And The Nominees Are…….

Welcome to the 1st Annual TSG Awards: Madden Edition Nomination Ceremony, now that’s a mouthful, especially with these tusks.  Tomorrow night we will crown the winners of the first ever awards for our Madden Franchise, this year there are only 4 awards, hopefully we will expand this as seasons, leagues & years go on. Feel free below to comment on who you think should have been nominated, if you were snubbed or have suggestions for future categories. Since we ended so abruptly due to time constraints, the main prize the “PEYTON MANNING: FRANCHISE MVP AWARD” isn’t as lucrative as it will be in the future. Other than winning Super Bowl’s this will be the award to strive for in the future & will carry more weight going into future leagues & franchises along with a bigger prize attached to it. Currently each award winner will receive 1600 Microsoft Points. Below are the nominees for each award and a few things about that nominee and how they qualify for the award, once again feel free to comment below. Without further ado: Continue reading And The Nominees Are…….


Kinect in 2011: What’s Coming Out?

What games to keep an eye out for this year.


Summer vacation is in full swing, and you, or your kids, are likely already sitting on the couch, sweating through your shorts and wishing video games didn’t suck in these months. You’ve got your Kinect there, maybe you should get off your ass.

So now what? You’ve got a really expensive peripheral and a lack of games on the horizon. Or so it seems. Turns out there are a ton of games, both casual and hardcore, slated for release this year on Kinect. Continue reading Kinect in 2011: What’s Coming Out?

Extended NCAA Football 12 Gameplay Videos

EA Sports has released two new videos for NCAA Football 12 that provide substantial looks at gameplay. In the first it’s a matchup of the two teams shifting to the now Pac-12 with the full first quarter of Utah at Colorado. The second seems to have been put together primarily to show zone coverage improvements with Alabama at Oklahoma State. Continue on to check them out and leave any thoughts in the comments! Continue reading Extended NCAA Football 12 Gameplay Videos

Phil Frazier the Latest to Leave EA Sports Tiburon Studio

Madden NFL executive producer Phil Frazier is the latest name to be leaving EA Sports according to a reliable source. It is currently uncertain where he is headed however two prime possibilities are Row Sham Bow – the new social gaming company started by former Tiburon GM Philip Holt – or the massive social gaming company Zynga which has taken on several former Tiburon employees in the last year. Continue reading Phil Frazier the Latest to Leave EA Sports Tiburon Studio

The Line Drive 6/19

The Line Drive is a weekly collection of news, links, and updates that didn’t necessarily warrant their own postings.

•NBA 2K11 finished 8th in sales for May as the only sports game to chart.
•EA Sports tries to argue that the PSN outage didn’t hurt them.
•Operation Sports has a NHL 12 producer blog focusing on gameplay.
•The NHL 12 cover athlete will be announced on Wednesday.
•EA Sports is opening dedicated retail stores for some reason.
•New Top Gear screenshots from Forza 4 can be found in the gallery. Continue reading The Line Drive 6/19

Thanks dad

My dad taught me how to brush my teeth, how to dry myself off when I took a bath, how to shake a man’s hand. He would have, had he had it his way, also taught me to be a racist. I’m not sure if he knew he was a bigot. My guess is he did, he was a very smart man. The fact that he was so smart makes the racism all that more confusing. I would like to think all racist’s are ignorant, but my dad taught me that’s not true. My dad would watch television with me as a kid, his favorite show every week was ” soul train” he would watch it and make racist comments about the people dancing on the show. This didn’t have the effect on me that he intended. I became a huge fan of the music, the first album ( that’s how old I am an actual album ) that I bought was Michael Jackson’s thriller. I still know every word to every song because I played it over and over again. I learned that I like people who are different than me, I don’t judge people. I try to get to know somebody before I decide if I like them or not. I believe had I not had the experience with my dad as a kid I wouldn’t be who I am. I guess my dad was taught to be a racist. Strangely his best friend was an African American. I herd him asked about that and he would always answer the same way, ” he’s one of the good ones “. That statement always makes me cringe. I can with a heart full of love for my old man thank him for teaching me that racism is wrong even if it’s not what he intended. I can also say proudly that the cycle of racism is dead in my family it ended with my dad. Happy fathers day to all dads, you teach us more than you know.

Microsoft has developed a new chip, which could reduce the manufacturing costs of the Xbox 360.

Could New Xbox 360 Chip Lead to Price Cut?

Microsoft has announced the release of the SoC (System-on-chip) processor for the new Xbox 360 250GB Slim Kinect-ready model.

According to International Business Times, the new piece of hardware combines the CPU, GPU, memory, and I/O logic onto a single chip that contains 372 million transistors.

The innovation is said to allow for better power efficiency. But more importantly for consumers, it will reduce manufacturing costs, as fewer chips need to be made.

Whether this will result in a price drop of the Xbox 360 Slim has not yet been confirmed. But with Microsoft pushing Kinect hard at this year’s E3, it could be the perfect way to encourage uptake of the device.


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