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EA UFC Reveals Mystery Fighter, Father Of MMA, Bruce Lee


EA Sports has been teasing the addition of a mystery fighter for the upcoming launch of the UFC franchise and the clues made it immediately obvious that it would be Bruce Lee. Today the company confirmed that Lee will be on the roster available immediately to those who pre-order (unlockable by completing Career mode for those who don’t) and playable in four different weight classes (Fly, Bantam, Feather, Light). The deal is being offered through all retailers including Amazon however nothing has been mentioned pertaining to digital purchases. 

Along with that news the company has confirmed the release date as June 17. That’s technically the last day EA would be able to release it without slipping out of spring – which they have promoted as the scheduled time frame all along.

In 2004 UFC president Dana White stated that he believed Lee was the “father of mixed martial arts” for his blending of styles so with that in mind it’s not a huge surprise that he would look to include him in a game out of respect and for the attention it would generate. The UFC even sells official Bruce Lee merchandise so the connection has been there.

Lee has been one of the most downloaded created fighters in Fight Night and MMA but this year EA removed the feature and those with a cynical point of view will say his addition was the reason why. Regardless it’s questionable whether his presence will make for a legitimate selling point for consumers when he obviously never had any association with UFC (formed 20 years after his death) – and early reaction to the news appears decidedly mixed – but it’s a big name that will clearly be pushed hard in the marketing campaign.

Next Generation Xbox Rumor Roundup

Rumors about the new Xbox (or Xbox 720, as it’s often referred to as) are now more than just internet gossip.

It’s one thing to wildly speculate about the next Xbox console. It’s quite another to find out that Microsoft is gearing up to build one.

So we’ve rounded up every rumor about the next Xbox – but first check out our video wishlist for the Xbox 720:

New Xbox release date

Recent job postings reveal that the Xbox Console Architecture team is hunting for new blood. Successful candidates will join a team that will be “responsible for defining and delivering next generation console architectures from conception through implementation.”

ITProPortal also suggested in October 2011 that several employees were giving away their involvement on their LinkedIn profiles, such as “Xbox Next Gen Creative Director.”

It also came to light in August 2011 that the next Xbox could actually overlap the Xbox 360’s lifespan. That’s according to an interview from Metro with Xbox’s European head Chris Lewis.

According to reports in late October 2011, the next generation Xbox console will launch at E3 in 2013. Further reports in November 2011 said that the console could be shown off at CES 2012, with a launch late in the year.

Develop claims to have been told by that multiple sources, from chip manufacturers to middleware firms, to expect the console to arrive at the gaming expo in June 2013.

So let’s gather together the facts, the half-whispered untruths and the wishful thinking to see what such a machine might be like…

Could it be codenamed Xbox Loop?

Noted Microsoft nerd MS Nerd outed the name Xbox Loop, claiming that the long-awaited console will be “far smaller”, cheaper and quite Kinect-focused when it finally lands on our shelves.

The Xbox 720 specs will be a significant technological leap forward

The Xbox 360 was launched in 2005, with the best technology that 2004 had to offer. Inside, it used a custom-made IBM Power PC with a trio of 3.2GHz cores and an ATI graphics processor.

Compare this ageing specification to a 2011 PC like the Scan 3XS Vengeance. It rocks the latest Core i7-2600K Sandy Bridge CPU, Nvidia GTX 580 graphics card, 1TB of onboard storage and 8GB of DDR3.

Cevat Yerli, the boss at Crytek, believes that the PC is effectively a generation ahead of the Xbox 360 and PS3. “As long as the current console generation exists and as long as we keep pushing the PC as well, the more difficult it will be to really get the benefit of both,” Yerli spilled to Edge.

Something has got to give. Continue reading Next Generation Xbox Rumor Roundup

Next Generation Consoles To Arrive In 2012?

Ubisoft Montreal currently working with next-generation Xbox devkits; major Sony studio shifts focus to new PlayStation.

Ubisoft Montreal is hard at work on ‘target boxes’ based on the intended specifications of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 successor, according to an Edge source. Delivery of the first iteration of genuine devkits, running custom hardware, is expected to reach studios before Christmas, and all signs point to the finalised console arriving at retail in late 2012.

Ubisoft’s teams are said to be working on PCs containing off-the-shelf components provided by Microsoft, and it’s our understanding that several other major developers, including certain EA studios, are also in possession of these target boxes. While our source was unable to share precise specifications, it is believed that AMD is providing the bespoke GPU solution for Microsoft’s console. A Ubisoft spokesperson said: “We do not comment on rumour and speculation.”

We can also reveal that one major Sony-owned studio has now ceased PlayStation 3 development, its entire focus having shifted to the console’s successor. The studio is also said to have been involved in the development process of the graphics technology adopted by Sony’s new hardware.

It is clear that both Sony and Microsoft have learned from their respective experiences this generation and recognise the importance of being first to market. Despite rushing Xbox 360’s release – games shown at E3 2005 were running on overheating Power Mac G5s, just six months prior to the console’s launch – Microsoft would no doubt view the billion-dollar loss caused by the RROD fiasco as more than justified by the console’s eventual market share. Continue reading Next Generation Consoles To Arrive In 2012?