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The Little Things Count in NHL 12

EA brings forth authenticity with its attention to detail.

When I was very young, my parents separated. Having grown up to that point on Long Island, I ended up moving with my mother to the great state of Maine. It was there — in the cold climate of New England — that the love of hockey I began to develop on Long Island flourished into a lifelong addiction. Stepping onto the ice for the first time, learning the fundamentals of the game at a young age, and playing year round simply solidified my love of all things hockey.

Now that I’m older, I reflect upon those days fondly. Traveling around New England, throwing my body all over the crease to make Arturs Irbe-like saves (yes, I was a goalie), and trying to get as many puck marks as possible on my goalie equipment was what I lived for. But wait… puck marks on goalie equipment? That’s what mattered Continue reading The Little Things Count in NHL 12

Fight Night Champion Nearing Second Patch

Work is being completed on a comprehensive second patch for Fight Night Champion with the expectation that it will be released in mid-June. The patch will return general stamina levels to values in line with what shipped with the game originally – citing complaints that stamina was affecting the fights too drastically – and will bring back one punch knockouts. Continue on for a look at some of the changes to be delivered in the upcoming patch.

•One Punch KOs are working again.
•OWC has been balanced so that new CABs aren’t at such a disadvantage when they start out.
•OWC has new match-up logic to favor match-ups between boxers with similar OVR ratings.
•Numerous factors tweaked to reduce the effectiveness of jab-spamming esp. to the body.
•Stamina loss is greater when moving backwards (most noticable over multiple rounds).
•Having your back to the ropes/in the corner has a bigger impact on movement speed.
•Max Stamina Loss/Recovery overall has been adjusted.
•Some previous patch/tuner-set changes have been rolled back for Offline gameplay.
•Weave sensitivity has been much improved.
•A variety of other bugs have been fixed.

NCAA Football 12 Is Yours to Rule

Customize your coach, conference, playbook and so much more.

It can be hard getting excited for an annual football franchise. Sure, there will be new players, new mechanics, and a new sheen to everything, but in reality, isn’t it just the same thing as last year? In the case of NCAA Football 12, the answer is “hell no.”

We already know that the presentation in NCAA Football 12 has been amped up this year with team traditions, the Georgia bulldog sitting on the sidelines, and so on. Still, there’s a lot left in this story, and it’s yours to write — particularly in the game’s Dynasty mode.

                           [NCAA 12 Video Preview]

One of the first “professional” video game articles I ever wrote was bitching about how my alma mater Mizzou’s coach was a fat ass in the NCAA games but not in real life. Well, five years after publishing that insightful editorial, EA and Tiburon have responded and given players the ability to create their own coaches from scratch. You can modify looks, set ages and even pick an alma mater. Save these changes, and you can share them with the world and every mode in your game. Continue reading NCAA Football 12 Is Yours to Rule

Madden 12 Gameplay Q&A (ESPN)

Jon Robinson over at ESPN, recently had an Q & A interview with the developers of Madden 12 at EA Day. Here is some of what they had to say:

Jon Robinson: What’s the first thing people are going to notice about the new tackling system in the game?

Phil Frazier: First thing people notice when they pickup “Madden” or “NCAA” this year is that our hits have visual impacts. It’s because you see our players carry their speed through the point of contact. In past games, once they were two-to-three yards away from contact, you would literally get sucked into a tackle animation and that tackle animation was at a speed that was recorded in our motion-capture studio, and sometimes that speed was slower than what your guy on the field was running. Then on the defensive side, one of my personal frustrations has always been trying to rush as a defensive end. I always felt like I had to run away from a blocker if I didn’t want to get caught in an animation. Now I feel like I can take a better angle if I’m taking an outside rush, and I don’t feel like I’m just going to get sucked into a block. This enables me to take more realistic angles and gives me a better shot at getting to the quarterback. Continue reading Madden 12 Gameplay Q&A (ESPN)

Sim Gaming, What’s That? One Man’s View Of TSG & What Sim Gaming Is

Alot of people over the years have asked me, “Hey Jersey, what’s all this talk about TSG, sim gaming, sim-style play & sportsmanship, who cares it’s just a video game. By the way what is sim gaming anyway.” Although I can’t speak for all sim-style clans, leagues, forums, groups, ect., the one thing I can speak on is what sim gaming/sim-style means for us at TSG.
Continue reading Sim Gaming, What’s That? One Man’s View Of TSG & What Sim Gaming Is