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NBA 2k12 Legends Mode: 45 New Legends Added

Two weeks ago 2K Sports made the downloadable content for NBA 2K12 official and today they have announced an additional 45 legends that will be included. These legends will only be available within the “Legends Showcase” – so they will not be transferable to regular Play Now, Association, or any other mode within the game. The 45 new legends will be in addition to over 160 others already found in 2K12 that can be used in “Legends Showcase”. Continue reading NBA 2k12 Legends Mode: 45 New Legends Added

Michael Jordan Talks NBA 2k12 & Short Shorts

NBA 2K12

“NBA 2K12” is about the closest fans can get to a virtual time capsule. From Jerry West draining jumpers like only The Logo can, to Wilt Chamberlain posting up Dwight Howard in the paint and throwing one down in Superman’s face, it’s where legends (complete with afros and short shorts) take on the best ballers of today in games where amazing not only happens but is actually controlled by basketball fans looking to talk a little junk with every Michael Jordan jam.

“It’s fun to see myself still relevant in the game, and more than that, it’s educational to the kids who never saw me play,” Jordan tells me over the phone as we talk “2K12” and his influence over the final product. “With what the 2K guys have done, they’re able to utilize my skills in the game against today’s players. I think it will be cool for consumers to interact that way.

“That’s one of the things that I thought was important and why I wanted to get involved in the game. I wanted to show the relevance between yesterday’s players to today.”

And for fans, that means we get to see what it would look like for Mike to take flight against the likes of LeBron, then hit rewind and watch it again (and again if you’re in Cleveland).

In fact, everything about His Airness is captured with such realism, such authenticity, the only thing missing is the ability to import his character into “MLB 2K11.”

Maybe next year.

Jon Robinson: How much influence did you have over your character’s look and skill set in the game?

Michael Jordan: I didn’t want them to put me in there if it didn’t look like myself, and I didn’t want them to put stats that weren’t my stats. The guys at 2K are very smart, so they know a lot of things about the game of basketball, and obviously, the things that I’ve done to the game and the way that I played. I wanted my character to be as close to the way I played as possible, so that it’s not something that’s false-promoted. I wanted something real.

Jon Robinson: They have everything from your dunks and fadeaway to your swagger on the court. What did you think the first time you saw it in motion? It’s a long way from “One on One: Jordan vs. Bird.” Continue reading Michael Jordan Talks NBA 2k12 & Short Shorts

New Jerseys Leaked Through NBA 2K12

Whether the NBA season returns this year, next year, or at some other undetermined point in the future there will be a number of new alternate and ABA throwback uniforms debuting.

Thanks to NLSC (via Uni Watch) the new designs that were set to appear this year were discovered. These were cracked – they will be/would have been made available with a code to unlock them at a later date. Included in the bunch are alternates for the Heat, Kings, Raptors, Clippers, Grizzlies, Bobcats, Sixers, and Nets.

NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #13- Online Association

With just a matter of days until NBA 2K12 arrives the details on the new Online Association mode have finally arrived. Online Association essentially takes the standard offline franchise mode to a multi-user environment allowing for the possibility of all teams being controlled while those that aren’t are handled by the CPU. Users can participate in up to three different Online Associations at a time.

There are a number of options available – from choosing a private or public league to the settings. Seasons can be designated with 14/29/58/82 games, quarter length, difficulty, and advancement pace are all adjustable. It does not appear that there are any sliders in Online Association as it has not been mentioned. Transactions can be handed through the console or on the website launching next week.

The idea behind the advancement period is one that will work for some people and not others. It reduces flexibility in how a league will move forward – automatically simming any uncompleted games when the timer runs out. That may provide motivation for owners or it could lead others to quit when they are unable to get their game/s in on time and find them simmed. While it will keep things moving along it also will prevent a league from speeding through more briskly. Better would have been an additional option for the commish to “delay” advancement or progress to the next stage early. The flex scheduling however is clearly beneficial in that it provides more opportunity to play games within the designated period especially if the league is user-heavy.

Trades require league approval – which has the potential to be annoying depending on the owners involved but could also help to prevent blatant cheating amongst teams. The off-season consists of the NBA Draft, rookie signing, and free agency. All of those events are considered to be ‘live’ and are intended for all owners to be present. Those who can’t appear will be able to set up lists in advance for the CPU to take over with. Continue reading NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #13- Online Association

First NBA 2K12 Association and Online Details Beginning to Emerge

Since 2K Sports has yet to discuss either Association mode or online play – and NBA 2K12 is set to release in less than a week – it’s no surprise that now details are starting to leak out from individuals who have obtained the game early.

It’s far from the most ideal way to collect information or check out gameplay videos especially since they all seem to be coming from cell phone cameras so far. This is the situation 2K created though by holding off so long (retailers don’t even have full feature lists to promote or educate with) as they lose control over how the info ends up coming out.

From these two videos below we can ascertain the following regarding NBA 2K12:

•Association mode looks to be largely unchanged at least as it relates to playing in the standard offline manner. We do know however that there will be Online Association for the first time ever which represents the big advancement this year. Users will be able to compete in the franchise against other users and/or CPU controlled teams. Outside of that the structure to how it will all work remains shrouded in mystery.

•The website nba2k.com will be launching (presumably next week coinciding with release) and will feature the ability to manage Online Associations – completing trades, managing rosters, and running drafts. The site will also house uploaded highlights, screenshots, and ‘My Player’ career mode progress/stats.

•There are no online leaderboards found within the game menus. Instead they will be located on the website.

