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NBA 2k12 Online Association Highlights (Orlando Magic)

NBA 2k12 Online Association Highlights (Orlando Magic) From TSG NBA 2k12 OA Ran By, Its Highlights Of The Orlando Magic (Me) in a game against the Atlanta Hawks (DD Atrocity).Music By My Boy Mr. International aka Smooth from his mixtape We Good At This!

NCAA Football 12


NCAA Football 12

At The Top Of Its Game

TSG Rating 9.2 
GI Rating 9
IGN 8.5
GamesRadar: 9
Da Gameboyz: 9
user rating 8.7
  • NCAA bolsters its game by giving Dynasty and Road to
    Glory modes a backbone by making coaches more prominent in both
  • Graphics:The new lighting system is noticeable while you’re
    playing as well as in replays. The 3D grass, however, is largely irrelevant
  • Sound:It sounds weird, but I miss third booth man Lee Corso.
    The booth sounds dull with just Kirk Herbstreit and Brad Nessler, and there are
    still comments that seem out of place
  • Playability:The improved tackling and catches fix those legacy
    issues, but the game doesn’t feel dramatically different
  • Entertainment:Despite the variety of improvements, the most
    exciting new feature is the ability to create custom conferences and mess around
    with the BCS bowl tie-ins Continue reading NCAA Football 12

NCAA Football 12: First Day Patch Details

EA Sports has released details on the launch day patch for NCAA Football 12. While day-one patches are generally utilized to clean up issues and meet compliance standards, this patch is delivering several notable improvements and fixes and even includes a new addition – the ability to edit rosters from within Dynasty mode.

Also announced is that the pay-for-feature that would allow progressing Online Dynasty from week to week from the website is being delayed. That will now be made available sometime in August. The other central feature involved as DLC, super-sim ability for Online Dynasty games from the website, will be ready to go on Tuesday.

Here are the updates involved via the upcoming patch: Continue reading NCAA Football 12: First Day Patch Details

No Madden 12 Online Franchise Improvements, Leauge Manager To The Rescue

There’s No Crying In Football

Heard about no new additions to the Madden 12 OF, do you think your Madden 12 experience will be ruined? Are you about to cry? Well no need to fear LeagueManager is here!!  Although EA dropped the ball on not updating online franchise, our friend Derek J. Adams, the creator of LeagueManager & EA Game Changer, has come to the rescue. EA realized the power of what LM brings to the table for the hardcore fans & has formed a working relationship with them to provide an unprecedented Online Franchise experience.

So with a year experience using LeagueMananger in our online Madden Leagues, TSG will be able to provide you with an even better online league experience in Madden than last year thanks to Derek J Adams, here is his blog announcing the new partnership today over at & what changes/improvements are in store.

Today, via their official EA SPORTS forums, the
Madden team announced that they have made no significant
changes to Madden NFL 12 online franchise. With this
information they have stressed that their focus this year was to get offline
franchise correct before they moved to the online portion. While this may seem
like a blow to online franchise, I must elaborate on positives here to put this
into perspective and hopefully raise the moral of the online franchise
community. Continue reading No Madden 12 Online Franchise Improvements, Leauge Manager To The Rescue

And The Nominees Are…….

Welcome to the 1st Annual TSG Awards: Madden Edition Nomination Ceremony, now that’s a mouthful, especially with these tusks.  Tomorrow night we will crown the winners of the first ever awards for our Madden Franchise, this year there are only 4 awards, hopefully we will expand this as seasons, leagues & years go on. Feel free below to comment on who you think should have been nominated, if you were snubbed or have suggestions for future categories. Since we ended so abruptly due to time constraints, the main prize the “PEYTON MANNING: FRANCHISE MVP AWARD” isn’t as lucrative as it will be in the future. Other than winning Super Bowl’s this will be the award to strive for in the future & will carry more weight going into future leagues & franchises along with a bigger prize attached to it. Currently each award winner will receive 1600 Microsoft Points. Below are the nominees for each award and a few things about that nominee and how they qualify for the award, once again feel free to comment below. Without further ado: Continue reading And The Nominees Are…….

TSG’s 1st Official Podcast

Above is TSG’s 1st Official Podcast, about our Madden 11 LG, the upcoming NCAA 12 Dynasty, Madden 12 LG & a little NBA Finals talk. Unfortunately it took me 2 days to upload the podcast due to having internet issues so my prediction for Game 2 came true (even though off on the score). Check out the video for the 1st Official TSG Podcast.  Sorry if bad audio/video this is my first podcast attempt, please leave comments at the bottom of the post.

Fight Night Champion Nearing Second Patch

Work is being completed on a comprehensive second patch for Fight Night Champion with the expectation that it will be released in mid-June. The patch will return general stamina levels to values in line with what shipped with the game originally – citing complaints that stamina was affecting the fights too drastically – and will bring back one punch knockouts. Continue on for a look at some of the changes to be delivered in the upcoming patch.

•One Punch KOs are working again.
•OWC has been balanced so that new CABs aren’t at such a disadvantage when they start out.
•OWC has new match-up logic to favor match-ups between boxers with similar OVR ratings.
•Numerous factors tweaked to reduce the effectiveness of jab-spamming esp. to the body.
•Stamina loss is greater when moving backwards (most noticable over multiple rounds).
•Having your back to the ropes/in the corner has a bigger impact on movement speed.
•Max Stamina Loss/Recovery overall has been adjusted.
•Some previous patch/tuner-set changes have been rolled back for Offline gameplay.
•Weave sensitivity has been much improved.
•A variety of other bugs have been fixed.