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TSG Madden 25 CF (Xbox One) Year End Awards

From playing Madden 25 CF on the Xbox 360 for 2 seasons, then transitioning to the Xbox One for another 5 season, it has been one heck of a ride. From new members, to the returning of old ones, to the crowning of new champions, another awesome year is in the books for TSG. Without further ado here are the TSG Madden 25 CF (Xbox One) Year End Awards:

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TSG Madden 25 (Xbox One) Season 5 MVP Is…..

After being a throw in for the trade that landed the Buffalo Bills, CB Tommie Campbell, QB Jake Locker revitalized his career in his 2nd year under Coach Cincy, earning the MVP & a run to the Super Bowl. Locker helped lead the Bills to the highest scoring offense in TSG, amassing 5,517 Passing Yards, 50 TD’s to only 20 INT’s with a 70% completion percentage. Putting up eye popping numbers wasn’t the only thing he did, he lead his team to the a 13-3 record, #1 Seed and a disappointing loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Super Bowl. Congratulations on a once in a lifetime season & your 1st MVP.


From Jim Kelly to Peyton Manning, Capt Save A Ohh Finally Captures His 1st TSG Super Bowl

For years Capt Save A Ohh has fought and clawed for that elusive Super Bowl Ring, making it to 5 Super Bowls coming away with zero titles, earning the name “TSG’s Jim Kelly”. Well the 6th time is a charm as Capt finally got the monkey off his back beating good friend Blitzburgh34d (who was actually in his 3rd straight Super Bowl). Beating fellow M25 Xbox One Super Bowl Champions, Jesmonkey69 & ResistingFrame1 had to make it that much sweeter. Congratulations Capt on dropping the Jim Kelly moniker & becoming TSG’s Peyton Manning!


TSG Madden 25 (Xbox One) Season 4 MVP Is…..

Another record setting run for Alfred “MVP” Morris leads him to his second straight league MVP, 1st time in TSG history that a RB has done this in back to back seasons. Nothing could stop Morris as he lead his team to another playoff run & the #1 seed in the NFC. Morris amassed 2,643 Rushing Yards (just short of the single season record) & 35 TD’s (setting the single season record he set last season). Congratulations Alfred “MVP” Morris, see if you can make it 3 in a row.


TSG Madden 25 (Xbox One) Season 3 MVP Is…..

There was really no doubt about who was gonna be MVP of the league in season 3. It was none other than Alfred Morris, leading the Redskins offense after an impressive Super Bowl win the previous season. This team could of fell into a Super Bowl hangover following the win but this one man would not allow it. Amassing 2,192 Rushing Yards & 29 TDs, this was one for the record books as Morris set the single season TD record. Congratulations Alfred Morris!



TSG Madden 25 CF Awards Voting



Blitzburg34d, Pittsburgh Steelers 3 AFC Championships, 4 AFC North Championships (8 Votes)

Jesmonkey69, Washington Redskins 1 SB Win, 1 NFC Championship, 4 NFC East Championships, 3 League MVPs (3 Votes)

ResistingFrame1, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1 SB Win, 1 NFC Championship, 2 NFC South Championships




Jesmonkey69, Washington Redskins Added: Blackmon, Kuechly, Jordan, Cobb, Barron, Team OVR Start 74, Finish 92 (7 Votes)

Tonic222, Philadelphia Eagles Added: Ngata, Revis, Sherman, Johnson Jr, Team OVR Start 82, Finish 88 (2 Votes)

Capt Save A OHH, New Orleans Saints Drew Brees Retired Season 1, Won SB with QB Skelton, Team OVR Start 88, Finish 91 (2 Votes)



KornNickel, Seattle Seahawks Lost: Wilson, Sherman, Lynch, Harvin, Irvin, 80 Mil+ Cap Penalties, 19 Mil Over Cap in 2017 (9 Votes)

don figures, Dallas Cowboys Lost: Bryant, Romo, Carr, Ware, Lee, Spencer, Austin, Murrary, Team full of bad free agents

Rio the king638, Detroit Lions No Depth, Cap Issues (2 Votes)





x7x Jay Killa x7x, Tennessee TitansStarted out with depleted team 3 seasons in, made some trades to make a playoff push (2 Votes)

shakazulu8010, Jacksonville Jaguars – Multiple playoff runs, playoff win (5 Votes)

ORIG1NAL HAWK, New York Jets – Joined team 2 seasons in, although already a playoff team had lack of talent, made 2 playoff runs (4 Votes)



Ruegur, St. Louis Rams 2 time QB Of Year, 1 Playoff Appearance, 1 NFC West Division Title (10 Votes)

Pogi, Green Bay Packers Went years without wins, Averaged at least 3 wins a season on M25 (1 Vote)


biggest dissapointment

Rio the king638, Detroit Lions – Weak division, never above .500 despite talent on offense (5 Votes)

