What is SBG About?

Clan: a group of people, as a clique, set, society, or party, especially as united by some common trait, characteristic, or interest.

Clan (Video Game): a group of players that play online games together. They may play against other clans via matches or challenges, also known as scrims (scrimmages) and wars. A clan’s objective can vary from having fun in a competitive environment or participating in more serious tournaments and clan wars.

SBG (SilverBack Gorillas): You are witnessing the birth of THE SILVERBACK GORILLAS CLAN we are an XBOX360 clan and we are the squad of the future and will be hard from day one.  Some of us are ex-SUB members and rode for that clan through thick and thin but as time changes so do people and their respect for others.  Our new clan will be only for those that want to run in games with their respective members and not shun them for reasons unknown. If you are down with our clan we welcome you to our NEW FAMILY!!  We are a close clan and run paintball skirmishes annually to bi-annually usually in the PA/NY/VA area, members are advised to make at least 1 event a year because of one word, UNITY!!! Keep an eye out for future videos and pictures of our SBG BROTHERS, CHAT it up in the forums or just leave a comment, check out the PICTURE GALLERY, BLOG about whats going on around you so we can get to know you better. Check out the MEMBERS SECTION to see who we roll with and find their gamertags in case you aren’t on their friends list so you can get on it, because this is a family and we roll as one. .                         


One thought on “What is SBG About?”

  1. Simply Awesome!! Mega Props to Jesmonkey for helping SBG claim our rightful place as Masters of our Domain!!

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