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Around TSG, Episode 6

An all new Around TSG Episode brought to you by BoRaiders. In this episode we hear bout the Mouth of the South, Beno’s Press Conference, Pogi’s big victory, kick returner extraordinaire, the upcoming FA holdouts & coaches on the hot seat. Check out the video below & make sure you check out all of Bo’s other videos here.

TSG Madden 13 OF (Connected Career) Division Round Up: AFC WEST


This is one of the toughest divisions in TSG this year, who do you think will come out on top? Ninja is probably considered the best of the best in all of TSG winning a record 6 Super Bowl titles, the team he has is a quiet powerhouse as well, enough said. Bosoulja surprised a lot of people in TSG in Madden 12 when he took over for the Browns & ended up stealing the division away from Cincy, so he is a tough match up and now has his favorite team the Oakland Raiders. Broncomaniac is a big Broncos fan and made some noise in the division last Madden with the addition of Peyton Manning this team is dangerous. Deathpool is on a good team but not sure how much noise he can make in this division with all the competition & an aging team. Please Comment Below on what you think will pan out: