m16 penalties





  • Games are monitored in the league’s officiating command center in Xbox Live Parties, GroupMe or via Madden 15 App, party chatter & posted game videos. Any videos, particularly ones that draw complaints that the observer on XBL thinks might be penalizable fouls are logged.
  • Players who feel violations occurred versus them must present the formal complaint to the officiating executives in a private party on Xbox Live.
  • What other people also report on similar incidents is certainly taken into consideration very much; they are the ones that play them on a regular basis. We will make a note on all complaints regarding similar incidents if it is an egregious foul
  • Before week advancement, the Commissioners evaluate every complaint, particularly those marked for possible discipline.
  • Commissioners will meticulously go through the videos and give their opinion to whether they think a discipline foul has occurred. Then will go through what rule was violated and recommend what the discipline should be.
  • Commissioners give both sides (if there is 2 sides) a chance to give their case before they issue a fine or a suspension.
  • Upon final decision on penalty, the league announces any discipline.
  • All people who incur draft penalties, during the draft must select the worst player on the draft board at the time of the pick.

Penalties & Sanctions:


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