Caloric Joker, New York Giants – One 9-7 season, below .500 rest of M25, said would dominate division (2 Votes)

oh no not DD, Houston Texans – 1 playoff run despite talented team (4 Votes)



Pogi, Green Bay Packers Loses Yet Rarely Complains, Highly active on GroupMe (4 Votes)

The Real Law, Atlanta Falcons Gets His Games In, Never Gives Up, Rarely Complains, Always Tries To Win, knows what you’re doing, active on GroupMe (1 Vote)

Orig1nal Hawk, New York Jets – Never complains after loss, never gives up, provides up to date Madden info, tries to get games in, active on GroupMe (6 Votes)


You may only vote once per award. If you are up for a particular award you MAY NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF for that award. Please vote in the comment section.


TSG Madden 25 (Xbox One) Season 2 MVP Is…..

There was really no argument about this one, Coach ProjectMKUltra came in the league and took it by storm. Him & MVP Cam Newton took over the league, capturing the leagues NFC’s best record & #1 seed. Cam put up terrific stats, totaling 43 TD’s (26 Pass, 17 Runs) & over 3,400 yards through the air & on the ground. It still wasn’t enough to get them past the 2nd round, causing their coach to step down.


TSG Madden 25 CF (Xbox One) Season 1 MVP Is………

Congratulations to everyone for getting thru this initial season on the Xbox One, we would like to welcome all the new users & thank you for your participation. In what was a very close race between 2 candidates all season, came down to the last 2 games & quite frankly a struggle of a game against Carolina probably hurt Drew Brees, QB of the New Orleans Saints. Through a strong season, leading his team to the #1 Offense, #1 Seed in the NFC & his team to a 14-2 record, TSG is proud to announce it’s TSG Madden 25 CF (Xbox One) Season 1 MVP…… QB of the Washington Redskins, Robert Griffin III.


TSG M25 OF: 1st Quarter Of The Season Review

We are through a little over the 1st Quarter of TSG M25 OF’s 1st Season, there has been some upsets, some of the same people doing the same thing & just some people going flat-out beast mode. The following article is a summary of the first part of the season, along with some predictions of the division winners, wildcard winners & season ending award winners. Please comment below & share your thoughts on what you think & who you think will do what for the rest of the season.

My Prediction: New England Patriots (Division Winner), New York Jets (Wildcard)

The Buffalo Bills (cowboys2k9) started out strong with an upset win over the New England Patriots (Chuunin Ninja), but has since faltered going 1-2 in his last 3 games. The Miami Dolphins (chubbzz0727) have had an up & down season filled with a lot of injuries, one has to wonder will those injuries play a pivotal part in his playoff hopes if many more stack up. The wild card in this division has to be the New York Jets (Phin21), who had an overall weak team but made some improvements bringing in Cam Newton & making some noise, chasing the Pats. That brings us to the division leading Patriots, which isn’t much of a surprise being as who their coach is, although it did start out a little shaky, but with Ninja & Brady you can never count these dudes out.


My Prediction: Pittsburgh Steelers (Division Winner)

The Cleveland Browns (DawgPoundx23) are in the cellar like usual, although he has had some close games with some good opponents. Both the Baltimore Ravens (Blizz) & Cincinnati Bengals (Cincy life) come in at 2-3, which comes as somewhat a surprise as both are former Super Bowl Champions. Cincy looks like he has lost his previous form, while Blizz has come back down to reality. The Pittsburgh Steelers lead this division, which if it was the real NFL wouldn’t be a surprise, but in TSG this is kind of a surprise. With a heavy dose of the run, going back to the old school Chuck Knoll ground & pound game, the Steelers look like they are in the driver seat.

My Prediction: Tennessee Titans (Division Winner), Houston Texans (Wildcard)

The Indianapolis Colts (The Real Law) are sitting in last place at 2-3, but have made some noise by roughing up the Dolphins & have one auto-pilot loss to the Raiders, they could end up being spoilers in the AFC & for their own division. The Jacksonville Jaguars (Rico man) have very little talent & a volatile head coach, which is never a good combo, with a predictable scheme & no talent this team will likely finish last in the South. The Houston Texans (Oh No Not DD) are full of talent & have Super Bowl aspirations, with an early divisional loss to the Titans & a target on his team’s chest, the AFC will be gunning for them, but watch out AFC if this team makes the playoffs, we could see the Texans first Super Bowl berth this year. The Tennessee Titans (TakeOutheone) seem to be the frontrunner in this division, it remains to be seen if he can keep it up if he has to rely on Jake Locker, if people bottle up CJ2k, which is a big IF!

