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First Details on NBA Live 14 Career Mode


EA Sports today announced “Rising Star” which will act as the career mode in the upcoming NBA Live 14. Rising Star will begin in the EA Sports Draft Showcase powered by Under Armour where draft potential will be determined. The mode allows for up to 25 years in the league with progression from being a bench player to an All-Star.

Features previously announced include the next-gen EA Sports Ignite engine, a new dribbling system called “bounceTEK”, the inclusion of legends, and roster updates within an hour after every game ends. NBA Live 14 will be available will the launch of the PlayStation 4 (November 15) and Xbox One (unspecified November date).

NBA 2k13 Gameplay Enhancements via Game Designer Mike Wang

The weeks following E3 are generally slow to deliver news as companies settle in following their announcements and showings and prepare for upcoming marketing pushes as respective releases near. That has been the case at this point with pretty much every sports game slated for the fall – but NBA 2K13 is in such position of strength that smaller or even vague details can be mentioned casually that are ultimately worthy of discussion.

Two recent ones come from lead gameplay designer Mike Wang (@Beluba), who probably has as much or more credibility than any other sports game developer, commenting on the Isomotion dribbling controls and work being done with physics.

Continue reading NBA 2k13 Gameplay Enhancements via Game Designer Mike Wang

Ex-Celtics Star Bill Russell Sues NCAA, Electronic Arts Over Image Use

William “Bill” Russell, former star center for the National Basketball Association’s Boston Celtics, accused the National Collegiate Athletic Association of using his likeness from his college playing days without paying him or seeking his consent.

The complaint is the latest to claim the NCAA violates federal antitrust laws by keeping former student basketball and football athletes from receiving compensation for the commercial use of their images and likenesses. The association has denied wrongdoing in those cases.

Electronic Arts Inc., the second-largest U.S. video-game maker, is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit, filed yesterday in federal court in Oakland, California. Russell accuses it of using his image in a “Tournament of Legends” feature on an NCAA basketball video game.

Russell, who led the University of San Francisco to NCAA championships in 1955 and 1956, said in the complaint that the association sells $150 videos of the team’s championship games. At least 54 clips featuring him are available through the website of the NCAA’s for-profit business partner and photos of him through an NCAA online store, according to the complaint.

Russell, 77, is seeking a court order blocking further sale of the videos and video games, plus disgorgement of profits from them and unspecified damages.

Post-College Endorsements

The NCAA owns and licenses the copyright on the NCAA games cited in the complaint, said Donald Remy, the association’s general counsel. The NCAA doesn’t restrict athletes from profiting from their college accomplishments through post- college commercial endorsements and other ventures, he said in an e-mail today.

“Mr. Russell, like the thousands of other student-athletes who played the game, can capitalize on his likeness, reputation, athletic and academic successes as a student-athlete after college,” the e-mail said. Continue reading Ex-Celtics Star Bill Russell Sues NCAA, Electronic Arts Over Image Use

NBA Jam Adds Euroleague Teams

For the first time Euroleague teams are being included in an NBA licensed product. EA Sports and Euroleague Basketball have agreed to a licensing deal that will introduce teams comprised of players from the Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four into NBA Jam: On Fire Edition.

Amongst the players included will be Dimitris Diamantidis and Mike Batiste of Panathinaikos Athens, Lior Eliyahu and Sofoklis Schortsanitis of Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv, Bo McCalebb and Ksistof Lavrinovic of Montepaschi Siena, and Sergio Llull and Carlos Suarez of Real Madrid.

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition is slated to release in October for $15 on XBLA and PSN. Continue on to watch a trailer showcasing the Euroleague additions!

NBA Jam Says Hello to Sonics, Online Gaming

The ’94-’95 Seattle Sonics being included in NBA Jam: On Fire Edition is one of the single greatest announcements ever made in NBA video game history.

Yes, you read that right. Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp and Detlef Schrempf will making a grand return to the two-on-two arcade sensation. This is just another step in the right direction for NBA games.

The Sonics will be their own option. They won’t be some secret team hidden underneath the Oklahoma City Thunder. They won’t be stuck in Sonics jerseys running around on a court full of blue and orange (remember NBA Live 10?). Isn’t that exciting?

For those of you who remember playing NBA Jam: Tournament Edition, you remember one thing: The Sonics were the best team in the game. This isn’t the homer in me coming out (it usually does when it comes to the Sonics), it’s a fact. The Bulls didn’t have Jordan — who only appeared in limited arcade versions of NBA Jam. Payton was as fast as any other guard in the league, and Kemp was the best dunker in the game. The Reign Man was even a block monster. Oh, and did I mention both players could hit the 3?

In an interview from ESPN The Gamer with NBA Jam’s creative director Trey Smith, Smith mentioned that the team received quite a bit of feedback from fans about the Sonics missing in the most recent version of Jam. Apparently the problem was due to licensing issues, but that has been taken care of as bringing basketball back to Seattle was at the top of EA’s list. Continue reading NBA Jam Says Hello to Sonics, Online Gaming

NBA JAM: On Fire Edition Blog – What is R.E.A.L. AI?

