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Madden 12 Player Ratings: AFC East

ESPN.com and EA Sports are proud to present the exclusive first look at the official “Madden NFL 12” player ratings. We are going to break down the ratings for all of the players, starting with the AFC East.

But before you check out the names and numbers and immediately fly off the handle about how outdated the rosters are, I need to explain something. Because of the NFL lockout and the fact that EA Sports needed to cement the rosters in mid-June to get the discs to production on time, the rosters for some teams are terribly wrong. But don’t worry — that’s where online gaming comes into play. EA Sports promises that when the game hits stores Aug. 30, it already will have an online roster update ready to transform every squad to its most current lineup (and immediately making the Eagles the most dominant team in “Madden” history). Continue reading Madden 12 Player Ratings: AFC East

Madden Says GAME ON! Releases New Back To Football Trailer


EA Sports is ready already to support the 2011 NFL season – and the release of Madden NFL 12. A 60-second spot shows action from the video game interspersed with shots of players including Jared Allen, Tim Tebow, Mark Sanchez and Ray Lewis, taking about how they are ready to get “Back to Football.” “My ultimate reward to my fans is to give 110%,” says Lewis. “It’s been too long without football,” offers Sanchez. “Let’s go do this,” states Allen. Check out the video below & feel free to leave comments.

Madden NFL Free Agent Forecast

The folks over at EA Sports & Madden NFL 12 have started a Free Agency Forecast interactive web tool that lets you predict who will go where along with keeping you updated where people actually signed. To participate in this fun little app click here.

Football is back and your favorite team might hit the free agency jackpot with players like Nnamdi Asomugha, Santonio Holmes, Randy Moss and Terrell Owens potentially available. New rules and a new beginning in the NFL mean we’re going to see more talent on the open market and a player shopping frenzy that normally takes months condensed into mere weeks.

Our Madden NFL 12 Free Agent Forecast will get you caught up on the free agents that could have the biggest impact in the NFL and in Madden NFL 12. Have a look at where we think they might go and check back often, because once the pieces start moving, you’ll see the new faces in their new places right here, first!

The New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles could all pickup impact players in free agency. Don’t agree? Good. Hit the “You think you know more” button at the bottom of any player profile and share your thoughts.


How The End Of The Lockout Impacts EA & Madden 12

And so the great NFL labor dispute of 2011 comes to a close. Players get their money. Owners get their salary cap. And fans get their game back.

For Electronic Arts, the settlement means the end of the four-and-a-half month long simmering uncertainty about what sort of impact the lack of an NFL season would have on Madden sales – and just in time. Just because the players and owners have called a 10-year truce, however, doesn’t mean all of EA’s problems are behind it. Continue reading How The End Of The Lockout Impacts EA & Madden 12

It’s gonna be sweet

Without any doubt the NFL lockout will end. We don’t know when, but we know there is way too much money on the table for all these very rich guys to walk away. I herd a really smart NFL analyst say at the start of the lockout that this won’t end until the loss of money is threatened. We are not at that point yet but it’s coming soon. The sad part about all of this is when it does end we will all feel so good about the start of football that we will forget all the back and forth, all the shots of NFL players in suits attending court proceedings. We will forget about the judges, the decertification of the union. The real losers in all of this are the undrafted players who would normally be in mini-camps trying to impress coaches and possibly make a team. We may lose a few guys that would have otherwise made teams. We don’t know what the new rules will be, but do we really care? We want football. Ravens, Steelers. Cowboys, Redskins. Jets, Patriots. Yes much like an abused spouse or a kicked dog. We have been used and neglected as fans but as soon as the millionaires and billionaires tell us we are allowed to start giving them our money again we will be all to happy to do it. It’s sad to say, but I love football and I can’t wait for it all to be over, so in a couple of years we can do it all over again. You will hear as the negotiation continues about which side has more ” leverage “. But in late October on an awesome fall day we will all be watching the game we love and everybody knows it, that’s the true ” leverage ” in all of this our undying love for the sport of professional football, oh yes how sweet it is.

Is The NFL Lockout The Best Thing To Happen To Madden?

Since it’s shaky arrival on next generation consoles (ex: Madden ’06 – PS3 version gang tackling & 360 owners didn’t get it ’till following year (yet feature never has felt right with no consecutive hit tackling), suction blocking/tackling amongst many other things, despite these drawbacks the EA Sports Madden Franchise has grown to new heights and value. With its stranglehold on the football market owning the exclusive rights to the NFL & NLFPA licenses many fans accuse EA of resting on it laurels and rightly so. Continue reading Is The NFL Lockout The Best Thing To Happen To Madden?