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Battlefield 3: Gulf Of Oman Trailer

EA released the gameplay trailer for the Gulf of Oman level. This map will be included in the Battlefield 3 expansion pack: Back to Karkand, which is due out later this month. The trailer shows off some of the enhanced destruction, jet gameplay, and map layout. We also got teased with a new, unannounced vehicle for Battlefield 3: the forklift, which can be seen in the trailer below.

Battlefield 3: Back To Karkand Expansion Coming To Consoles December 14th

Back to Karkand is set to be released next month, the Asian division of Sony’s Playstation website posts the release date on December 7th for PS3 players. PS3 users were granted one week of early access to all of Battlefield 3’s DLC, so PC and Xbox 360 players will have access to the Back to Karkand pack starting on the 14th.

DICE/EA has yet to comment on the matter, but seeing as it’s an official Playstation website, the information on here should be very accurate.

Gamespot UK got hands on with the Back to Karkand expansion pack which features new footage and commentary for all four of the maps. You can check out their opinions on this new Battlefield 3 DLC below.

Battlefield 3 Co-Op Missions “Operation Exodus” & “Fire From The Sky” Gameplay

The videos below are of SBG Memebers JERSEY REBEL & Jesmonkey69 (ME) doing a quick run thru of Battlefield 3’s 1st 2 Co-Op Missions “Operation Exodus” & “Fire From The Sky” (video is in 2 parts) on Normal. I’m the chopper pilot!! I have only flown a few times but i got the job done!!

PS3 Getting Battlefield 3 DLC One Week Early, But No Battlefield 1943 As Promised

PS3 users are getting Back to Karkand one week before their gamer counterparts, but they were also promised the wildly successful DICE game as well: BF1943. EA announced that PS3 gamers will receive one week early access to DLC, but without BF1943. PS3 players won’t get BF1943, but instead the get one week of exclusivity to the latest BF3 DLC, sounds like a fair trade off. Here’s what the official Battlefield Twitter said to a community member asking about the PS3/BF1943 situation:


50 Gameplay Ranks In Battlefield 3

There’s plenty of news floating around about Battlefield 3’s dedication to addictive online play, some of which includes kit completion. Demize99 (Alan Kertz – Senior Gameplay Designer) let us know that there will be a total of 50 authentic Marine ranks in Battlefield 3. There have been no details into how the point system works to obtain these ranks or how many points it takes to gain ranks. Bad Company 2 also had fifty gameplay ranks, many people achieved these ranks quickly. DICE’s dedication to “years of unlocks” may hint that it may take many dedicated hours/days/months to obtain the higher ranks in Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 3: Health Regeneration Can Be Adjusted Via Server Setting

Health regeneration was announced a few months ago for Battlefield 3. For veterans of the series, this came as an un-welcomed surprise, zh1nt0 (Daniel Matros – DICE Community Manager) came with a little bit of happy news for the community today. Health regeneration is a server side option, meaning that a server admin can disable or enable the regeneration feature. We assume that the option also includes vehicle’s health regeneration. When the option is turned on, soldiers and vehicles slowly regenerate health over a period of time. Those that were concerned about this Battlefield 3 feature can now relax.

Battlefield 3 Only In Sub-HD? Still Better Than Call Of Duty!!

The red bars represent the difference between 720p and 704p

Recently DICE developer Johan Andersson let the community know that Battlefield 3 will be running sub-HD for better performance. HD is defined to be a minimum of 720 pixels in height, Battlefield 3 will be scaled to 704 pixels in height and 1280 pixels of width. The reasoning behind this is to save memory and to increase performance of the game. In June it was confirmed that Battlefield 3 would only be running at 30 fps on consoles. While the game’s main competitor, MW3 would be getting 60 fps. Words have been exchanged between the communities, but BF3 is still on top. Battlefield 3 will be running at a resolution of 1280 x 704 pixels on the Xbox 360 and PS3. This is actually a drastic improvement over last years blockbuster, Call of Duty Black Ops. Black Ops ran at a resolution of 1040 x 608 on the Xbox 360 and an even lower resolution on the PS3, 960 x 544. Both games are technically sub-HD, but Battlefield 3 is still offering the best graphics and resolution, despite the 30fps difference.

To help get the point across, the difference between 720p and 704p is 16 pixels. You can see the difference in the screenshot. The difference is subtle and would probably go unnoticed unless someone actually dug into the details. This information does not effect the PC version of Battlefield 3 though. The PC version’s will resolutions can be adjusted as needed. PC resolutions will include 720p as well as 1080p.

Battlefield 3 Beta Will Produce “Hundreds Of Changes”

VG24/7 sat down with Battlefield 3 devs to discuss the BF3 beta, which is due for release sometime this month. Speaking about the beta itself, the release date was stated as “soon” and “before the game ships.” These answers are frustrating the anxious community, but DICE is set on making Battlefield 3 “perfect” when it comes to launch day. There will be hundreds of changes from the alpha to the beta. Some changes include map layouts while others are a bit more hidden, for example: gun balancing.  EA Dice’s Patrick Bach had this to say:

Again, to the beta question, we are releasing the beta before the game and we are actually changing stuff based on that before we ship the game, even though you could argue that that’s very late close to the ship of the game, we will still have time to do, for instance, day one patches and changes to the Battlelog that will actually be game-changing.

Getting these changes in will require changes being made up till launch day. And because of this, DICE states that there is a high chance that there will be patches on release day. There have been no confirmations in terms of maps for the beta or if we will get more than one map, but don’t expect to see Operation Metro until release day. For those who don’t remember the Operation Metro Trailer check it out below.