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If there ever is a person that personifies what TSG is all about, its our 2016 Inductee, Pogi. He was one of the originals, down since 2009, he started in MSPL, merged to Monkey Bowl, then to JMD & finally our final incarnation, TSG. Upon his retirement this February, it was bittersweet, a league friend who was leaving us, but his children were growing and he needed time to satisfy their needs. Though he may not of won a lot or been a contender, he played his games, never complained, never quit, he was exactly what TSG was about, playing legit, having fun, being a contributor to the community. In his honor, we are now yearly going to give out, THE POGI LEGACY AWARD, that represents dedication, fun & community 1st attitude. Since not every year a member can be inducted into the Hall of Fame, this award will bridge that gap. So I would like to formally welcome, POGI to the TSG Hall of Fame!

Pogi – “Wowwww! I never would of expected this guys, this is crazy! First of all thank everyone in TSG, man, yall are like a second family. Thank you to my brother Jersey & cousin Tonic, I love you guys, hope you’re at the next cookout when you’re in town Tonic! To Monkey, my brother from another mother, you always kept it real with me & are truly part of my family. Twon, I see your boots, I know you’re out in the crowd. This is surreal & I’m truly honored to have been a part of this & to have an award in my honor. I don’t know if I deserve this, but I am truly humbled. I’ve got 3 last words for yall, GO PACK GO!”

pogi legacy award






There is only one person who deserves to be inducted into the TSG Hall Of Fame in 2015 and this man will tell everyone of his greatness. Molded in the likes of Terrell Owens or Deon Sanders, this man will tell you this “I love me some me” and not think twice about it. He has been a dominate force in the Madden Community since 2009, he racked up 2 Monkey Bowl 2k10 (Madden 10) titles with the Chicago Bears since then has gone on to win 4 TSG Madden Super Bowl Titles with his Cincinnati Bengals, along with numerous other league titles (but they don’t here).

He has also been a force in the NBA 2k Leagues with his now adopted team the Golden State Warriors (before they were even good). Also along with his accolades, he is a driving force in the community, helps gets games in & tells you how he will dominate you when he plays you. Now he is an elder statesman in the TSG Community, even rising to the ranks of a Junior Commissioner, helping to keep the Madden League moving and giving input on changes to help us grow. I consider him a rival, a standard bearer but above all else a friend. Without further ado, lets welcome to the TSG Hall of Fame, 2015 Inductee, the big dawg, Cincy life!

Cincy Life – “Oh yeah, I’m the best player in TSG. I would love to plead my case, I did a lot with less but through focus and determination I showed who I am! Thanks to the Commissioners Jesmonkey69,  Tonic and Jersey. Special thanks to the victims, all of yall, thanks and love.”





ninja hof

DOMINANCE, this is the main word to describe our 1st inductee of the inaugural class of the TSG Hall of Fame. Since the 1st Season of MSPL in Madden 10 to the 5th Season of TSG in Madden 13, there has been one man who has been a force to be reckoned with in the realm of Madden Football, that man is none other than Chuunin Ninja. Winning an astonishing 8 Super Bowls with 5 different teams, nobody has had a stranglehold on the championship or struck fear into opponents as much as Ninja. A polarizing figure, some love him, many hate him, there is no denying his skill & ability to scheme a game plan that made it near impossible for others to stop. Congratulations on being the 1st inductee to the TSG Hall of Fame.

Chuunin Ninja – “I make this look good, Vince Lombardi wishes he was as good as me. Why is Chubbzz & Twon not in the Hall of Fame? Yall some haters! If you wanna learn how to be as good as me, too bad you can’t. I know what sim is, all those other fools are cheaters. Monkey why don’t you listen to me when I tell you this bro. Thank you TSG for not giving me competition & allowing me to dominate all of you. Killuminati stand up, I’m the G.O.A.T.!”


king HOF


Our 2nd inductee, needs no introduction, especially in the basketball world, he is brash, cocky, one many call the ALI of 2k, he is Canada’s own LLP King. In the beginning he had to be showed what being sim was all about, nobody saw his future dominance coming, but when 2k13 came around he left all the doubters behind. Building a championship team that would reign 5 straight seasons, nobody could topple King after, showing us what Jordan could have been had he not retired. Many challengers came & fought, none were able to end his reign, most hate him, but the one thing is you have to respect him, beating some of the 2k greats to win his illustrious 5 rings.

LLP King – “What aguan ma pipo? I been ballin’ so damn hard you think that I’m Kobe, swish. Canada is the best, fuck you Americans, DD what up, Brim what up. Cryp you a boti boi, why you moving like dat? Jordan wishes he was as good as me! Don you stink, Jersey what up! GB wash your white t-shirt, Philly wishes they were Toronto! Let’s play crew, you waste youts don’t wanna see me! Seriously, I’m soooo honored & happy right now, thank you for the opportunity to join TSG (crying voice).”




It all started for these 3 back on Madden 10, Jersey the commissioner of MSPL, Jesmonkey the commissioner of Monkey Bowl 2k10 &  Tonic22 a participant yet commissioner of several of his own leagues. After the dissolving of MSPL, Rebel decided to join forces with Monkey who had been running a successful league of his own, to create a one season fantasy league, JMD Sim Football, on Madden 10 to close out that games run. The following year bringing along the forward thinking Tonic222, they officially formed The Sim Gamer, TSG. They expanded from Madden to NCAA Football, NBA 2k, EA NHL, Fight Night, Forza & now FIFA, becoming the cream of the crop when it comes to simulation sports gaming. Times haven’t been easy, sometimes on the brink of destruction especially due to Jesmonkey’s hot-headed nature, clash with coaches & Tonic222, but through it all these 3 have formed an unbreakable bond, making TSG a very family like environment.

Tonic222 – “I’m not accepting this reward, I’m not accepting anything, except my division back from Jesmonkey69 & those loser Deadskins! Rio YOU STINK!”

Jesmonkey69 – “I’d like to thank each & every team owner, past & present, for their participation and for making this the best sim league out there, thank you to Jersey for being a friend, thank you Tonic for being a mentor. Thank you all for allowing me to be a 3 time champion, oh and one last thing, this is my division Tonic, those Iggles stink, you’re never gonna win anything!”

Jersey Rebel – “Yo………….. Hey Monkey why my banner not up there for Hockey……….. Thank you everyone for your time & effort, yall are like family to me. This has been a wonderful ride…….. VW’s kick ass….. what is this about again?”

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