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Madden 15 Desync Issue Patched Again (Possibly Fixed)

In a server-side update for Madden NFL 15 released earlier this month EA Sports claimed to have fixed a desync issue in head-to-head games within the mode. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case and the rate of desyncs only increased to the point that there was no reason even to continue playing in leagues until it was actually addressed.

Yesterday the company pushed out another server-side update that has locked to the “Camera Toggle” option to ON. So now it’s set to OFF in the settings it will be off against the CPU but not in any H2H games. Supposedly this will solve the majority of the desyncs that were taking place. While this may reduce the number of desyncs, and hopefully dramatically so, it probably won’t eliminate them completely. There have been desyncs in the past even when both players had the camera toggle turned on.

In early testing a handful of games have been completed without incident. That’s far too small a sample size to say anything definitively but it’s at least a good sign that it may be worth giving things another chance.

One complaint this has now caused relates to the d-pad being used for pre-snap adjustments. With camera toggle forced on users who prefer to have it off and utilize the “Strategy Pad” for those functions are no longer able to do so. No indication has been given whether a patch will fix the desyncs and allow people to have the toggle turned off if they so choose or if this has been deemed to be the long-term solution.

Madden NFL 25 Patch Details

Tracking behind the support of previous years, and facing criticism for that as the focus shifts towards the next-gen debut, EA Sports today confirmed a patch release is nearing for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Madden NFL 25. Details on what to expect have been provided and include some fixes to gameplay, Ultimate Team, and Connected Franchise – unfortunately however it doesn’t appear to be nearly as extensive an update as those completed for past games. The patch was released 10/24 for both 360 and PS3.

– Improved stability in all game modes.
– Fixed an issue with Gameface, which made eyes render gray.

– Tuned in-game injuries which were occurring too frequently.
– Tuned pull blocking in various scenarios on the offensive line.
– Tuned down broken tackles when using the Truck Stick.
– Fixed an issue with toss/sweep plays when game speed was set to Slow

– Fixed an issue with Solo Challenges awarding players a win without finishing the game.
– Fixed an issue where offline users that earned a Gold in a Skill Tutorial would not receive the content in Madden Ultimate Team.

– Fixed an issue where some players from an Imported Draft Class would not have facemasks.
– Tuned ratings for imported draft classes (Coming in too low compared to NCAA 14 ratings).
– Fixed an issue with accelerated clock in CFM Head-to-Head games.
– Fixed an exploit where users could make trades outside of Week 8 from the web.
– Fixed an issue where the same draft storylines would appear in consecutive seasons.
– Fixed an issue where the Vikings stadium overlay would show unrealistically low temperatures and heavy snow during the preseason.
– Fixed an issue where toggles for Heat Seeker, Switch Assist, and Ball Hawk would be OFF in game even though they were ON in league settings.

– Reinstated touchdown celebrations in all online game modes.
– Improved logic used to select GMC Never Say Never Moment of the Game.

Details on First Patch for NCAA Football 14

EA Sports today had the first post-release patch for NCAA Football 14 go live on the Xbox 360 and PS3. The list of fixes provided by the company is not expansive – there was more done than just what is mentioned here – but these are the primary issues addressed. 

Formation Subs Exploit
Fixed an exploit that allowed users to disconnect an online H2H game without receiving a loss or affecting DNF %

Coaching Carousel Update
Fixed an issue that prevented non-commissioner user teams from being offered new jobs in Online Dynasty

Defensive Back Hot Route Adjustment
Fixed an issue where some Defensive Back Hot Routes would not react correctly

Old Dominion Update
Fixed an issue where Old Dominion is referred to as “Big Blue” and not “Monarchs”

Vignette Slowdown
Addressed an issue where postplay vignettes did not trigger after touchdowns.

Grey Facemask Issue (PS3)
Fixed an issue where some teams had a grey facemask in-game regardless of user modifications on the PlayStation 3

PS3 Optimization
PS3 players will notice a much quicker overall experience with reduced hitches.

♦Fixed issue where Team Skill OVR ratings appeared to be 99, but were actually only a 94
♦Players may see their OVR Team Skill Ratings adjusted after applying the title update
♦Please note that individual player OVR ratings have not changed at all.

NBA 2k12 Patch Finally Released For PC Gamers


The 2k team has finally released the patch that came some time ago to the console versions of NBA 2k12 to the PC today. Here is a quick rundown of the changes courtesy of NBA 2k12’s Facebook page & our friends over at Operation Sports:


  • Several matchmaking optimizations have been made in order to help users get into games quicker. This will reduce the amount of time the “Searching For Opponent…” screen is displayed for.
  • Addressed a number of network errors that would cause games to end prematurely.
  • Addressed an issue in Team-Up where certain conditions would lead to a player standing idle for prolonged periods of time.
  • Corrected a Win/Loss streak tracking issue such that the “Back to Back to Back” achievement/trophy will now unlock at the proper time.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause large-user Team-Up games to hang at halftime if all users watched the halftime show in-full.
  • Addressed an issue that would lead to a disconnect in subsequent games when one or more users modified their playbook for the current game.
  • A number of Association: Online optimizations were made to greatly minimize disconnects.
  • Additionally, general optimization improvements were made in order to improve the overall online experience. Continue reading NBA 2k12 Patch Finally Released For PC Gamers

NBA 2k12 Patch Finally Arrives For The Xbox 360

The latest patch for NBA 2K12, that arrived last week for the PS3, has gone live today for the Xbox 360. This particular update was pushed out to address some of the more pressing issues with gameplay and online – and impressions of its impact from the PS3 side have been mixed. Encouragingly it hasn’t seemed to introduce any new issues to deal with at the very least.

