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NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #10- Controls

Mike Wang over on NBA 2k12’s Facebook page posted  up the latest developer insight blog all about the new control system, read what he has said below and check out the gallery at the top for a complete list of all the controls for the XBOX 360 courteous of Operation Sports. Here is what he had to say:

Hello, NBA2K fans.

It’s Mike Wang, Sr. Game Designer, with you today to talk about some of the new features and improvements made to the offensive end of the floor in NBA2K12 – primarily in the areas of Ball Handling and Shooting.

Ball Handling

Let’s start off talking about dribbling.  Last year, one of our top AI engineers completely re-worked the dribbling system and it was immediately recognized as one of the biggest improvements in the jump between 2K10 and 2K11.  We were really happy with how far it came last year, but there were certain things that we didn’t have time to get in… which is typically the case when undergoing huge code re-writes such as this.  In a nutshell, the two main goals we wanted to achieve with the dribbler in NBA2K12 were to:

  1. Refine the movement, in terms of look and feel
  2. Make good ball handlers feel more “explosive”

The first area that needed to be addressed was speed.  Feedback came through loud and clear from the forums that people wanted a proper walk dribble instead of the “hunchback” dribble that we had last year.

To be honest, I didn’t think it was that big a deal in the scope of things, but decided to spend some time refining it and capturing new walk dribble animations to appease the fans.  After playing with the changes, I was amazed at how much I actually missed being able to walk up and down the court.  It’s a small change, but goes a long way towards making the overall dribble model feel more complete. Continue reading NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #10- Controls


NBA 2k12 Hands-On Previews

This week many previews of the upcoming title from 2k Sports NBA 2k12 have hit the internet, below we have 5 different previews from 5 different sites but with one common theme NBA 2k12 is GOOD & could end up being the best in the series. Here are a few quotes from each of the sites previews:

Dime Magazine

After playing 2K12 for a few minutes, it was obvious that there were some widespread changes once again. Although last year’s game physics were pretty awesome, posting up was a little too difficult, speed dribbling was a little too effective, and crossovers were a little too devastating against other users. Not anymore.


You know how in most basketball games—well, probably in most sports games in general—there’s a kind of invisible wall surrounding the court/playing field, so if you’re controlling a player and run him out of bounds, he’ll just be stopped by a supernatural force? That doesn’t really exist anymore. If you run a defender into the scorer’s table, just like in real life, he’ll jump up and hop into the crowd, then gather himself and get back into the action. If you run him into the sidelines, he’ll leap over the folks lucky enough to be seated courtside before curbing his momentum and turning around. Cool, no? Continue reading NBA 2k12 Hands-On Previews