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Forza Garage Thursday Roundup 8/25/11

By: Alex Kierstein

I’ve been waiting to write this Forza Garage Roundup from my first day at Turn 10 a few months back, the moment I heard that one of the cars I love most—and that you, the community, have wanted for ages—was coming to Forza 4. One of the great things about being both a Forza Fan and a car guy is that even though I work here, I can occasionally geek out just as hard as you guys when it comes to the cars we’re including in this game.

Even the returning cars are pretty awesome, in my opinion, because I have serious love for the classic J-tin. The Hakosuka is definitely my favorite historic Nissan, and with the new lighting engine and customization options, it just looks great on the track and in any photo mode homespace. And then there’s the AE86, which has become the car of choice as the whole studio has gotten sucked into Rivals Mode drifting against each other, with the studio’s ace tuners and drifters going all out.

But I’m just delaying the inevitable by talking about the returning cars first, because no matter how great they are, we all know that the 1994 Nissan 240SX SE is the real star of this week’s Forza Garage lineup. And for many of you, it’s going to be the star of Forza Motorsport 4 itself. But whether you’re a die-hard drifter or not, the 240SX is a car that can do way more than just drift. It’s a blank slate for customizers, with a bunch of body kit options, and lots of powertrain options as well. Plus, I have to say the new model just looks great. Our car modelers are incredible, and the shots we’ve taken in game of the 240SX are sometimes almost indistinguishable from real life. There’s more to come in the future as we get the green light to reveal more in-game shots of new cars, but check out the taste of things to come with the shot of the 240SX below in its full glory, opposite-locked, and moving sideways, just like these Nissans will be doing in mass come October! Continue reading Forza Garage Thursday Roundup 8/25/11