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NFC Team Ratings For Madden NFL 17

The Panthers lead the way in the NFC with the team ratings for Madden NFL 17 despite losing the top rated cornerback in the video game (Josh Norman) and a few other solid contributors from last season. One factor to remember however is that Kelvin Benjamin will be back and he alone will make the offense more dynamic.

The Packers, Seahawks, Cardinals, and Cowboys follow closely behind. Arizona and Carolina have tied for the best offense while the best defense resides in Seattle. Continue reading NFC Team Ratings For Madden NFL 17

“Controversial” Blackdollaz Wins Super Bowl In Season 3 Of TSG M25 CF (Xbox One)

Controversy surrounded Blackdollaz on his championship run, whether it be running outside or his gimmick of a pass offense, he didn’t garner much respect on his road to champion. At the end of the day you can’t take away this man or his team’s championship run lead by Ronnie Hillman, yes Ronnie Hillman. Nuff Said……


TSG Madden 25 (Xbox One) Season 2 MVP Is…..

There was really no argument about this one, Coach ProjectMKUltra came in the league and took it by storm. Him & MVP Cam Newton took over the league, capturing the leagues NFC’s best record & #1 seed. Cam put up terrific stats, totaling 43 TD’s (26 Pass, 17 Runs) & over 3,400 yards through the air & on the ground. It still wasn’t enough to get them past the 2nd round, causing their coach to step down.


TSG Madden 13 OF (Connected Career) Division Round Up: NFC SOUTH

To check out the NFC NORTH division breakdown go here. AFC NORTH breakdown go here.

This division is what one may consider a tough division. Resisting Frame has one numerous division titles, had numerous playoff appearances as the Bucs but so has his cohort Capt, the coach of the Saints. While Frame made it to the Super Bowl and lost in Madden 12, Capt did it twice. When it comes to Super Bowls, he is the John Elway prior to Terrell Davis, just can’t do it in the big game. Can he like Elway finally lead his team to a championship? Not mentioned is another Super Bowl loser in VersaOnDaBeat, who lost in the Super Bowl in Madden 12 TSG OF, with Killa Cam at the helm this team is dangerous and could be my sleeper pick to win this division! Hoodnemesis is no slouch and the Falcons are a tough team, with 3 former NFC Champions in the division, if Hood can pull this division out he will surprise a lot of people. What do you think? Please comment below…..