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TSG ‘I’m The MVP’ Episode 1

This is a new series for TSG by BoRaiders coach of the Oakland Raiders in TSG M25 OF. In this series Bo will break down, who is an MVP candidate, what their numbers are like & why they should be MVP. Sit back relax and enjoy the analysis, make sure you hit up his youtube & give the man some comments & likes. Also please check out BoRaider’s complete video section here:

Madden NFL 25 Offensive Player Ratings

Click here to see the full list of ratings for every offensive player in the NFL.

1. Aaron Rodgers (98)
T-2. Tom Brady (97)
T-2. Peyton Manning (97)
4. Drew Brees (96)
5. Matt Ryan (94)

The Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers is the top rated quarterback in Madden NFL 25 with a 98 overall rating after throwing for 4,295 yards and 39 touchdowns in 2012. Rodgers also boasts 92 Awareness, 95 Throwing Power, 90 Throwing Accuracy, and 95 Short Throw Accuracy. Click here to learn more about the Madden NFL 25 QB ratings. Continue reading Madden NFL 25 Offensive Player Ratings

The Final Four Of The Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote, Has Begun! Cast Your Vote Now!

The cover campaign featuring both legends and current stars for Madden NFL 25 has reached the finals in the two brackets. The “Old School” and “New School” participants have been shaved down to two each with the eventual winners from each side facing off for the cover honors.

Barry Sanders goes up against Jerry Rice while Arian Foster will take on Adrian Peterson. Foster’s run is the only thing that could be considered a surprise especially having quit social media prior to the tournament. He has gone on to beat Julio Jones, Colin Kaepernick, and now Russell Wilson. There are currently one, two, three, and four seeds remaining. Peterson is likely to move on (he absolutely CRUSHED Robert Griffin III) with the Rice-Sanders pairing (both collected about equal percentage with comparable opponents) much more difficult to call.

Voting is completed through the ESPN SportsNation Page. The fifth round runs until April 17th when it will move forward to the overall finals.

Onto The Semifinals In The Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote Competition

The cover campaign featuring both legends and current stars for Madden NFL 25 has reached the semifinals in the two brackets. The “Old School” and “New School” participants are now in the Final Four stage with the eventual winners from each side facing off for the cover honors.

Another round has passed without any big surprises and the result is some epic pairings to vote on. Colin Kaepernick is gone in what some might consider an upset due to his #1 seeding but he never had near the support of other high seeds – it was evident after the first round that he wouldn’t be a contender. The match-ups are Joe Montana vs Barry Sanders, Jerry Rice vs Deion Sanders, Arian Foster vs Russell Wilson, and Robert Griffin III vs Adrian Peterson.

Voting is completed through the ESPN SportsNation Page. The fourth round runs until April 10th when it will move forward to the finals for each bracket.

Madden 12 “Club 100” Winners Announced

"Mr. Perfect" Tom Brady Garners The 100 Accuracy Rating In Madden 12

With all the extensive coverage of Madden NFL 12 at the end of last week, along with the availability to play via the ‘Season Ticket’, the announcement of the ‘Club 100′ winners understandably got pushed to the side. Now though lets take a look at the five players who won the right through a vote to receive the coveted 100 rating in a particular category.

Throw Accuracy: Tom Brady
With 36% of the vote Brady won with relative ease as there was no other player that stood out enough to avoid splitting the remainder of the votes. Peyton Manning came in second followed by Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Philip Rivers.

Elusiveness: Adrian Peterson
This one is a bit of a surprise as Peterson often makes the highlights with his power runs – though he certainly is elusive as well. He edged out Jamaal Charles, who was perceived to be the favorite, by just 2%. Ray Rice, Danny Woodhead, and LeSean McCoy all finished well behind those two.

Hit Power: James Harrison
With 43% of the vote Harrison had the second largest margin of victory over the runner-up. In this case that was Patrick Willis, who was trailed by Ray Lewis, Clay Matthews, and Ray Maualuga (who got the least percentage of votes of anyone in the campaign with just 2%).

Spectacular Catch: Larry Fitgerald
Here is where there was no competition. Fitzgerald cruised to 52% with Calvin Johnson the runner up at 24%. Not much remained to be split between Braylon Edwards, Brandon Lloyd, and Dez Bryant.

Speed: DeSean Jackson
The other close call came in this category where Jackson beat Chris Johnson by just 4%. Devin Hester, Jacoby Ford, and Jamal Charles all collected 10-13% of the votes.

The 100 ratings were not reflected in the most recent Madden NFL 12 roster update. Instead they are expected to be included in the next update which is likely to coincide with the start of the regular season late next week.