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And The Madden 16 Owners Are……..

It’s that time of year, where you get to see if you made it into the league or if you just missed the cut. If you did make it into the league congratulations, if you didn’t we have a spot for you in League 2. This is nothing against you if you didn’t make it, this was just a year when we had more people than ever. Without further ado, here are your TSG Madden 16 CC Owners:

AFC EAST Gamertag Email Phone On GroupMe Signed Rules
Buffalo Bills Knowlegist N/A N/A Yes  Yes
Miami Dolphins Takeoutheone S.acuna1188@gmail.com N/A Yes  Yes
New York Jets Hero xXxX N/A (906) 666-2774 Yes  Yes
New England Patriots Chuunin Ninja N/A (416) 799-6929 No
AFC WEST Gamertag Email Phone On GroupMe Signed Rules
Denver Broncos don figures N/A N/A Yes
San Diego Chargers Banco Populair N/A N/A Yes  Yes
Kansas City Chiefs Twon da don N/A (301) 674-7279 Yes
Oakland Raiders BoRaiders bosoulja82@gmail.com (252) 862-6252 Yes  Yes
AFC NORTH Gamertag Email Phone On GroupMe Signed Rules
Cincinnati Bengals Cincy life N/A N/A Yes
Cleveland Browns DawgPoundx23 N/A N/A Yes  Yes
Baltimore Ravens BLiZzI5nAm3 blizzgottamakeit@gmail.com (443) 833-7688 Yes  Yes
Pittsburgh Steelers Blitzburgh34d N/A (206) 765-0032 No
AFC SOUTH Gamertag Email Phone On GroupMe Signed Rules
Indianapolis Colts Mike Titan N/A N/A Yes  Yes
Jacksonville Jaguars Rico man N/A (908) 313-8702 Yes  Yes
Tennessee Titans Chubbzz0727 Chubbz0727@gmail.com (202) 808-1356 Yes
Houston Texans Oh No Not DD ooezeoo@gmail.com (416) 738-8093 Yes
NFC EAST Gamertag Email Phone On GroupMe Signed Rules
Dallas Cowboys Mr McKay21 Steve-mckay@hotmail.com  (519) 212-9353 Yes Yes 
Philadelphia Eagles Tonic222 N/A (609) 792-8746 Yes
New York Giants GoatBeno1 N/A (281) 414-7439 No
Washington Redskins Jesmonkey69 jesmonkey69@gmail.com (540) 840-2871 Yes Yes
NFC WEST Gamertag Email Phone On GroupMe Signed Rules
Arizona Cardinals cowboys2k9 N/A (202) 652-9971 Yes
San Fransisco 49ers Orig1nal Hawk phawkins17@gmail.com N/A Yes  Yes
St. Louis Rams Ruegur rue1212@uab.edu (202) 489-7483 Yes
Seattle Seahawks KornNickel creekjr8@gmail.com N/A Yes  Yes
NFC NORTH Gamertag Email Phone On GroupMe Signed Rules
Chicago Bears Sskills40 N/A (219) 201-4785 Yes
Detroit Lions S1ncere Jonez N/A N/A Yes  Yes
Green Bay Packers Pogi N/A (609) 502-9573 Yes  Yes
Minnesota Vikings x7x Jay Killa x7x Jaykmusik@gmail.com (409) 300-0767 Yes  Yes
NFC SOUTH Gamertag Email Phone On GroupMe Signed Rules
Atlanta Falcons The Real Law derrick_j_smith@yahoo.com (206) 979-5549 Yes  Yes
Carolina Panthers RJ15st N/A (267) 975-5139 Yes  Yes
New Orleans Saints Capt Save A Ohh r.s.allenii@gmail.com (832) 771-4923 Yes
Tampa Bay Buccaneers ResistingFrame1 N/A (347) 813-9121 Yes  Yes


TSG Madden 12 OF: Owners Announcement

Today we are announcing our upcoming TSG Madden 12 OF Owner lineup. Missing from this lineup you will see regulars such as So Bold oS, Mistborn, Deathpool & many more. While these guys didn’t make the cut for the main league at the start of the season, these guys will have an opportunity to fight their way into the league by playing hard and dominating our D-league. The D-league is where we will be pulling players to play in the main prize league, whenever a main league member leaves for whatever reason (for example: Julius Jackson is leaving after S1 or S2, the best player from the D-League would move up to take his spot). While there are ways to move up to the main prize franchise, you can also lose your spot in the franchise in numerous ways, causing your demotion to the D-league and someones promotion. More on that in upcoming blogs and podcasts, that was just a taste to get you thinking of where we are headed. Continue reading TSG Madden 12 OF: Owners Announcement