I’m Fraser, AI Lead for NBA JAM: On Fire Edition. As Trey mentioned in last week’s JAM update,, I wanted to follow up on the R.E.A.L AI feature that we brought in for this year’s game. You guys deserve a clear explanation of the tech, and why we felt it was a good fit for JAM.

The Name: You can’t create good tech and not give it a name; given that the name sounds like a contradiction, let’s start there. Over time, the tech has come to be named Real AI. Initially though, it was R.E.A.L. AI, the acronym being Record, Evaluate, Adapt, Learn. That pretty much sums up what the system does.

The Tech: Players of different skill levels play the game. The system records them playing, cuts their play session into up into what we call ‘sequences’, and then records what the defense was doing during each of these sequences. We then take those sequences, run them through various processes, and the AI can then use them when they see the defense doing something similar to the recording.

This system was initially in Fight Night, but we’ve added a number of features to make it what it is today. One of my personal favorite additions is the ability of the system to record YOUR sequences, and then play them back against you on the highest difficulty. What’s even cooler is that when you go online, it takes the best of your sequences, and the best of your teammate/opponents, and merges them. That means the more you play online, the tougher the highest difficulty will be for you. Continue reading NBA JAM: On Fire Edition Blog – What is R.E.A.L. AI?

TSG’s 1st Official Podcast

Above is TSG’s 1st Official Podcast, about our Madden 11 LG, the upcoming NCAA 12 Dynasty, Madden 12 LG & a little NBA Finals talk. Unfortunately it took me 2 days to upload the podcast due to having internet issues so my prediction for Game 2 came true (even though off on the score). Check out the video for the 1st Official TSG Podcast.  Sorry if bad audio/video this is my first podcast attempt, please leave comments at the bottom of the post.


There will be a new champion crowned in the NBA soon. The Dallas Mavericks with their brash, celebrity owner Mark Cuban, who looks more comfortable with the microphone in his hands taking praise for his teams victory than he does in his way to tight t-shirts. Will play the Miami Heat who’s celebrity’s are on the floor playing, unless you count Pat Riley watching over them like a buzzard on a branch waiting to pick apart whatever remains are left on the floor. The Heat were assembled in the off-season we all know the story. The Mavericks have had their core of guys together for a while. They have been coached since 2008 by Rick Carlisle who won an NBA title as a player with the Boston Celtics. But as a coach, has not been able to translate very good regular season records into playoff series wins. That is until this year, the Mavs are 8-1 including a 4-0 sweep of last years champs the Lakers. The Heat are coached by Eric Spoelstra. Who? If he’s the coach why does the camera always seem to find Riley? We all know about the Heats “talents” but are they a team? When things got tough against the bulls the heat looked out of sorts. They had more “talent” than Chicago and that showed in the end. That won’t be the case against Dallas. The Mavs are big, three seven footers. And they can score in bunches. They also have shown as have the Heat to be fair an ability to come from behind. Championships are not given away, they are won. The team who commits to playing team defense I believe will be our new NBA champions, and I believe it will be the Dallas Mavericks.

The Power Of A Word

What power does a word carry? Is there a word or words that you are offended by? The freedom of speech is what separates America from other countries, the ability to say whatever you want, whenever you want & whatever you believe is guaranteed to you, but is there a line? Should there be? Are certain words so offensive that they carry more weight? Twice this season in the NBA homophobic slurs were used. Once by Kobe Bryant, directed towards a referee & once in the Eastern Conference Finals by Joakim Noah at a fan.

While I am a gay rights supporter, I’m also a supporter of freedom of speech even offensive speech I disagree with. I understand these gentleman were working at the time, so their employers have the right to discipline them but shouldn’t we use these instances as learning opportunities ? Lets try to get to the root cause of the problem, young men in competitive environments use homophobic slurs to disrespect their opponents, any guy who has ever played a sport knows I’m right. We need to educate our children at a young age that there is nothing wrong with being gay. If we teach our children that it’s not an insult to call someone gay we can help to stop this cycle of hate. Take the power out of the word don’t empower the word by making it off limits. A perfect example of this is the use of the “N word ” by young hip-hop artists. By taking ownership of the word instead of hiding the word they have in effect taken some of the sting out of it’s use. Obviously since I’m not using the word not all of the sting is removed but my point is censorship is never good even if it’s done for the right reason.

“The Hump”

Welcome to my new sports column, 100 Words Or Else by me Craig Cook aka zombie71. I am a gigantic Dallas Cowboys & Washington Wizards fan. In my blogs you will here varying opinions on sports, life, TV or whatever comes to my mind. Without further ado here is my blog.

In sports as in life we face obstacles, in sports the obstacles are often referred to as “the hump”.  In this bloggers opinion, the Dallas Mavericks are about to clear the hump,  more specifically their All-Star forward Dirk Nasty.  Dirk Nowitzki usually & unjustly in my opinion, has been all to commonly referred to as soft, “can’t win/never win the big one”, “playoff choker”, etc.;  all of this for a career All-Star, 1st ballot Hall of Fame Player.   This is the Mavericks year, its Dirk’s year,   they won’t have a better chance than now.  The Lakers & Spurs, their old nemesis are gone, with whispers of D12 on his way in the future to help Kobe.  Continue reading “The Hump”