•There are no online lobby rooms. Team-Up looks to be easier to organize however.

•There is still no ability to save playbooks for use online.

•’Crew’ mode online appears to have been removed. That would then suggest that the only way to play online w/ one’s My Player may be through the paid DLC that was discovered yesterday.

NBA 2K12 To Have Legend-Based DLC; Historic Teams Online for a Price

When the news was first reported that historic teams would not be available to play online in NBA 2K12 that was a big disappointment. Considering that rosters are largely the same as last year due to the lockout they would have provided some much needed variety and been the incentive to play online. 2K Sports didn’t really comment on the subject to explain why that was – but now it appears to be evident. The option will be available through paid downloadable content called “The Legends Showcase”.

The image above was tweeted out by someone with a copy of the game and it shows what is being included in the DLC. An outdoor environment in Times Square is the locale for what will be historic team match-ups online and special legend-based challenges. No word on how much the DLC will cost as of yet but it does look like it will be available on release day.

This represents a shift away from the company’s avoidance of holding content to release as DLC – something that was inevitable. This may very well provide value as an add-on but it may not have been the year to go this route considering many consumers don’t view the base product as desirable because of the ongoing lockout.

NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #10- Controls

Mike Wang over on NBA 2k12’s Facebook page posted  up the latest developer insight blog all about the new control system, read what he has said below and check out the gallery at the top for a complete list of all the controls for the XBOX 360 courteous of Operation Sports. Here is what he had to say:

Hello, NBA2K fans.

It’s Mike Wang, Sr. Game Designer, with you today to talk about some of the new features and improvements made to the offensive end of the floor in NBA2K12 – primarily in the areas of Ball Handling and Shooting.

Ball Handling

Let’s start off talking about dribbling.  Last year, one of our top AI engineers completely re-worked the dribbling system and it was immediately recognized as one of the biggest improvements in the jump between 2K10 and 2K11.  We were really happy with how far it came last year, but there were certain things that we didn’t have time to get in… which is typically the case when undergoing huge code re-writes such as this.  In a nutshell, the two main goals we wanted to achieve with the dribbler in NBA2K12 were to:

  1. Refine the movement, in terms of look and feel
  2. Make good ball handlers feel more “explosive”

The first area that needed to be addressed was speed.  Feedback came through loud and clear from the forums that people wanted a proper walk dribble instead of the “hunchback” dribble that we had last year.

To be honest, I didn’t think it was that big a deal in the scope of things, but decided to spend some time refining it and capturing new walk dribble animations to appease the fans.  After playing with the changes, I was amazed at how much I actually missed being able to walk up and down the court.  It’s a small change, but goes a long way towards making the overall dribble model feel more complete. Continue reading NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #10- Controls

NBA 2k12 Demo Out Now

Out now for the Xbox 360 (will be able to queue up the download here) and having arrived this afternoon for the PS3 is the demo for NBA 2K12 which features a rematch of the NBA Finals with the Miami Heat at Dallas Mavericks. The demo is 1.11 GB and structured with a single four minute quarter with the user locked to the Mavs, lacks options to change difficulty or sliders or camera angles, and has had commentary stripped out.

NBA 2k12: Inevitability Blog

Da_Czar, formerly of Operation Sports now part of the NBA 2k team & writer of his own blog called Sim Citi (which can be found here),  has put up his latest blog about the inevitability of the same plays for an individual player getting stale and picked up upon by the opposing defense and how it is now countered in 2k’s upcoming release NBA 2k12. Here is what he had to say:

Similar to the Matrix and Mr. Smith’s infamous speech about it, hoop games on offense all suffer from some degree of inevitability. The vaunted memory and processing capacity ( yes I am joking) available in the current gen systems is no match for the supercomputer between your ears. So, eventually, users are bound to figure out how to stop a cpu attack.

In NBA 2K11 the AI and users were greatly hindered by the cpu’s limitation of 4 plays per player. I mean even the lowliest of basketball IQ’s are going to be able to figure out a play if it is ran repeatedly over the course of a 48 minute game. Even more so if this is a team you happen to play 4 times in a season; then meet them in the playoffs.

You already know from the play-calling insight about the living branches. I will take you through one play today to give you an better idea of how 2K’s Living  Branches aim to make the inevitable… a little bit less so. This is a medium difficulty play so if your new to the series please don’t panic. There are plenty of simple plays you can run that will not be difficult or confusing to understand. To our advanced users there are definitely more advanced and complex plays in the game than what we look at today. Continue reading NBA 2k12: Inevitability Blog

No Rookies Or Updated Rosters In NBA 2k12

Unlike the NFL Lockout, where EA Sports had rights to rookies for Madden NFL 12 regardless of whether there would be a season or not, the NBA lockout will cost its league licensed video game from introducing the incoming rookies. NBA 2K12 will not include any of the rookies drafted in June – as confirmed through a blog posting at Operation Sports from a long-time member who attended a PR event for the game yesterday.

The plan would be to add the rookies through a roster update – but that could only be done once the lockout is lifted and at this point that seems unlikely to happen anytime soon. In the meantime players like #1 pick Kyrie Irving, #2 pick Derrick Williams, Kemba Walker, Jimmer Fredette and all those chosen in the 2011 NBA Draft will be absent from NBA 2K12.

It’s an unfortunate situation and presents yet another reason why the company decided to put so much of their resources into the “legends” and historic teams. Those will transcend the current NBA – which now will not just be using rosters based on the end of last year but won’t even have the rookies to look forward to.