My Prediction: Denver Broncos (Division Winner)

The San Diego Chargers (Rj15st) were with an absentee owner for the 1st 4 weeks, although picking up the win as the CPU beat the Eagles Week 2, they have a new owner in RJ but being new to the league it’s hard to tell what kinda noise he will make. While the Oakland Raiders (BoRaiders) have a horrible team, they still have picked up 2 wins albeit 1 against the CPU and was a fumble away from possibly being 3-2, if Pryor runs the way he has been this team could cause havoc for AFC contenders. The Kansas City Chiefs (RyderStrong) are an unpredictable team, loaded with talent but lead by an injury prone running back, if this team can stay healthy & improve their defensive scheme they could compete for the West title. Surprise or no surprise due to the talent level, the Denver Broncos (BroncoManiac) are putting the entire AFC on notice, even without Peyton Manning for the 1st 4 games, this team has been dominating with a 4-1 record, can they keep it up or is it just a beginning of season run!

My Prediction: Washington Redskins (Division Winner), Dallas Cowboys (Wildcard)

The Philadelphia Eagles (Tonic222) came in with a lot of hype & promise, yet they started out with 4 straight losses, LeSean McCoy is a beast but Vick seems to be the weak link, things may be looking up after they beat the Giants in Week 5. The New York Giants (Caloric Joker) came into the season running their mouth how they were the best team in East yet are barely a threat to anyone. The Dallas Cowboys (don figures) are a tough team, without DeMarcus Ware for the 1st 4 weeks but still managed a 3-2 record & could be fighting for the East title or wildcard spot. The Washington Redskins (Jesmonkey69) are the only undefeated team in TSG, behind Alfred ‘MVP’ Morris pounding the rock nearly 30 times a game averaging 230 yds per game, if someone can stop him, we will see if the ‘Skins can win off of the arm of RG3.

My Prediction: Minnesota Vikings (Division Winner)

The Green Bay Packers (Pogi) are 0-4 and with making the big mistake of trading Clay Mathews for DeSean Jackson killed their defense & have no shot at making the playoffs. The Chicago Bears (Skills40) come in at 1-4 and even though had a few close games & has got a bad record still has a shot to win the weak NFC North. That brings us to the Detroit Lions (rio the king638) he will look good one game against the Vikings, then get blown out by the Redskins, this team is so up & down so it’s up in the air how this team will fair but with Calvin Johnson anything is possible. AP, all day, should carry the Minnesota Vikings (Mr McKay) to the division title, but with a blowout  loss early in the season against Detroit may have shown some weakness in their game. The winner of this division will probably be the 1st person out of the playoffs in the NFC.

My Prediction: New Orleans Saints (Division Winner)

The Carolina Panthers (HoodNemesis) traded away their stud QB Cam Newton for Geno Smith, which to many is a head scratcher, if they can start to win at home they could ruin some of their NFC South comrades playoff hopes. The Atlanta Falcons (GoatBeno1) pulled an upset against the Saints in Week 1, stole a win in Week 2 & have now lost 2 in a row, in reality the Falcons were a nice 2 week story that really won’t amount to anything. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (ResistingFrame1) have been struggling, with Josh Freeman getting the big contract now throwing 7 picks on the season, he has a quality win against Cardinals but I think they are a year away from really competing. The New Orleans Saints (Capt Save A OHH) struggled to start the season, but seem to have righted the ship, they are on track to win the NFC South & don’t really think they have much competition in the long run.

My Prediction: Seattle Seahawks (Division Winner), Arizona Cardinals (Wildcard)

This is a tough division to call, the St. Louis Rams (Mr 463) have the coaching pedigree, but are light on talent, they should be 2-2 after being cheated out of a game against the Falcons. The San Fransisco 49ers (Jersey Rebel) are a team that can win without even the user playing, they had a close win against the Packers & destroyed the Rams, just don’t know if the coach’s head is in the game to actually pull off a playoff run. The Arizona Cardinals are the most intriguing team in the NFC, they are coached by a multiple time Super Bowl Champion, they have lost 2 games without their field general Carson Palmer to keep their team afloat, this team is dangerous so who knows but they are in the playoff hunt. In my opinion the most dangerous team in the NFC West is the Seattle Seahawks (KornNickel) the team is stacked, the coach is good, so this team could run the NFC and not think twice, they are one of the clear-cut best teams in the NFC if not the entire NFL.

Award Predictions:

MVP RB Alfred Morris (Washington Redskins)

Offensive Player Of The Year RB Alfred Morris (Washington Redskins)

Defensive Player Of The Year – RE Sheldon Richardson (New York Jets)

Offensive Rookie Of The Year – QB Geno Smith (Carolina Panthers)

Defensive Rookie Of The Year – MLB Jon Bostic (Chicago Bears)