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From Jim Kelly to Peyton Manning, Capt Save A Ohh Finally Captures His 1st TSG Super Bowl

For years Capt Save A Ohh has fought and clawed for that elusive Super Bowl Ring, making it to 5 Super Bowls coming away with zero titles, earning the name “TSG’s Jim Kelly”. Well the 6th time is a charm as Capt finally got the monkey off his back beating good friend Blitzburgh34d (who was actually in his 3rd straight Super Bowl). Beating fellow M25 Xbox One Super Bowl Champions, Jesmonkey69 & ResistingFrame1 had to make it that much sweeter. Congratulations Capt on dropping the Jim Kelly moniker & becoming TSG’s Peyton Manning!


“Controversial” Blackdollaz Wins Super Bowl In Season 3 Of TSG M25 CF (Xbox One)

Controversy surrounded Blackdollaz on his championship run, whether it be running outside or his gimmick of a pass offense, he didn’t garner much respect on his road to champion. At the end of the day you can’t take away this man or his team’s championship run lead by Ronnie Hillman, yes Ronnie Hillman. Nuff Said……