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NBA Live 15 Gameplay Overview

Today we’re excited to share some of our first gameplay details for NBA LIVE 15 and give you an idea of what you’ll be seeing when the game launches this October. Going into this year, we knew we had a lot of work to do in gameplay. We’ve been doing major upgrades across all systems, including the AI, to create a great flowing NBA simulation. We’ve been building a game from the ground up with a focus on a control scheme that is accessible but also has layers of depth for advanced players. At the same time, we’re ensuring that you feel in control at all times with extremely responsive movement and actions throughout every aspect of the game. That responsiveness that feels good needs to be supported and driven by amazing animation that looks good.

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NBA Live 15 Pushed Back, EA Posts Open Letter

Hey everybody,

If you’re anything like me, after following all of the storylines leading up to this year’s NBA Draft, a really entertaining NBA Summer League and all the other basketball news this summer, you’re excited for the upcoming 2014-15 NBA season. It should be amazing.

The team has been pushing hard all year to make NBA LIVE 15 both look and play great, and I couldn’t be prouder of the work they’ve done. You may have seen a few early preview pieces pop up from our visits with press or our recent trip toGamescom, and we’ve been getting some great feedback from our conversations with the media, as well as from all of the play testing we’ve been doing over the last few months.

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TSG FIFA 14 Tournament Formation

As the TSG Madden 25 Franchise came to another great finish, and with no NCAA 15 this year, the members of TSG were still looking to compete and found a great opportunity in FIFA14 to do so. First let me say that I am amazed at how good the game is, I had no idea, and with this Summer being a World Cup Year, it just gave me a all new prospective for soccer as a whole. The EA Access app dropping giving all users availability to download and play FIFA was perfect for those to get a chance to play such a GREAT sports title.
Spending most of my days while waiting for Madden 15 updates and roster releases, I’ve been battling with Jersey Rebel,Tonic222, and King 5x Champ, I took it upon myself to create and manage aTSG FIFA Championship Tourney for all that were interested. Continue reading TSG FIFA 14 Tournament Formation

NCAA Football 13 Community Blog – Heisman Challenge

Hi NCAA fans, Brian Parker from EA SPORTS Game Changers here to share all the details about the newest feature in NCAA Football 13. Since 1935, the Heisman Trophy has been awarded to 74 different college football players judged to be the most outstanding athlete in a given season.  The 25-pound bronze trophy is perhaps the greatest individual achievement any collegiate athlete can attain, and NCAA Football 13’s new “Heisman Challenge” mode is a testament to the importance of this yearly award.

It all starts with the cover of the game, featuring reigning Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III of Baylor University as well as Barry Sanders, the 1988 Heisman Trophy winner – and former Oklahoma State Cowboy – whose legend continued into the NFL as a member of the Detroit Lions.  As Griffin III prepares to begin his own NFL career with the Washington Redskins, NCAA Football 13 allows gamers to use both athletes—as well as many others—in an attempt to replicate or even surpass the impressive statistics of each player’s Heisman Trophy campaign.

During my time with a work-in-progress build of the game at a recent Community Event, I got to sample the mode using Barry Sanders.  Since I was only 4 years old when Sanders was tearing up the turf in Stillwater, Oklahoma, much of my understanding of his 1988 season is left to video highlights and statistical records.  Thankfully, EA SPORTS sat down with each of the athletes featured in the Heisman Challenge mode to record face-to-face video interviews, which are interspersed over the course of the season as you play. Sometimes the videos are triggered by surpassing one of the athlete’s records in your season, or just as a result of an upcoming rivalry game like the Bedlam Series between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.  In each case, hearing the athlete describe the achievements of their Heisman season helps to understand the individual outside the lines, reflecting back on glory days.

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