Trigger/L2. It’s simple, fun, and highly addicting.


Reaction Time is counted in seconds, and is depleted as you use it. So any time during the play when you hold LT/L2, you’re instantly thrown into Reaction Time. Then, when you release the trigger, you’re back at full speed. The transition flows extremely well from being in Reaction Time to being out ofit, because it does not take away from the overall game experience. Every camera angle for Reaction Time was tuned to bring you as close to the action as you could get, without losing track of what’s happening on the rest of the field.  Continue reading NCAA Football 13 Playbook #5 – Road to Glory Dev Blog

NCAA Football 13 Playbook #4 – Heisman Challenge Dev Blog

What’s going on NCAA fans? Hard to believe the football season is not far away! I know most of you are starting to get the college football “itch”, well we have been feeling that way ever since ‘Bama took the title again! This year we’re trying to scratch that itch with a brand new mode in NCAA Football 13and it’s called the Heisman Challenge.

Now, to be honest, before I started working on Heisman Challenge I never realized how absolutely amazing some of these guys’ Heisman winning seasons were. Take for instance, Ohio State’s Eddie George.  This incredible running machine averaged 150 yards rushing a game. Archie Griffin? He only rushed for 5,589 yards on 924 carries in his career.  Oh yeah…did I mention he took home the Heisman hardware two times?

So for starters, let’s cover the basics. What is this Heisman thing and why should you care about it? Continue reading NCAA Football 13 Playbook #4 – Heisman Challenge Dev Blog

NCAA Football 13 Community Blog – Heisman Challenge

Hi NCAA fans, Brian Parker from EA SPORTS Game Changers here to share all the details about the newest feature in NCAA Football 13. Since 1935, the Heisman Trophy has been awarded to 74 different college football players judged to be the most outstanding athlete in a given season.  The 25-pound bronze trophy is perhaps the greatest individual achievement any collegiate athlete can attain, and NCAA Football 13’s new “Heisman Challenge” mode is a testament to the importance of this yearly award.

It all starts with the cover of the game, featuring reigning Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III of Baylor University as well as Barry Sanders, the 1988 Heisman Trophy winner – and former Oklahoma State Cowboy – whose legend continued into the NFL as a member of the Detroit Lions.  As Griffin III prepares to begin his own NFL career with the Washington Redskins, NCAA Football 13 allows gamers to use both athletes—as well as many others—in an attempt to replicate or even surpass the impressive statistics of each player’s Heisman Trophy campaign.

During my time with a work-in-progress build of the game at a recent Community Event, I got to sample the mode using Barry Sanders.  Since I was only 4 years old when Sanders was tearing up the turf in Stillwater, Oklahoma, much of my understanding of his 1988 season is left to video highlights and statistical records.  Thankfully, EA SPORTS sat down with each of the athletes featured in the Heisman Challenge mode to record face-to-face video interviews, which are interspersed over the course of the season as you play. Sometimes the videos are triggered by surpassing one of the athlete’s records in your season, or just as a result of an upcoming rivalry game like the Bedlam Series between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.  In each case, hearing the athlete describe the achievements of their Heisman season helps to understand the individual outside the lines, reflecting back on glory days.

Continue reading NCAA Football 13 Community Blog – Heisman Challenge

Release of Gameplay News for NCAA Football 13 Shifts Things in a Positive Direction

While the NCAA Football series has a long way to go in order to regenerate trust with consumers following last year it may have found at least a temporary reprieve from the negative perception upon it with the reaction to gameplay news that flowed out recently. Though nothing necessarily remarkable was announced the improvements and additions were met with a sense of acknowledgement of their potential value and long-overdue nature. 

Nearly 5K respondents made their opinions known in a poll last week by PastaPadre and the results were overwhelmingly in favor of giving NCAA Football 13 more consideration considering the information.

44% were encouraged by the gameplay details and feel they are more likely to buy now than they were prior – only 8% were discouraged and beginning to close their minds to a purchase. In total 71% are leaning towards buying the game and 29% are heading the other direction.

Those numbers have to be welcome news for EA Sports as the company has faced a higher level of skepticism towards the product than any in recent memory. Anything that starts to trend the discussion towards NCAA 13 as opposed to the failures of NCAA 12 is going to be seen as a success from their end.



Total Control Passing Passing is more important than ever in the realm of collegiate football, and NCAA Football 13 has taken great strides to give users unparalleled control over this element of the game. Total Control Passing allows quarterbacks to lead their receivers into open space, and reconfigured passing trajectories to allow QBs to drop their passes in between layers of coverage without leading receivers out of bounds and while also maintaining a realistic throwing velocity.

Read and React Defense Passing isn’t the only revamped element of NCAA Football 13; pass coverage has been overhauled as well. Gone are the days of “Psychic DBs” and “Super Linebackers,” as the new Read & React Defensive AI system requires defenders to see the ball before they make a play on it. This means defenders will react in a much more realistic manner, only making plays on the ball when they actually see it in the air. Now well-executed pump fakes or play action plays are more dangerous than ever, and defenders who lose track of the ball will be hard-pressed to contain their offensive counterparts.