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Battlefield 3 Co-Op Missions “Operation Exodus” & “Fire From The Sky” Gameplay

The videos below are of SBG Memebers JERSEY REBEL & Jesmonkey69 (ME) doing a quick run thru of Battlefield 3’s 1st 2 Co-Op Missions “Operation Exodus” & “Fire From The Sky” (video is in 2 parts) on Normal. I’m the chopper pilot!! I have only flown a few times but i got the job done!!

Battlefield 3 Demo Announced So NOW WHAT?? (Demo Q&A)

The Battlefield 3 beta date was announced yesterday and was an expected date (late September). September 29th is when the open beta starts and September 27th is when the closed beta starts. The closed beta is for those who pre-order Battlefield 3 through Origin or pre-ordered Medal of Honor. But there has been a lot of questions concerning many aspects of the beta. We’ve compiled verified facts on top of EA’s announcements to help you better understand the Battlefield 3 beta.

So How Do I Gain Access To The Beta?
If you pre-order Battlefield 3 on Origin or pre-order Medal of Honor then you will get access to the beta 48 hours prior to everyone else. If you’re on the PC download Origin and check the demo page (your early beta access code will be emailed to you).

PS3 users can check the Playstation Network Store for the beta. Your code will also be emailed to you.

Xbox 360 users will look in the Xbox Live Marketplace and will also receive their early access code via email. Users for all three platforms who do not qualify for the 48 hour bonus will have access to the beta in the described stores/pages on September 29th. Currently, only Swedish users have been emailed! No information on when other nations will start to receive their keys.

What’s this Battlelog stuff I keep hearing?
Battlelog is a free service operated by EA that allows you to not only track your stats, awards, and game progress, but also allows to you socialize with friends and plan your next Battlefield 3 match!
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Battlefield 3 Demo Announced (Sept. 29th)



Advanced Frostbite 2 Engine, All-out Vehicle Warfare, Unrivaled Destruction and True Teamplay Deliver Epic Battles and Award-winning Gameplay in Battlefield 3

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – September 20, 2011 – DICE, an Electronic Arts Inc. studio (NASDAQ: ERTS) today announced that the Battlefield 3 multiplayer beta will open to all gamers on September 29, 2011. Players from around the world will have a chance to experience the game that industry critics have hailed as the ‘Best Online Multiplayer Game’ before it ships on October 25, 2011. The beta is set in Paris on the Operation Metro map, where players work their way from lush parks on the outskirts of the city to a dark, bombed-out metro station, to the vibrant streets around the Paris stock exchange. Two elite tactical units square off in the series’ popular Rush Mode. One side takes the offensive by attacking M-COM stations while the opposing squad defends and protects. For more information about the beta, players should visit battlefield.com/beta or follow @Battlefield on Twitter.

The Battlefield 3 multiplayer beta will be available for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, the Xbox 360 videogame and entertainment system and PC. Gamers who pre-order the digital PC version of the game at Origin (powered by EA) will be granted early access to the beta starting on September 27, 2011. In addition, all customers that pre-ordered a Limited Edition of Medal of Honor will also receive early access to the beta starting on September 27, 2011.
Gamers in the beta can also log onto Battlelog, the game’s free social media network that allows gamers to communicate and compete with friends, track their stats and share their progress. Battlelog extends the in-game experience to be accessible anywhere, whether on a PC, console or handheld device.
Players are also invited to join the EA Gun Club for the latest shooter news, and to receive in-game benefits including access to the M1911 pistol and distinct badges in Battlefield 3. The M1911 pistol will also be available to registered Battlefield veterans. Continue reading Battlefield 3 Demo Announced (Sept. 29th)

Battlefield 3 Offers 45 Map Variations

Battleblog #11 was released today that covered everything we need to know about Battlefield 3’s game modes, hardcore mode, and infantry only, a BF2 favorite. There are five game modes in BF3, they are team deathmatch, squad deathmatch, rush, squad rush, and conquest. You will be able to experience all five of these game modes throughout Battlefield 3’s extensive map collection of nine levels.

Team Deathmatch

Availability: On all 9 maps
Players: 24 (12 vs. 12)
Focus: Team Based Infantry Combat
Goal: Eliminate a set number of enemy combatants
Winning the game: The team that reaches the set kill number first is declared the winner

While Team Deathmatch sounds like a new addition to the Battlefield series, it’s actually been around since 2002 when BF1942 was released! Players engaged in TDM matches will play on 12 vs 12 teams. There will be no vehicles in these matches because of the close quarters action. Players who are new to Battlefield 3 and the series in general are advised to start in this game mode where it is easy to adjust to the game’s infantry combat.

Squad Deathmatch

Availability: On all 9 maps
Players: 16 (4 squads of 4)
Focus: Squad Based Infantry Combat
Goal: Eliminate a set number of enemy combatants
Winning the game: The squad that reaches the set kill number first is declared the winner

Branching off of TDM’s infantry ideas is squad deathmatch. The purpose of this game mode is to highlight Battlefield 3’s teamwork capabilities. The squads can take advantage of a Infantry Fighting Vehicle to ensure their team’s success. Continue reading Battlefield 3 Offers 45 Map Variations

50 Gameplay Ranks In Battlefield 3

There’s plenty of news floating around about Battlefield 3’s dedication to addictive online play, some of which includes kit completion. Demize99 (Alan Kertz – Senior Gameplay Designer) let us know that there will be a total of 50 authentic Marine ranks in Battlefield 3. There have been no details into how the point system works to obtain these ranks or how many points it takes to gain ranks. Bad Company 2 also had fifty gameplay ranks, many people achieved these ranks quickly. DICE’s dedication to “years of unlocks” may hint that it may take many dedicated hours/days/months to obtain the higher ranks in Battlefield 3.