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State Of Decay 2 | Still Attempting To Survive Zombieland

The Sim Gamer In this Episode of State Of Decay 2, Surviving Zombieland, the crew and I try to stock up on some much needed resources. While we do this we clear out some hordes, help some neighbors all the while trying to keep things at the home base stable.

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PUBG Solos | #EpicFail

The Sim Gamer In this video I’m playing some solo rounds of PUBG on the Xbox One X, trying to warm up for some Duos/Squads a little bit later. Unfortunately it didn’t go to well, there were some good moments, just couldn’t clutch the kills.

Video was captured from our MIXER GAMING STREAM: https://ift.tt/2lhhSaM

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PUBG Solos & Duos | Chicken Gets Eaten

PUBG Solos & Duos on Xbox One X. This video is of me initially getting in some warm up games, before eventually linking up with my friend to run some duos. After a few games we have a nice 8 Kill Combined game (4 each) and pick up the Chicken Dinner in an intense game. I’m not the best but i just love to compete and play.

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ReCore | More Gameplay | More Robo StFun

Back again with some more ReCore for you.  This is turning out to be a rather enjoyable game, although I do get slightly frustrated with some of the platforming. In this video we are picking up where we left off from the last video. Finally we end up getting another Robot companion &  all colored ammo! Enjoy and please subscribe to our YouTube Channel while y’all are over there.

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State Of Decay 2 | Gameplay | Trying To Survive Zombieland

Here is some gameplay of State of Decay 2, on the Xbox One X. State of Decay 2 is a survival game, where the world is overrun by zombies or zeds. SoD2 is a Xbox Exclusive and is “free” with the Xbox Game Pass ($9.99/month).

In this video I end up buying the big base and start doing some building up of it. If any State Of Decay 2 video seems laggy or hesitant, the servers lag when playing Co-Op, so unfortunately its the SoD2 server. Hope you enjoy, hit that subscribe button on YouTube!

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Super Lucky’s Tale | First Chapter

Super Lucky’s Tale is a platform game exclusively on Xbox One/Windows. It is a sequel to the mobile game Super Lucky. This is the 1st Chapter of the Tale. I die some as I get used to the movements. It’s pretty fun, pretty fluid, your standard platformer.

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