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NFL Blitz Cover Athlete Candidates Revealed

Continuing the trend of providing fans an opportunity to vote on a cover athlete – which has been done recently with franchises like NCAA Football, Madden, and Tiger Woods – EA Sports has offered up three candidates for the upcoming reboot of NFL Blitz. Given that it’s a digital-download title through XBLA and PSN there will be no actual physical cover for Blitz however it will be promoted with the art that is ultimately chosen.

The three players who have earned the honor of being in the running as the front-man for Blitz are Ravens running back Ray Rice, Falcons receiver Roddy White, and 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis.

Voting will open up during the Spike Video Game Awards show (on the official website) December 10th beginning at 8pm ET – that means other time zones who have the show tape delayed will need to visit the website to make a selection at that time as well. The winner will be announced later on in the show. Of the three who would you like to see get the honor of being the digital cover athlete for NFL Blitz?

5 Things To Know About NFL Blitz

NFL Blitz

Adrian Peterson bursts through two tacklers as time expires and starts to high-step around the 20 when, out of nowhere, Ray Lewis grabs him by the jersey and, with one bicep-popping flex, picks up “Purple Jesus” Undertaker-style and spikes him into the turf. Game over.

That’s the over-the-top “NFL Blitz” violence I remember from arcades when the token-guzzling game debuted back in 1997, and surprisingly, in this era of late-hit penalties and player fines, the franchise is being revived by the NFL and EA Sports (which purchased the license from a bankrupt Midway) and will debut in January exclusively as a downloadable title for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

That’s right; the league that fines players for brutal hits is now about to profit by showing players with exaggerated (seriously juiced) size and stature smashing each other from all angles.mI wonder what James Harrison thinks about this.

There is one significant change to the game, however, and that’s the complete removal of late hits. Old-school gamers will remember the ability for defenders to drop elbows on players long after the whistle had blown, but this has been taken out of the game due to a request by the NFL. Continue reading 5 Things To Know About NFL Blitz

The Return Of NFL Blitz!

EA Sports announced earlier in the week the return of the 7-on-7 arcade classic, “NFL Blitz.” Check out the first sizzle video of the upcoming title, scheduled to be a downloadable XBLA & PSN game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in January for $14.99. And you thought Adrian Peterson was tough to tackle in real life. Imagine if he was on fire.