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State Of Decay 2 | Gameplay | Trying To Survive Zombieland

Here is some gameplay of State of Decay 2, on the Xbox One X. State of Decay 2 is a survival game, where the world is overrun by zombies or zeds. SoD2 is a Xbox Exclusive and is “free” with the Xbox Game Pass ($9.99/month).

In this video I end up buying the big base and start doing some building up of it. If any State Of Decay 2 video seems laggy or hesitant, the servers lag when playing Co-Op, so unfortunately its the SoD2 server. Hope you enjoy, hit that subscribe button on YouTube!

This footage is from our Mixer Gaming stream found here.
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And The Madden 16 Owners Are……..

It’s that time of year, where you get to see if you made it into the league or if you just missed the cut. If you did make it into the league congratulations, if you didn’t we have a spot for you in League 2. This is nothing against you if you didn’t make it, this was just a year when we had more people than ever. Without further ado, here are your TSG Madden 16 CC Owners:

AFC EAST Gamertag Email Phone On GroupMe Signed Rules
Buffalo Bills Knowlegist N/A N/A Yes  Yes
Miami Dolphins Takeoutheone N/A Yes  Yes
New York Jets Hero xXxX N/A (906) 666-2774 Yes  Yes
New England Patriots Chuunin Ninja N/A (416) 799-6929 No
AFC WEST Gamertag Email Phone On GroupMe Signed Rules
Denver Broncos don figures N/A N/A Yes
San Diego Chargers Banco Populair N/A N/A Yes  Yes
Kansas City Chiefs Twon da don N/A (301) 674-7279 Yes
Oakland Raiders BoRaiders (252) 862-6252 Yes  Yes
AFC NORTH Gamertag Email Phone On GroupMe Signed Rules
Cincinnati Bengals Cincy life N/A N/A Yes
Cleveland Browns DawgPoundx23 N/A N/A Yes  Yes
Baltimore Ravens BLiZzI5nAm3 (443) 833-7688 Yes  Yes
Pittsburgh Steelers Blitzburgh34d N/A (206) 765-0032 No
AFC SOUTH Gamertag Email Phone On GroupMe Signed Rules
Indianapolis Colts Mike Titan N/A N/A Yes  Yes
Jacksonville Jaguars Rico man N/A (908) 313-8702 Yes  Yes
Tennessee Titans Chubbzz0727 (202) 808-1356 Yes
Houston Texans Oh No Not DD (416) 738-8093 Yes
NFC EAST Gamertag Email Phone On GroupMe Signed Rules
Dallas Cowboys Mr McKay21  (519) 212-9353 Yes Yes 
Philadelphia Eagles Tonic222 N/A (609) 792-8746 Yes
New York Giants GoatBeno1 N/A (281) 414-7439 No
Washington Redskins Jesmonkey69 (540) 840-2871 Yes Yes
NFC WEST Gamertag Email Phone On GroupMe Signed Rules
Arizona Cardinals cowboys2k9 N/A (202) 652-9971 Yes
San Fransisco 49ers Orig1nal Hawk N/A Yes  Yes
St. Louis Rams Ruegur (202) 489-7483 Yes
Seattle Seahawks KornNickel N/A Yes  Yes
NFC NORTH Gamertag Email Phone On GroupMe Signed Rules
Chicago Bears Sskills40 N/A (219) 201-4785 Yes
Detroit Lions S1ncere Jonez N/A N/A Yes  Yes
Green Bay Packers Pogi N/A (609) 502-9573 Yes  Yes
Minnesota Vikings x7x Jay Killa x7x (409) 300-0767 Yes  Yes
NFC SOUTH Gamertag Email Phone On GroupMe Signed Rules
Atlanta Falcons The Real Law (206) 979-5549 Yes  Yes
Carolina Panthers RJ15st N/A (267) 975-5139 Yes  Yes
New Orleans Saints Capt Save A Ohh (832) 771-4923 Yes
Tampa Bay Buccaneers ResistingFrame1 N/A (347) 813-9121 Yes  Yes


FIFA 15 Trial Now Available Thru EA Access

FIFA 15 through EA Access on Xbox One is now available to download as a timed trial. Subscribers to the service will get six hours of play time before it expires with the timer ticking down whenever the game is loaded regardless of whether it is being played, menus are being navigated through, or if there is any activity taking place at all. So make sure to exit out and close the application from the Xbox One home screen when not in use.