Most are finding online games are connecting quicker but not much improvement to online performance and stability otherwise. The reduced 3pt shot percentages are a relief but users are still spamming steal attempts as the risk of a foul isn’t high enough to be a deterrent – while the AI does seem to handle defensive rotations better now. A more substantial patch for NBA 2K12 is expected to come late this month or early in December. Read below for full patch details: Continue reading NBA 2k12 Patch Finally Arrives For The Xbox 360

NBA 2k12 Gameplay Patch Arrives For PS3 (Soon for Xbox 360)

A new patch for NBA 2K12 released today for the PS3 and is expected to arrive soon for the Xbox 360. Attempts to address some of the biggest gripes have been made with reduced success of steals and three-point percentages reduced specifically when challenged by a defender. It’s not a huge patch in terms of number of fixes (and bypasses My Player issues) but if it works as intended it should greatly improve the gameplay experience.

Of course the effectiveness of the patch will have to be monitored – an earlier patch that was meant to improve online actually made it worse in some ways. This patch looks to be more focused on the immediate feedback that came in from consumers so hopefully it delivers on said improvements allowing 2K to move forward and focus on other areas of concern.  Continue reading NBA 2k12 Gameplay Patch Arrives For PS3 (Soon for Xbox 360)

Madden 12 Patch #1 Details (To Be Released Within 2 Weeks)

Madden NFL 12 released in a fairly good state – at least compared to sister product NCAA Football 12. While it certainly had areas in which improvement could be provided through a patch there were no broken features or completely pressing issues that demanded attention. Instead the patch could be used to enhance certain aspects of the game and fix various annoyances.

Areas most discussed in regards for the upcoming patch included the constant rain in Franchise mode affecting a few teams, lack of a battle for the ball between the WR and DBs, punt and kick return blocking, QB sneak effectiveness against non-goal line defense, custom playbook organization, scouting in Franchise mode, and the long shot of the bunch – commentary.

Today EA Sports released full details on what to expect in the first comprehensive patch for Madden NFL 12. Some of these things have been worked on (rain, QB sneak, custom playboooks, commentary) while others been inexplicably left alone (punt/kick return blocking, DBs inability to play the ball, no additional scouting). Commentary is actually mentioned though I would caution that the overall audio quality and level matching along with variety of lines probably won’t be much if at all improved and instead expect it to be primarily fixes for some of the incorrect calls (and maybe the referring to some players as numbers rather than their names) frequently being made by the duo.

The patch has reached the certification stage with Microsoft and Sony meaning it can be expected out within the next two weeks. Continue on for the full patch list: Continue reading Madden 12 Patch #1 Details (To Be Released Within 2 Weeks)

Release of Second Patch for NCAA Football 12 is Nearing

EA Sports announced earlier today that next patch for NCAA Football 12, which will address at least the no-huddle issue introduced in the last patch, has cleared internal certification and is now in the hands of Microsoft and Sony. In general the expectation at this point in the process would be for approval and going live in the next two weeks. It is unclear if what, if any, other changes are being introduced in the aforementioned patch.

Unfortunately the time it has taken to develop and deliver the patches has been lengthy – the first occurring after the release of Madden NFL 12 and the second now coming after NHL 12, FIFA 12, and NBA 2K12′s arrival. The game released with a long list of serious issues and many consumers grew frustrated not just with the release product but having to wait around for advertised features to work properly. With so many other choices on the market many have probably moved on by this point but that doesn’t negate the need for EA to get the fixes out there.

NCAA 12 Patch #3 Coming Soon

After arriving with a myriad of issues EA Sports released a patch two weeks ago that was meant to address many of them. Unfortunately that patch introduced a new issue as it created a playbook bug while running no-huddle that affected both offense and defense.

Today the company announced that another patch has reached internal testing – after which it will need to go to Microsoft and Sony (meaning it’s probably around three weeks out). The patch’s intention is to fix the no-huddle bug. It’s unclear if this is the only problem taken care of with the upcoming patch but it appears to at least have been the primary focus.

NCAA 12 Patch Available Now For PS3, Friday For XBOX 360

NCAA 12 Patch Going Live For The 360 Tomorrow Will Allow Us To Continue Dynasty 1.

It took nearly two months for the patch to arrive and attempt to address several of the severe issues in NCAA Football 12 – but it is here now for the PS3 expected out Friday morning for the Xbox 360. Broken new features like Custom Playbooks, player tendencies changing in edited rosters, problems in Online Dynasty, and console freezes are just some of the highly publicized issues that were discovered. Essentially this patch is intended to address problems that shipped with NCAA 12 rather than improve the gameplay or fix coach progression – which may instead be dealt with through a “tuning update” at some point.

EA Sports also sent news that a server side update had been pushed out to fix two problems in Online Dynasty. Occurrences of game results changing after advancing weeks and “transfer failed” errors when attempting to advance were widespread and fixes are now said to be implemented. Early word however is that the “transfer failed” stumbling block remains an issue for many dynasties.

Unfortunately new issues with no-huddle and the Custom Playbooks have already been encountered so everything promised will have to be followed up on. Read below to check out the details of what the patch is supposed to deliver: Continue reading NCAA 12 Patch Available Now For PS3, Friday For XBOX 360