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Madden 12 Patch #1 Details (To Be Released Within 2 Weeks)

Madden NFL 12 released in a fairly good state – at least compared to sister product NCAA Football 12. While it certainly had areas in which improvement could be provided through a patch there were no broken features or completely pressing issues that demanded attention. Instead the patch could be used to enhance certain aspects of the game and fix various annoyances.

Areas most discussed in regards for the upcoming patch included the constant rain in Franchise mode affecting a few teams, lack of a battle for the ball between the WR and DBs, punt and kick return blocking, QB sneak effectiveness against non-goal line defense, custom playbook organization, scouting in Franchise mode, and the long shot of the bunch – commentary.

Today EA Sports released full details on what to expect in the first comprehensive patch for Madden NFL 12. Some of these things have been worked on (rain, QB sneak, custom playboooks, commentary) while others been inexplicably left alone (punt/kick return blocking, DBs inability to play the ball, no additional scouting). Commentary is actually mentioned though I would caution that the overall audio quality and level matching along with variety of lines probably won’t be much if at all improved and instead expect it to be primarily fixes for some of the incorrect calls (and maybe the referring to some players as numbers rather than their names) frequently being made by the duo.

The patch has reached the certification stage with Microsoft and Sony meaning it can be expected out within the next two weeks. Continue on for the full patch list: Continue reading Madden 12 Patch #1 Details (To Be Released Within 2 Weeks)

Madden 12: Roster Update #3

EA Sports has released full details on what to expect in the post-week one roster update for Madden NFL 12. There are over 500 moves made in this update including ratings changes, roster adjustments, injuries, and jersey number fixes. The update is expected out for the Xbox 360 and PS3 on Friday morning.

The Chiefs and Panthers have lost impact players on their respective defenses for the season as Eric Berry and Jon Beason hit the IR. The biggest ratings boost goes to Bills’ TE Scott Chandler who moves up 10 points from his original 63 rating after his breakout performance. Cam Newton gets one of the more significant raises as mentioned earlier this week as he goes from 77 to 81. Patriots rookie lineman Nate Solder gets even more credit going from 77 to 82. After a dismal 39 yard performance Donovan McNabb drops from 82 to 79. Aaron Rodgers returns to the pinnacle reclaiming the 99 rating he reached at the closure of last season – and he takes the place of Troy Polamalu who has lost his 99 rating after a rough first week.

Teams that had the biggest net gain in number of players receiving increases over decreases are topped by the Packers (+11), Ravens (+8), Cowboys (+8) Redskins (+7), Patriots (+6), Bears (+6), and Bills (+6). The biggest losers are the Steelers (-6), Chiefs (-4), Colts (-2), and Vikings (-2). Continue on for all the specifics: Continue reading Madden 12: Roster Update #3

Madden 12 Player Roles Defined

Peyton Manning Is A Franchise QB & Team Leader


One of the most intriguing and valuable additions to Madden NFL 12 has come with the introduction of  ’Player Roles’. The impact of each role varies from being helpful or detrimental on the field or in identifying their place on a team roster for management purposes.

Here is a look at what each of the 23 roles signify and the current lineup of players who have received a role for each NFL team. It’s unclear at this time if roles will be altered over the course of the year through roster updates.

Deep Threat: This role means that this player is someone who is a threat to stretch the defense on any play. It does have an in-game impact, increasing the player’s receiving ratings and his QB’s deep throw accuracy.

Defensive Playmaker: This role means that this player is valued by their franchise as a player who can make a huge play when needed the most. It does have an in-game impact, increasing the player’s ratings at key moments in the game.

Feature Back: This role means that this HB is valued by their franchise as the focus of their running game. It does have an in-game impact, and it increases this player’s stamina and ball carrier vision ratings.

First Round Pick: This role means that this player was drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft. Continue reading Madden 12 Player Roles Defined