The trial will expire on Tuesday regardless of whether the six hours have been used when a full copy will be required to continue playing. Game saves are stored on the hard drive so records online and progress in Career, Ultimate Team or any other modes will carry over. The complete game is accessible during the trial period.

EA Access was announced in late July and is exclusive to the Xbox One only because Sony has declined to offer the service through PlayStation 4. It includes the “Vault” which offers unlimited play with some older games from the company’s catalog, 10% off all digital purchases, and the ability to play games up to five days before they release with a limited timed trial. EA Access is $30 for a full year or $5 month-to-month.

Full Forza Horizon 2 Car List

Here we are, at the final week of car announcements for Forza Horizon 2. This final reveal brings us to a total of 210 cars that have been built specifically for the next generation and Forza Horizon 2. All of the cars announced this week exude their own sense of style and charisma. The Land Rover Defender 90 is as rugged it gets. The form of the 2015 Mustang GT was designed for global appeal. The Lamborghini Veneno practically redefines extreme car design.

There is not much longer to wait until all these rides will be at your fingertips to leave your mark on the roads and countryside of Forza Horizon 2. Let’s dive in to this week’s list.


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1968 Lancia Fulvia Coupé Rallye 1.6 HF

Sophistication and deliberately understated styling are the hallmarks of this highly desirable special version of the Lancia Fulvia. Lancia brought this homologated version — the Fanalone, referencing the Fulvia’s large driving lights—to enable Lancia’s entry into the World Rally Championship. Front-wheel drive and a healthy punch of more than 100 hp gave the Fulvia excellent performance. Sharp steering and excellent braking made it a natural candidate for rally competition. Under the direction of Cesare Fiorio, Lancia came to dominate rally in the late 1960s and early 1970s. You can tell a Rallye edition from its lesser brethren by its fiberglass fender flares and Campagnolo rims. If you look at the dash you will also see an oil temp gauge and adjustable redline on the tachometer. The Fulvia’s light weight gave it an advantage and this special model was further lightened by replacing the back seat with a shelf and installing lightweight bucket seats. Among Lancia Fulvia aficionados, the Rallye 1.6 is the crown jewel. Continue reading Full Forza Horizon 2 Car List

Trials Fusion – Xbox One Gameplay

One of our members streaming their 1st time playing Trials Fusion on the Xbox One. He streams all kinds of games, follow him on twitch @ Visit us on, please like this video & all of our videos & subscribe to our channels!!

Game Description

Trials Fusion melds the classic, proven Trials formula of simple yet addictive competition with the social and visual breakthroughs of the next generation of gaming.

Continue reading Trials Fusion – Xbox One Gameplay

Updates Made To Madden 15 Connected Franchise

EA Sports continues to work on improving the experience in Madden NFL 15’s Connected Franchise mode through server-side updates. Late last month two were released with the first making some minor adjustments to player progression while the second corrected many glaring issues with the sim stats. A new one has been pushed live that delivers more fixes and balancing adjustments.

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Madden 15 Gameplay: Lions vs Raiders & Lions vs Bengals

Some Madden 15 Gameplay featuring the Detroit Lions (rio the king638) vs the Oakland Raiders (BoRaiders) & the Detroit Lions (rio the king638) vs the Cincinnati Bengals (Cincy life). Rio is stepping up his game, trying to shake his Overall 31 Ranking in the TSG Madden 15 CF Power Rankings. Checkout the gameplay, like & subscribe on youtube please!!

TSG Madden 15 CF Season 1: Vegas Betting Odds

We decided to do a little something different this year, coach BoRaiders & I talked to the folks down in Las Vegas to see if we could get some betting odds for the 1st Season of TSG Madden 15 CF.  Everyone can place bets, the winner gets a free t-shirt.  Here are the odds:

TSG FIFA 14 Tournament Formation

As the TSG Madden 25 Franchise came to another great finish, and with no NCAA 15 this year, the members of TSG were still looking to compete and found a great opportunity in FIFA14 to do so. First let me say that I am amazed at how good the game is, I had no idea, and with this Summer being a World Cup Year, it just gave me a all new prospective for soccer as a whole. The EA Access app dropping giving all users availability to download and play FIFA was perfect for those to get a chance to play such a GREAT sports title.
Spending most of my days while waiting for Madden 15 updates and roster releases, I’ve been battling with Jersey Rebel,Tonic222, and King 5x Champ, I took it upon myself to create and manage aTSG FIFA Championship Tourney for all that were interested. Continue reading TSG FIFA 14 Tournament Formation