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Battlefield 3 Only In Sub-HD? Still Better Than Call Of Duty!!

The red bars represent the difference between 720p and 704p

Recently DICE developer Johan Andersson let the community know that Battlefield 3 will be running sub-HD for better performance. HD is defined to be a minimum of 720 pixels in height, Battlefield 3 will be scaled to 704 pixels in height and 1280 pixels of width. The reasoning behind this is to save memory and to increase performance of the game. In June it was confirmed that Battlefield 3 would only be running at 30 fps on consoles. While the game’s main competitor, MW3 would be getting 60 fps. Words have been exchanged between the communities, but BF3 is still on top. Battlefield 3 will be running at a resolution of 1280 x 704 pixels on the Xbox 360 and PS3. This is actually a drastic improvement over last years blockbuster, Call of Duty Black Ops. Black Ops ran at a resolution of 1040 x 608 on the Xbox 360 and an even lower resolution on the PS3, 960 x 544. Both games are technically sub-HD, but Battlefield 3 is still offering the best graphics and resolution, despite the 30fps difference.

To help get the point across, the difference between 720p and 704p is 16 pixels. You can see the difference in the screenshot. The difference is subtle and would probably go unnoticed unless someone actually dug into the details. This information does not effect the PC version of Battlefield 3 though. The PC version’s will resolutions can be adjusted as needed. PC resolutions will include 720p as well as 1080p.

What Is Call Of Duty Elite? Will You Pay To Play?

The people who make Call of Duty keep promising that they won’t charge you extra to play their hit game against other people. They shoot down any fears that they’re going to turn CoD multiplayer into a pay-per-month subscription service, a la World of Warcraft or HBO.

But starting this fall, series publisher Activision will offer a service you can pay for each month: the premium grade version of something called Call of Duty: Elite (don’t panic… there’s a free version coming too).

Starting as a beta this summer and then launching on November 8, 2011—the same day as the next Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3Call of Duty: Elite will be a PC and mobile service that lets players track their stats, compete for real and virtual prizes, and form both social and gaming groups with players from across multiple CoD games.

Elite will be available in two tiers of service, one for paying and one for non-paying Call of Duty multiplayer fanatics. While all of the perks of membership are yet to be announced, that paying group may never have to pay for a Call of Duty map pack separately again. Continue reading What Is Call Of Duty Elite? Will You Pay To Play?