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NCAA 12 Patch Available Now For PS3, Friday For XBOX 360

NCAA 12 Patch Going Live For The 360 Tomorrow Will Allow Us To Continue Dynasty 1.

It took nearly two months for the patch to arrive and attempt to address several of the severe issues in NCAA Football 12 – but it is here now for the PS3 expected out Friday morning for the Xbox 360. Broken new features like Custom Playbooks, player tendencies changing in edited rosters, problems in Online Dynasty, and console freezes are just some of the highly publicized issues that were discovered. Essentially this patch is intended to address problems that shipped with NCAA 12 rather than improve the gameplay or fix coach progression – which may instead be dealt with through a “tuning update” at some point.

EA Sports also sent news that a server side update had been pushed out to fix two problems in Online Dynasty. Occurrences of game results changing after advancing weeks and “transfer failed” errors when attempting to advance were widespread and fixes are now said to be implemented. Early word however is that the “transfer failed” stumbling block remains an issue for many dynasties.

Unfortunately new issues with no-huddle and the Custom Playbooks have already been encountered so everything promised will have to be followed up on. Read below to check out the details of what the patch is supposed to deliver: Continue reading NCAA 12 Patch Available Now For PS3, Friday For XBOX 360