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Meet The “99 Overall” Rated Players Of Madden 17

We’re still a few weeks away from the release of “Madden NFL 17,” but we have the final player ratings to chew on until then. Here are the players who landed the coveted 99 overall ratings. Continue reading Meet The “99 Overall” Rated Players Of Madden 17

NFC Team Ratings For Madden NFL 17

The Panthers lead the way in the NFC with the team ratings for Madden NFL 17 despite losing the top rated cornerback in the video game (Josh Norman) and a few other solid contributors from last season. One factor to remember however is that Kelvin Benjamin will be back and he alone will make the offense more dynamic.

The Packers, Seahawks, Cardinals, and Cowboys follow closely behind. Arizona and Carolina have tied for the best offense while the best defense resides in Seattle. Continue reading NFC Team Ratings For Madden NFL 17

AFC Team Ratings For Madden 17

In what may be the first case ever of a reigning Super Bowl Champion entering the next Madden rated the same as a team that went 3-13, both the Denver Broncos and Tennessee Titans begin Madden NFL 17 rated 82 Overall.

Denver of course lost Peyton Manning (while terrible last year he still had a good Madden rating) and Brock Osweiler, replacing them with Mark Sanchez and rookie Paxton Lynch. QB obviously drives a big part of a team Overall. Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan also departed in free agency. Denver is tied with the Browns for the distinction of having the worst offense in the AFC but trail only the Chiefs as the conference’s best defense. Continue reading AFC Team Ratings For Madden 17

Madden NFL 12 Overall Team Ratings (Pre-Free Agency via ESPN)

ESPN.com and EA Sports has had an exclusive look at the “Madden NFL 12” overall team ratings for all teams. But when it comes to the “Madden” ratings, while the overall team numbers are here, starting soon we will be breaking down the ratings for every player in the game. Until then, check out how EA Sports sees the each division playing out, keep in mind this is before the free agent frenzy we all saw this week including the arrival of Nnamdi Asomugha, Cullen Jenkins & Vince Young to the Eagles, creating what Young labeled as a “Dream Team”, which will likely make their overall skyrocket and perhaps be Madden 12’s most played with team. Without further ado here are your overall ratings:



Dallas Cowboys: 82
Year after year, the Cowboys are a beast in the “Madden” community. This year, look for more of the same as not only do they feature three running backs with 90+ speed (Felix Jones: 96, DeMarco Murray: 93, Lonyae Miller: 90), but three wide receivers with 90+ speed (Miles Austin: 94, Dez Bryant: 94, Roy Williams: 90). Throw in two huge tight ends who seem to catch everything in the game, and you can see why the team is made for “Madden.”

Philadelphia Eagles: 86
EA’s love affair with the virtual Michael Vick continues as the quarterback looks to reclaim his spot on top of most dominant virtual athletes in history thanks to his “Madden 12” ratings. 91 speed from the quarterback position is just sick, and when you factor in his scrambles could turn into long bombs to DeSean Jackson (99 speed) or Jeremy Maclin (95 speed), I wouldn’t be surprised if the Eagles are the most played team in the game.

New York Giants: 83
Justin Tuck is a “Madden” sack master, and the ratings across the defensive line should make things tough for opposing offenses. Look for gamers using the G-Men to hand the ball to Da’Rel Scott as the halfback’s 96 speed, 94 acceleration will make him a “Madden” star no matter what the seventh round pick does in the real NFL.

Washington Redskins: 74
Expect custom playbooks to come into play big time with the Redskins as the team features six wide receivers and two running backs with 90+ speed. I’m intrigued to play with this roster myself just to see what I can come up with to utilize all of these weapons.

Continue reading Madden NFL 12 Overall Team Ratings (Pre-Free Agency via ESPN)