Trial Set in NCAA Player Likeness Lawsuit

Though EA Sports was recently dismissed as a defendant from the player likeness lawsuit originally filed in 2009 it will proceed against the NCAA and Collegiate Licensing Company after surviving another attempt to dismiss by those two parties. The outcome could have significant influence on NCAA licensed sports games in the future so the case remains of high interest.

It will be a long wait however for that decision to come down as the trial has been set to begin on March 11th 2013. The lawsuit (originally filed as two separate suits but later combined) has been represented by former players Sam Keller and Ed O’Bannon. They argue that the parties in question violated anti-trust law by conspiring to profit off the use of player likenesses without proper compensation. The lawsuit is not solely related to video games but also includes areas such as television broadcast contracts and merchandise sales.

Madden 12 Franchise Mode Details

IGN has released the first details on Franchise mode in Madden NFL 12 which will introduce new elements in Dynamic Player Performance and Player Roles. Unfortunately as a whole it appears nothing like the complete overhaul of the mode that was said would take more than a development cycle to complete, which was the reasoning given why Madden 11′s franchise was left practically untouched.

What Dynamic Player Performance will deliver is variation in player ratings from week to week that will be based on performance and consistency along with hot and cold streaks. There are over 20 “Roles” to define different types of players. Sadly they don’t factor into the Draft which is a disappointing exclusion. Real life has prospects being evaluated on personality and what they bring to the team rather than just personal stats or measurables….well other than the Raiders that is. Even if they were more general (high character, high motor, injury prone, project) they would have made the Draft more realistic.

While these two new Franchise features look to be valuable the expectations – set by EA Sports last year – that the mode would be reinvented doesn’t appear to have been met. With more news coming next week what do you think of the first Franchise related details for Madden 12?

All New Collision System In Madden 12 by Designer Larry Richart

Hey there, Madden fans.  Welcome back for another great year of Madden NFL Football!  With the NFL Draft upon us, it’s a sign that the NFL season will be here before you know it.  That is, of course, if the owners and players can work something out before the season begins.  But, have no fear Madden Nation, no matter what happens this year with the real NFL , Madden NFL 12 will have a full season ready to go come August 30th.  The development team here at Tiburon has been hard at work and we are excited to talk about some of the new gameplay features and improvements that we have been working on for Madden NFL 12.  Continue reading All New Collision System In Madden 12 by Designer Larry Richart

Major Presentation and Graphical Upgrades by Mike Young

Hi, I’m Mike Young, Art Director of Madden NFL 12.  In this blog I’m going to outline Madden’s major presentation and graphical upgrades.  In reading reviews of Madden NFL 11, we weren’t satisfied with “Madden looks good as ever”; we wanted to give you those big time “wow” moments.  Everything we focused on is true to the NFL and what YOU the fans have been begging for!  We believe Madden NFL 12 is our biggest leap forward ever, and I think you will agree once you’ve seen what we have in store. Continue reading Major Presentation and Graphical Upgrades by Mike Young

Madden NFL 12 Poised for Unprecedented Realism

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With more than 90 million copies sold to date, EA Sports’ Madden NFL series has garnered a legion of loyal gamers around the world since its 1989 debut. Always looking for authentic gameplay and attention to detail, these fans will get to experience an added dose of reality when Madden NFL 12 hits store shelves on August 30.The latest Madden NFL iteration features a smorgasbord of additions that make the game truer than ever to the real thing, including players suffering on-field concussions. Continue reading Madden NFL 12 Poised for Unprecedented Realism

Madden 12 Gameplay & Presentation Videos

Earlier today the first major official features were detailed for Madden 12. Following the road map laid out well in advance the features were primarily gameplay and presentation based with other aspects of the game set to be discussed down the line. Now EA Sports has released two full trailers to showcase the improved gameplay and presentation. Continue on to check out the videos and leave your thoughts in the comments! Continue reading Madden 12 Gameplay & Presentation Videos

NCAA 12 Gameplay Enhancements from Roy Harvey

Welcome Back!

Another season is upon us and the countdown begins. Over the next 90 days you’ll be hearing about everything we’ve put into NCAA Football 12 and we hope you’ll like what you’re going to see. It represents months of deep development and the next serious step in innovation that we initiated last year with NCAA Football 11.

I have no major announcements today, but I can say that our focus and fundamental strategy hasn’t changed. It’s still all about the three key elements I described in my blog last year “A New Game Plan”; Core Experience, Authenticity, and Innovation.

The community feedback we’ve received on ’11 through emails, forums, and surveys has been encouraging and I’m happy to report that we’ve incorporated many of these requests into the newest edition. Continue reading NCAA 12 Gameplay Enhancements from Roy Harvey

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