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Madden NFL 13: Connected Careers Video Walkthrough With Josh Looman @ E3

Here are 2 videos courtesy of Shopmaster over at MyMaddenPad.com, it is a walkthrough of the new mode Connected Careers which replaces the old Online Franchise Mode:

TSG Madden 12 OF: Super Bowl V Champion Chuunin Ninja, MVP RB Cobie Ross

Long overdue, but Congratulations to Chuunin Ninja & the Miami Dolphins for winning the Super Bowl in Season 5 of TSG Madden 12 OF. He has won the 2nd of Madden 12 (with 2 different teams) and his 6th in TSG History. The MVP for the Super Bowl was Cobie Ross, outstanding running back out of TCU. For his prize Ninja has won a LumiSource Stingray Gaming Boom Chair! Check out his championship banner below which will soon be added to the Wall Of Champions section in the next few days!

Madden 12 Patch #1 Details (To Be Released Within 2 Weeks)

Madden NFL 12 released in a fairly good state – at least compared to sister product NCAA Football 12. While it certainly had areas in which improvement could be provided through a patch there were no broken features or completely pressing issues that demanded attention. Instead the patch could be used to enhance certain aspects of the game and fix various annoyances.

Areas most discussed in regards for the upcoming patch included the constant rain in Franchise mode affecting a few teams, lack of a battle for the ball between the WR and DBs, punt and kick return blocking, QB sneak effectiveness against non-goal line defense, custom playbook organization, scouting in Franchise mode, and the long shot of the bunch – commentary.

Today EA Sports released full details on what to expect in the first comprehensive patch for Madden NFL 12. Some of these things have been worked on (rain, QB sneak, custom playboooks, commentary) while others been inexplicably left alone (punt/kick return blocking, DBs inability to play the ball, no additional scouting). Commentary is actually mentioned though I would caution that the overall audio quality and level matching along with variety of lines probably won’t be much if at all improved and instead expect it to be primarily fixes for some of the incorrect calls (and maybe the referring to some players as numbers rather than their names) frequently being made by the duo.

The patch has reached the certification stage with Microsoft and Sony meaning it can be expected out within the next two weeks. Continue on for the full patch list: Continue reading Madden 12 Patch #1 Details (To Be Released Within 2 Weeks)

Madden 12 Week 1 Roster Update Now Available (Coming To Online Franchise By Mid-Week)

The Madden NFL 12 roster update to correspond with the start of the regular season is now available for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The update includes over 1300 moves and carries a great deal of significance given the number of players that have shifted around following teams setting their 53 man rosters.

Notable changes include the arrival of Kerry Collins with Peyton Manning dropping to the bottom of the depth chart but still playable, the release of of David Garrard, a ton of other player movement (signings, cuts, trades, IR) and jersey number changes. This update also delivers the “Club 100″ ratings for those who won the voting for their respective categories. The update for Online Franchise is expected to be out the middle of next week. Check out all the details below: Continue reading Madden 12 Week 1 Roster Update Now Available (Coming To Online Franchise By Mid-Week)