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TSG MADDEN 17: Season 3 Power Rankings

With 2 Seasons in the books & Season 3 just getting underway, this is the perfect time to look back and evaluate where everybody stands so far through 2 full seasons of the TSG Madden 17 CF. There are NO surprises in the Top 2 after the Seasons these guys have had, although before the Franchise started, I don’t know if anyone other than himself, would of predicted where he would stand going into Season 3. Continue reading TSG MADDEN 17: Season 3 Power Rankings

TSG Hall Of Fame 2016

There is only one person who deserves to be inducted into the TSG Hall Of Fame in 2016 and this man will tell everyone of his greatness. Molded in the likes of Terrell Owens or Deon Sanders, this man will tell you this “I love me some me” and not think twice about it. He has been a dominate force in the Madden Community since 2009, he racked up 2 Monkey Bowl 2k10 (Madden 10) titles with the Chicago Bears, since then has gone on to win 4 TSG Madden Super Bowl Titles with his Cincinnati Bengals, along with numerous other league titles (but they don’t count here).

He has also been a force in the NBA 2k Leagues with his now adopted team the Golden State Warriors (before they were even good). Also along with his accolades, he is a driving force in the community, helps gets games in & tells you how he will dominate you when he plays you. Now he is an elder statesman in the TSG Community, even rising to the ranks of a Junior Commissioner, helping to keep the Madden League moving and giving input on changes to help us grow. I consider him a rival, a standard bearer but above all else a friend. Without further ado, lets welcome to the TSG Hall of Fame, 2016 Inductee, the big dawg, Cincy life!

Cincy Life: “Oh yeah I’m the best player in TSG. I would love to plead my case, I did a lot with less but through focus and determination I showed who I am! Thanks to the Commish Jesmonkey69, Co-Commish’s Tonic and Jersey. Special thanks to the victims, all of yall, thanks and love.”


Madden 15 Gameplay: Lions vs Raiders & Lions vs Bengals

Some Madden 15 Gameplay featuring the Detroit Lions (rio the king638) vs the Oakland Raiders (BoRaiders) & the Detroit Lions (rio the king638) vs the Cincinnati Bengals (Cincy life). Rio is stepping up his game, trying to shake his Overall 31 Ranking in the TSG Madden 15 CF Power Rankings. Checkout the gameplay, like & subscribe on youtube please!!

Around TSG, Episode 1

The newest series from BoRaiders ‘Around TSG’, takes a look at different storylines & happenings around TSG. In this episode you will hear bout the heart of a champion, the big comeback, what’s going on with Rio & more. Please enjoy the video leave a comment, give Bo a like on YouTube & check out his other videos here.

TSG Madden 12 OF: Season 2 Super Bowl Champ Crowned (Cincy life, Cincinnati Bengals), AJ Green Named SB MVP

Better late than never congrats to Cincy life & his Cincinnati Bengals on winning Super Bowl II in TSG Madden 12 OF, with AJ Green named SB MVP. As SB winner Cincy wins the prize of a LumiSource Stingray Boom Gaming Chair & 1600 MS Points. Details of the prize can be found at those links, without further ado we raise the Super Bowl Banner in Cincinnati: