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TSG Madden 13 OF (Connected Career) Division Round Up: NFC NORTH

Who do you think will win this division? Monkey &  Kid Life have had a rivalry since Madden 10, playing in the same division in Madden 1o & 12. They have dominated this division with a grand total of 1 Super Bowl Win, 5 Super Bowl Appearances, 15 Division Titles & 17 Playoff Appearances (20 Seasons Played). RJ is an unknown but has a power house of a team & is a wild card. Bosshog is always a tough game and with a team that has a bunch of young talent mixed with old skill, can this be a team able to contend with Christian Ponder at QB. Vote in the comments section about who you think will take this division, if you think there will be multiple playoff teams from this division, if its a weak division, can one of these teams take home a Lombardi Trophy?


Madden 12 Gameplay: Atlanta (MR 463) @ Green Bay (Jesmonkey69)

Gameplay footage of the 1st half of the Atlanta Falcons @ the Green Bay Packers in Madden NFL 12, there is no audio and some points of slight lag/speedup in the video due to an issue when recording with the new capture card (issue since has been solved and future videos will have full audio & no video lag/speedup). Check out the video below: